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White Khichdi

White Khichdi

White Khichdi is a spl preparation which I dont think has been featured anywhere

What makes it special is that, there is nothing special I gotta explain about its existence. Till now What I know is it has been originated from remote villages of Orrisa! In a way call it poor man's food during those days, I cant date back sorry :) Of course when people used to do their own harvesting and had some of their own ways to make preparation with what ever little they could afford!!

There are few such foods which was staple even when my parents were growing up, I have talked about Sweet Tangy Poha Delight earlier where I had mentioned a little story behind its existence, and there are few more quicky recipes I would love to share with all :)

Recipe source comes from my mom, I always enjoyed these food since my childhood but wasnt bothered to learn these remote authentic food until I started blogging and keep an eye on what she does ;) also keep firing lots of questions to her. 

Coming back to the recipe this is very simple and I opted to post this today as this dish is really perfect for lazy days and great time saver for working mom's. Im  too lazy with this chilling weather today and thought will make a quick type out and finish my post quickly :) But one can imagine If my laziness is so much lengthy then what my posts will be like when im active lolz!!!

Rice - 2 cups soaked in water (any variety will do)
1 coconut Grated.
Lots of water
Bottle gourd - 2-3cups cubed (optional Check notes)
Salt to taste

- In a pressure cooker, add drained rice, bottle gourd Enough water and salt. 
- Close the lid and Pressure cook for 2 whistle. Let the pressure drop

This is how it will look.

- Now add more water and mix well to obtain khichdi consistency when still hot, once it cools down mixing and diluting will need muscles in our arms :D

- Add coconut and check for salt, cook it again for 5 mins till the whole thing gets blended perfectly. And you are done!

Serve is hot or in room temp With any spicy Veg / NonVeg side dish! 
I like it hot :)

- Bottle gourd is optional. You can make the khichdi with rice alone, But if you add bottle gourd it will give a little difference when u eat. 
- I cannot give measurement of water, as rice is starchy, as we cook it will keep absorbing the water. And also when it thickens after we cool down, we can add water and dilute it while reheating. Add a little salt to balance the taste.
- Even If it comes to room temp the quality of food taste will not change.
- We can also make this in normal pot without cooker, But cooking time may exceed as we keep boiling and it obtains the consistency, using cooker is time saving option
- Dont skip coconut as it compliments this khichdi to larger extent.

Wanna Have a Spoon??? It goes well along with anything you like. 

If you have extra left over by chance, you can keep it in fridge, and next day add curd and sugar to it, and have another yummy treat!! (All of us love the leftover version also)

In other words I can say this is much simpler version of pongal/ other khichdis with no daals, oil, spices or tempering, It tastes bland and unique full of energy and simple to ur tummy!! 

If at all ur busy/ lazy go ahead trying this out ;) Im sure u'll love it! 

And also dont forget to put your feedback so that others might also want to try.

Sending Recipe to Lets Brunch On Sunday Hope my frnds blogging for the event will like it :)

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  1. Still using bottle gourd is a great idea for a different style of khichdi. I agree that coconut milk is quite an important element for this dish. Nice and for sure its tempting.

    1. Thank you for liking it dear! But Grated coconut gives much more impact than the milk would! unless one dosent like to have coconut while eating, then coconut milk is optional :)

  2. that's a really easy one pot meal... looks yum... and the pics look good, aara... :)

    1. Thank you Raff!! im not the person who has patience to make a presentation for pictures! but still keep trying sometimes :)

  3. adding bottle guard is interesting...

  4. this is indeed a quick fix for those lazy days :)

  5. Yaar Aara.. i am loving it.. still dot know how it tastes like.. but ,, the dish looks too yum.. I am gonaa try this Love ya Aara <3

  6. Cool colours.innovative kichiidi..healthy..

  7. Very interesting,,,does it feel very starchy? X

    1. @deena Actually no!! not as much as sticky and starchy as haleem, It does release all its startch and we dilute it by adding water to porridge consistency. Though it may stick as a mass when cool down but it will not give u any strarchy taste, as we are adding grated coconut to it! That way taste gets adjusted very nicely :) Do try out once with half measurements 1st to check with taste!!

  8. very interesting and inviting white khichdi !!

  9. Innovative,delicious & healthy khichdi................thanks for sharing.

  10. Very unique preparation :) and love that platter looks totally yum. Thanks for visiting me and so happy to follow you back

  11. White kichdi is very new to me. lovely recipe.sounds unique !

  12. aah !! interesting..never have thought of having it with bottle gourd..nice one, Aara!

  13. Khichdi looks really inviting and yummy as well. Thanks for sending to ma event and waiting for many more recipes from you...

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