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Payasam sound so soothing!! And the pics is surely going to your breath off......

I welcome Droolsss... today to be my blog host. Ive been following their blog quiet for sometime and totally in love with their pics. I mailed them to ask for a guest post. I kept on talking to priya!! And the reply would come as "we" "we" I tot may be priya consults her family, until I asked for a interview format and hence came to know who is this "We"

Lets Get To know More of Droolsss....

1)Tell us something about yourself
We are two friends (Priya and Tessy), neighbors, moms currently residing in UAE who love to cook, experiment new recipes, share our recipes with others and that’s how we started off with DROOLSSS…. (So the mystery of "we" solved here)

2) How did your kitchen journey start?
Kitchen journey has always started with cooking inspirations which come like for most of us from our moms, grand moms etc. Having watched them cook meals just from scratch without referring to any recipe but just creating tasty and quick meals from just talent and experience. After marriage, for us it had become a commitment to recreate those days for our kids and beloved ones. Residing in a place like UAE where we have access to all cuisines of the world and where all the ingredients are readily available, our kitchen journey flourished into knowing more about the world cuisines. And thereby the commitment turned out into a passion

3) A little about your venture towards blogging?
Friendship and cooking have a peculiar bonding. This qualitative and enchanting bonding is something that should be treasured always. Each dish we have enjoyed over the years may each have a story to tell, a tale of friendship, a tale of sharing, a tale of caring….it is not something that should be forgotten as a history. The happiness that we gained in the form of a smile we received from our near and dear ones when our kitchen experiments tickled their taste buds was really great . We decided to share our treasured happiness with all of you out there, who like us, value friendship and tasty food and the wonderful ambiance it creates. Hence we started off with DROOLSSS…our promise to leave you drooling.

4) What kept you moving with your updates?
Blogging is often loved both as an inspiration as well as a resource. It is something that brings creativity and joy into our life and kitchen. Anything that we whip up in our kitchen has always been first imagined as being uploaded on our blog, and that gives the motivation to make new dishes. It enables us to dare to experiment with different ingredients, different cuisines, tantalizing flavors and mesmerizing aromas and not all, but the best ones end up on the blog.

5) What is the overall differences you find when u 1st started blogging and now?
First and foremost difference is the increase in the number of friends that we have gained through the blogosphere. The encouraging comments and wonderful feedback after trying out the dishes has actually kept us moving. Secondly, blogging has helped us to grow and develop styles in food photography. Food photography has always been a passion just like cooking. Now we feel that we spend more time to get a beautiful click with proper lighting than before.

6) Some words of thought you would like to share with us??Seeing a picture of a delicious dish or enjoying your favorite chef whip up something in a jiff may leave you inspired to try it out. So inspiration can come in any form. Cooking is indeed an art that keeps changing constantly from place to place and hand to hand. There are always endless combinations, flavors, cuisines, cultures, colors and textures to choose from. Cooking is our all-time passion and we are happy that we could share it through the blogosphere. So a thought that we would like to share is that, if you are passionate about something, go for it!

N Here R Some Sweet Words For Me!!
Really so happy to do a guest post for your beautiful blog. Your blog is really amazing! The best part of your blog is your explanation about the dish before the recipe and even the reactions and comments from the members of the family after having the dish. That's really cool! In a very hilarious yet informative way you give the explanation and tips as to how the dish can be improvised etc.

 Here we have decided to do a sweet dish for a sweet person like you, running a blog with the word 'Shweet' in its name again. With the onset of healthy eating habits most of the people have turned oats as their staple food, so here's a sweet payasam with the humble oats. 

Over to the recipe of OATS PAYASAM
1 cup cooking oats.
200gm jaggery.
2 1/2 cups medium thick coconut milk.
3/4- 1 cup thick coconut milk.
1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder.
1/4 teaspoon dry ginger powder.
A pinch of salt.
1 tablespoon cashew nuts(optional).
2 tablespoon of coconut bits.
1 1/2 tablespoon ghee
5-6 tablespoon water

  •  Add water to the jaggery and heat it until the jaggery melts.
  • Strain the jaggery and add oats to it.
  • Mix  until the oats is well combined with the jaggery.
  • Cook till the mixture is somewhat dried up.
  • Add medium thick coconut milk and bring it to a boil.
  • When it thickens,add cardamom powder,ginger powder, salt and thick coconut milk.
  • Cook on low flame for 2-3 minutes stirring continuously.
  • Heat ghee in a separate pan and fry cashewnuts and coconut bits until golden brown colour.
  • Add this to the payasam and serve hot.

Thank you so much priya and tessy for your wonderful doorlicious payasam I loved it!! and Iam sure our readers will love it too :)

Visit Droolsss.... @http://drooolsss.blogspot.in/ and check out their wonderful joint venture of Drooling Pics and Recipes :)

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  1. Looking Lovely, Have a Nice Day... :)


  2. Gosh!!! Absolutely good and absolutely rich. I think just a small spoon is enough for me. But thanks for the recipe. Never tried payasam with oats and yes, its on the way.

  3. Wow...nice to know about "Drooools"...their recipe/picture certainly did justice to their blog name :D....really drooling here...even i was gonna try the same..GR8 Priya,Tessy and Aara!!

  4. Fantastic work girls :-* the loveliest thing is the way aara questioned so beautifully as priya + Tessa replies.. Something different than other guest posts.. a small interview session :-) and I am in love with this payaSam wondering how is the taste :-)

  5. Wow! Looks amazing. This is my first time seeing oats payasam! Keep up a good work aara!

  6. healthy payasam..lovely guest post,Priya & Aara :)

  7. Thankyou so much Aara for making us feel so special. Really loved doing this post for you:)

  8. I had met both of them one night and they are such jolly ladies! It's good to have a partner who enjoys cooking... the payasam is just so good...

  9. yummy payasam and a lovely detailed post :)

  10. Oats payasam looks delicious love to try it, very nice guest post Aara , tessy and Priya

  11. oats payasam looks delish..lovely guest post lovlies

  12. Good to know about Priya and Tessy! And what a beautiful coloured Payasam, never thought Oats would make such great dessert!


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