Friday 12 September 2014

Fruity Nutty Carrot Salad

Fruity Nutty Carrot Salad

My Try with carrot salad made me fall in love with it at very 1st 
bursting flavors with nuts was an awesome delight for weight watchers!!

If you have carrots at home please do not miss making this yummy salad and enjoy!!

Today This Yummy Salad Goes As A Guest Post to +Beulah Arun of Fullscoops

She is a lovely baker and her clicks with such neat finishing!! I just love her passion for baking and presenting things!! 

Check here for  Fruity Nutty Carrot Salad Recipe

And dont forget to browse through her blog and try out those wonderful recipe she has shared with us :)

Thank u beulah for this wonderful opportunity to be at your space :)
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  1. That looks so inviting. Over to the other space because I need the recipe.

  2. love the crunch of nuts in this salad,yumm :)

  3. Just checked ur guest post at Beulah"s space, beautiful guest post Aara,loved it.

  4. hmmmm beautiful salad ..waah bhai oops behen waah !!:D...going to get some fullscoops of the recipe now ;)

  5. so healthy and nutty salad.. lovely guest post janu :* just saw recipe at full scoops


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