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Tangy Sipcy Fish Curry

Tangy Sipcy Fish Curry

Spicy and tangy is point kept in mind when making any fish curry

Being connected to Orrisa and Tamilnadu both I find similarities in the cooking of sea food how much everyone likes the combo of spice and tang together for fish curry. I dont know about other parts of India how they cook fish curry, Do let me know if you got idea, I'll be all grateful to know more :)

This fish curry is very simple because thats how I like to make and classify it too. Adding minimum of oil to my cooking has some where stuck to my head badly and when I see too much oil floating in any food really makes me sick of eating it. Well getting back to the recipe will talk more of this in between the recipe on why really I stress on using oil and fish curries

Fish any kind - 1kg or more We always get River Water Fish
Fish Masala - 3-4tsp
Onion - 1 large or 2 medium
Tomato - 1 large or 2 medium
Ginger garlic paste - 1tsp
Tamarind pulp / Amchoor - 2tsp or more as needed
Oil- 1/4th cup
Dry spices as you would add in regular gravies according to your taste. I have used 
Chilli powder - 1tsp
Coriander powder - 1tsp heaped
Cumin powder - 1tsp (optional)
Turmeric powder - 1/4th tsp
Salt to taste

- Grind onion and tomato into fine paste keep it aside
- Clean wash fish pieces, marinate it with 2tsp of fish masala, little turmeric powder and salt for min 10-15 mins. (save the oil to use in gravy if any left)
- Shallow fry, 2 mins each side in medium heat. Make sure not to break the pieces while frying. This process is done to kill the extra raw pungent smell fish may emit into the gravy.
- In a kadai use the left over oil from frying process hardly 1 or 2tbsp oil will be left. If no?? then use fresh oil.
- Heat kadai enough and add in the onion tomato paste, ginger garlic paste, and Fish Masala 1tsp, salt and dry masalas. Saute it till raw smell of ginger garlic paste start fading away it will take 3-4 mins in medium flame. Or cook more if you desire.
- Add in 3-4 cups of water allow it to
- As it starts boiling add in fish pieces and lower the flame close lid and allow it to cook in for minimum of 5 mins. 
- Open the lid and add in tamarind pulp / juice just as needed and stir in slowly without disturbing the fish pieces. It will be very soft and might tend to break quickly. 

In this pic you can see I have used pieces of fish also including the head part of fish which my family is very fond of. Head part consist of lots of fats and very rich in taste.

- At this point take pleasure to taste the gravy if u need more salt? spice? tanginess? Adjust everything at this point if you want the gravy more runny, you can add in more water too. 
- Boil It again for 2-3 mins in high flame adjusting the consistency and you are done!!
- Serve it with Hot steaming rice & Enjoy

- If you want to avoid frying fish at 1st step you can add fish pieces into boiling gravy but again make sure do not stir it as fish might break. Just a shake / jerk to the kadai will be enough.
- I have added ingredients measurements according to my family taste you can plus / minus ingredients as per your choice
- Fish Masala will add a unique flavor and taste to this gravy
- Onion and tomato paste gives thickness to gravy
- Saute the onion paste with spices nicely to kill the smell if not done it might effect the flavor of gravy
- Make sure the taste of this gravy has gud amount of spice and tanginess to eat and drool with
- Boil for more time to reach the right consistency if needed or add water to make it runny if u find it too thick.
- Mostly mom makes use of Dry mango pieces into the gravy is much tangier than tamarind. Here I have used tamarind and got gud taste equally
- Salt water fish can be used for same recipe.

And should I say How nicely I polished off my plate???? 

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  1. yes... seafood and tangy flavor combines so well.. i just love it.. color luks lovely..bt how did the color came out lik this? I mean no red with red chilli?

    1. Hasna I have added 1tsp of chilli powder, thats more than enough for my family, the chilli powder we use here do not give much color but yes its very hot, so need to adjust it that way. If according to your family this amt of red chilli powder is less hot then you can add in 3-4 slit green chillies to the boiling curry. It will do all the justice :) I also recall when my mom wants it extra spicy, she would break green chillies into the a bowl and mash the gravy with her fingers to make it hot oh my god now im wondering how she used to do that :)

  2. Super yummy fish curry.. Looks too good.

  3. I am coming over with a couple of chapathis... hehe... even we cook our fish curries tangy, though there is one type called mappas, which is mild...

    1. Rafeeda this will go too well with chapatis, parathas, aapams and soft dosas too, true indulgence :D

  4. wow haffa this is looking so delicious and a worth trying fish recipe :)

    1. hahah haie mjsy kitni muhabbat hy tmhn masha Allah :P

  5. Ahhhh!!! You say simple but it appears as a top notch star dish. I must try because as said, my hub eats nothing more than fish.

  6. I love a good curry. This looks so good!

  7. Super rich looking fish curry, just need some rice to enjoy with this fingerlicking curry.


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