Saturday 31 August 2013

Coconut Chutney Hotel Style

Make at home hotel style coconut chutney if ur carve it for ur idly and dosa :)

If u guys remember my post on Coconut Burfi I had mentioned abt my love for that one particular burfi I would greedily grab off was coconut burfi alone!! Though as child we have different taste and it changes as we grow, but my love for Coconut is constant!!!

Though ive stoped eating as it is, but I cannot resist drooling and munching over any food which has coconut flavor in it. Mom make a different kind of coconut chutney which we have been eating since years now but When I saw a post a year back from blogger about this coconut chutney I started carving to make it and check out. When I tasted I was literally very happy!! It was just the kind I always desire to eat with dosa. And now when ever possible ;) u know what i do ................... 

Lets take a Quick Look Over this Simple Recipe

1 cup coconut pieces
1/4th cup Fried bengal grams
2-3 green chillies
Salt to taste

For Tempering:
1/4th tsp - mustard seeds
1/4th tsp - Urad daal
2tsp oil
Curry leaves 5-6
Fat pinch of hing


- Peel the skin of coconut pieces and Grind them along with Green chillies, fried bengal gram adding enough water to make a chutney base.

-  Remove it in a bowl, add salt and keep it aside till ur ready for tempering

- Heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds allow it to crackle, add urad dal allow it to get golden brown, Add hing and curry leaves.

- Add the tempering to coconut chutney base and mix.

- Enjoy with Anything u desire :)

- I recently in a hotel saw, chutney served was so white I was taken away with the bright color it gave in contrast to dosa. I had a chance to make coconut chutney for vadas and I scraped off the brown part from the coconut pieces thats the result of above pic seen

If not too no issues, grind the coconut as it is but the finishing will be dull as the pic given below but no compromise in taste 
When we mix up the tempering with coconut paste, the result is like this :)

- I like to add little warm water too as I like chutney consistency a little loose, and not very dry
- you can add small piece of ginger if u like while grinding
- And for variation can add mint or coriander leaves while grinding 

As said Hotel Style I was so happy to get the same taste at home!! Its always a spl treat for me to make this and serve
Splly on sundays :) at times when my mom is away to her mom's place :D The Kitchen Is Mine 

Sending my entry to Merry Tummy Event Cooking with White

Coconut And Sugar/Salt & Dish It Out

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Thursday 29 August 2013

Mutton Karahi Lahori - Street Style

Isnt the Title Interesting??? Look Down at the Pic just scrumptious and The Recipe So Simple

Presenting Today's Guest Post By Jaideep Riar Ji. Jai jii is based From Amritsar, Punjab and Computer engineer by profession. He had always been interested in food and a great foodie in himself!!!
He says though he likes to eats in fancy shmanzy restaurants and hotels but His love is more towards the street foods. He makes sure to eat street food as sample of every places when ever he is traveling across India or abroad.
He loves watching food and travel related shows and try to recreate it at his home for his wife and daughters as they dont like unhyginic street foods (lucky them hehe)
The Following recipe Jai ji is sharing here with us is what he saw in a travel show, where they were featuring Lahor's Famous Street Food, Simplicity it carries had drawn Jai ji to try this lovely recipe and share it with us :)

When I 1st saw the pic and recipe I instantly fell in love with it 1st thing I wanted to do was to Inbox Jai ji & ask him if he would love to be a part of guest post in my blog with this recipe :) Trust me he was so sweet accept my invitation instantly :)
Thank you Jai Ji, Its a real Pleasure to Have u as a guest Host in my blog today :) And I Wish u do many more such yummilicious Guest post Greedy Meh hehe

Jokes Apart Lets get back to the recipe
Total Time taken to cook : 20 + 10 + 10 = 40 mins
Mutton Karahi lahori street style

1 kg mutton
1/2 kg finely chopped onion
1/2 kg chopped tomato
Salt to taste,
1 tsp Turmeric powder, 
2 tsp Kashmiri mirch (to taste)

Add in all the above Ingredients and Pressure Cook without water for 20 mins

Next set of Ingredients Needed

1/2 cup oil/ghee
1 and 1/2 inch Ginger Chopped
1 and half cup Yougurt / Curd
Meat Masala / Mutton masala 1tsp
1tsp Garam Masala (optional)


- In a pan Add ghee / oil let it heat,
- Add ginger and fry till nice aroma emits
- Add in the prepared Mutton mixture to the oil and dry fry for 10 minutes on high flame
- Add beaten fresh curd , meat masala and cook for more 10 minutes in medium flame
- Adjust the salt & spices Accordingly if u want more
- Your yummy Mutton Karahi Of Lahori Street Style is ready
- Serve It Hot With Naan or Tandoori Roti.


- Jai Ji prefers Ghee for oil as he is punjabi and authentic punjabi people use ghee mostly (that should be making the whole thing so rich and yummy )
- I suggest adding beaten curd as it help u giving rich saucy effect to the end product.
- Adjust your salt and spices accordingly.
- Just fry the ginger in oil, and not burn it, Burnt Ginger may become bitter to the rest part of the gravy
- I cannot suggest much of variations because this is something very authentic street food from lahore, so im not going to put in my experimental ideas here so im not thinking much on it :P

Hope u all enjoyed reading this post!! and hopefully try out this simple lahori delicacy at ur home :)

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Monday 26 August 2013


This is a unique flavorful Khichdi which I fell in Love with at very 1st try!! Simple to make Delightful to taste!!

Many a times It happens that u browse for something and land up finding many things in a website, specially a foodie wants to browse in everything which the author has to offer us!! Before I started blogging, I was the person who used to subscribe email to all the blogs which I liked Just not to miss their updates!! I enjoyed receiving all the updates though but now being a blogger myself, Im always having an eye on fellow bloggers updates and much more!!!!

Similarly I was browsing for kala channa curry and got directed to Sindhirasoi the recipe looked genuine and my kind, I tried it out and loved the taste n flavor both!! I started browsing more and thats where I came across this Mirani Khichdi!! As ingredients were handy, and procedure very simple I gave a shot trying this out!!!

Lets have a quick look towards the recipe!!!

Toor Daal    ¾ cup
Masoor Daal(red)  ¼ cup
Rice   ½cup
Tomatoes finely chopped  2 medium sized
Curry leaves   - few
Turmeric Powder  ¼ tsp
Red Chilli Powder   1tsp
Salt     To taste
Mustard Seeds   ¼tsp
Oil for tempering  3tbsp(or less)
Hing   ¼ tsp


-Soak rice and dal together for ½ an hr.

-Take water in a pressure cooker enough to make khichhdi, put salt, turmeric and red chilli powder

-Add in soaked daal and rice stir, add chopped tomato, curry leaves and mix properly
close the cooker and let it pressure cook for 3 to 4 whistle

-Take it off the fire and let the steam release on its own, when all the pressure is released, open the lid and mash daal and rice with a wooden masher

-Add more water if needed to get liquid consistency for khichhdi.

-Give it a boil before tempering, for tempering heat oil in a small pan add hing to it, put in mustard seeds, when crackle add in Sambhar powder and pour this tempering over the khichhdi.

- Serve it with Papad , Chips, Pickle, Or any kind of Savory!!!

I had it along with savory mixture!!! Also added a little ghee for touch up!! Simple yet Total Fulfilling indulgence :)

Notes From Me:

- Make sure u add enough water while pressure cooking or else it may stick at bottom.

- I always added curry leaves for tempering but 1st time seen curry leaves added while pressure cooking!! I was waiting for it to be cooked and see what result it gives, But there was nothing wrong!! I was all perfect and very flavorful!!!

- When adding sambar masala to oil for tempering just let it be for a while and add to khichdi. letting it be for longer time may burn the masala. 

- you may add more sambar masala and spices later if u want, let it be acording to ur taste!!
- May add some coriander leaves
- It may thicken!! so u can add water and adjust the consistency

- Adding ghee at last is nice idea!! without it also it taste great

- I kept tasting time and then to get the perfection of spice in case required but it was all perfect!!

- Adding more sambar powder may increase the spice effect so be careful as we have added chilli powder also, Incase u omit chilli powder then you can increase the amt of sambar powder

- since daals are added its protein rich too, and easily digestable so can be given to diabetic patients too

So So Perfect for Lazy / Busy Days!! takes less time and attention to be prepared!!!

I can say Its a kind of mild version of sambar rice, yet perfect for a lazy/ busy treat!!! 

Cooking With Seeds: Rice

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Friday 23 August 2013

Ande Ki Mithai / Egg Halwa

Surely this is very unique as it sounds!! We hear lots of different halwas then why not with egg too?

Every Since I started blogging and being a part of HCG in fb Ive come across amazing set of people who are more or less just like me!! Who like to cook and try out all new things!! As I said Earlier in my guest post, Im trying to bring in all non blogger friends So that we dont miss out their yummies.

Introducing another foodie friend of mine Reema Haseeb!! Ive been seeing her post from long, But As my nature Its difficult for me to make new friends quickly!! But blogging changed another attitude of me!! Im easy to talk and interact with anyone these days :) Reema Made Rasgulla's from my blog and happy sharing her result to me, also her relatives tried out her update on rasgulla in her page and it was really cherishing moment for me and her both hehe.I finally decided to see Reema's Profile and was shocked to see that she is studied in same college in which I have studied. I took no time to send her add req and was looking forwards to talk more. To Surprise me more she said she is from 96 batch so she is much much super senior to me :D we enjoyed quiet a bit of talking and the recipes which she shares is mind blowing!! She has her own family and friends supporting which is really awesome to look at. 

She loves to cook and learn I was really surprised at her passion towards cooking. When I invited her to do guest post for me, she dint give a 2nd thought before agreeing and just ask what i would like to have as guest post, wow!!! Though It took some time to get into action as she was sick but its worth all the wait!!

Lets see what she has to say about herself!!

I am Reema Haseeb ,a teacher by profession and a chef at heart...My love for cooking goes back as a kid when I used to watch my mom try out new dishes everyday.....I used to wonder if I would ever remember the names of the spices that flavored the dishes......
Though I pursued my career as a teacher( which I continue to this day) I never forgot to ' give thought to food ' because food at my place is not just a meal but an experience and before I knew I had started sharing recipes with my near and dear ones which led to the birth of my baby Rimzyskitchen .
I believe that however difficult each recipe is ....I got to make it simple for my friends who trust me ....My critics are the most difficult people to please and those are my kids....

Andey ki Mithai

This is a traditional sweet made in my house for years more than four generations with the same amount of ingredients and same proportion .....Nowadays its baked in the oven but mom says my grandmother used to bake with charcoal all around the copper pan and it used to hours to make as the cooking and baking process is done in the same copper pan....
The best part of this sweet is that anyone can get the same result and my family weddings are incomplete without this sweet and decorating with silver paper is a simple way to make this sweet look beautiful
This sweet is mixture of eggs,khoya,sugar,ghee and nuts......All these ingredients are cooked together and baked to get this awesome sweet.....

Eggs- 4 Unsweetened Khoya or mawa -250 gms Sugar - 250gms Ghee- 70 gms Paste of 25 Almonds Semolina soaked in milk - 1 tbsp in 1/4 cup milk for 10 minutes Saffron - few threads Sliced almonds - as required for decoration Silver paper for decoration ( optional )

1) In a mixer add the eggs .Blend for a minute till its very fluffy .
2) In a non stick pan add the eggs,khoya,sugar,semolina,ghee,almond paste,saffron .Cook till the mixtures starts leaving the pan
3) Add this cooked mixture in a baking tray ,bake at 180C for 10 minutes
4) Remove the tray ,spread the sliced almonds and bake again for another 20 minutes till its light brown colour.
5) Make markings when its hot and cut into desired shapes ,decorate with silver paper.
Semolina is added to give texture and firmness to the sweet.You can adjust the sugar quantity depending on the sweetness you desire .Eggs have to be fluffy before cooking them
Happy cooking
" For people who love to cook and share recipes "

For more recipes from Reema Pls Visit Rimzy's kitchen I wish Reema soon starts her blog and become a part of our bloggers world :)

Thank you Reema for such wonderful post!! Will Look forward for more delicious recipes from you For Sure!!

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Tuesday 20 August 2013

Quick Coconut Burfi

 Is this coconut? How can the burfi be so White Exclaimed my aunt!!

I personally love coconut alot!! I just love the flavor, coconut milk added to anything gives a unique twist to many south Indian Delicacies and others too. I remember when i was small and we used to get sweet box from Ramakrishna bhavan a sweet shop very famous bfr adyar ananda bhavan, sri krishna etc came up!! Mixed sweet box would have the yellow piece of sweet, which i would greedily pick up bfr anyone attempts to finish it. After years almost 15+ I recalled the sweet and wanted to have it, remembered the coconut taste and softness it had from khoya. My aunt recalled too and she brought it for me from some other shop though but coconut burfi was enjoyed!! 

I wanted to try my hand over coconut burfi and was looking out for a gud recipe to try with in short notice. I searched up and found Coconut Burfi in Raks Kitchen I can blindly follow any of her post, Ive tried few of her recipes and it all came out so awesome just perfect!!! but if some of u know me im gud in alteration part :D With me nothing can remain original and authentic. 

I was so sure that I can follow her shown recipe and reach atleast the border line of coconut burfi, experiment hi sahi lets try!!! I followed her recipe but little bit of alteration on the proceeding part.

Coconut pieces- 1 cup
Sugar - 1 cup 
ghee - 1 tsp

- Grease a Plate with little bit of ghee and keep it ready!!
- In mixer put in the pieces and pulse it for 15 sec, mix it again pulse for 15 secs till you get the kind of grated consistency. (no water added)
- Heat 1st ghee in a pan ( non stick/ heavy bottom pan ) add in the coconut and sugar
- In medium flame keep stirring and mixing, sugar will melt and start forming it own syrup, alternatively oozing out moisture from coconut as well.
- keep stirring till you find whitish bubbles coming up, and slowly it starts leaving the pan, ( move in mass sticking together )
- Transfer this into the greased plate, with help of knife or greased spoon smooth it out and allow it to cool
- Make cut markings When it is still warm. It will be difficult to cut after it is cold.
- Once cool down its ready to serve!!

- I used coconut pieces and scraped off the brown part as i was not sure if grating in traditional method I would be able to obtain white coconut gratings. And this was pretty quick method as well. Pulsing in mixer takes less time than grating it that is where this method is called quick!! 
- Make sure u keep stirring it so that the mixture blends in well and the moisture gets evaporated nicely.
- Please dont try to touch it to eat when its still hot. The boiling temp of sugar will be very high, I wanted to check the consistency if its sticky enough :P dint burn my hands though lolzz but avoid it!! 
- Dont over cook even after the moisture is evaporated it might caramelize the sugar and turn it brown. 
- Raks had added fried cashewnuts and Elaichi flavor too but I preferred to stay coconut flavor alone dominating in the whole thing.
- I removed the mixture bfr it was completely dry, so had little bit of syurp consistency flowing out when i poured into plate. That was certainly fine to shape up spread as well. Though i felt i should have cooked a little more but it was just fine!!!
- Adding little milk and cooking will be a good idea shall try next time 

This burfi was a gud try for me at 1st hand. Even though I love sweets and got a big sweet tooth It was nearly too much sweet for my tastebuds. Since we are not adding any khoya it was more of sugar based candy kind but much soft enough when we bite. As we eat it melts in mouth with lovely flavor of coconut oozing out!! So the extra sugar effect dosent matter :D the need for wanting more and more was derived :P Lolz im talking scientific haha!!

But again my imaginations were running wild, And was thinking to add paneer or khoya next time!!

It can be kept for a week!! The last we consumed was after 3-4 days of making and it was just the way it was. Thats when my aunt had and said hw come burfi is so white?  
Well yes it was just white enough!! but the pics here show a dull effect coz of gloss from ghee and lighting I struggle to balance both!! Alas Something is presentable than nothing :) 

Do try its worth!!!

Sharing my recipe with Coconut and Sugar/Salt & Dish it out

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Saturday 17 August 2013


And who all are not looking out for oil free healthy nutritious Delicious Curries and Gravies??

In This Post Presenting A Very Simple High Protein Fats Free Daal Gravy. I just happen to make a it turned out totally yummy. And im so sure im not posting any recipes in my space until I can guarantee the taste myself. Though everyone's taste does not match, But even if the dish isnt liked after a trial it should be atleast edible to finish of the serving without wasting it :)


Soya chunk - 1 cup (any sizes)
Whole Moong daal - 1 1/2 cup
Ginger garlic paste - 1 tsp
Chilli powder  1/2 tsp
Coriander Powder 1/2 tsp
Cumin Powder 1/2 tsp
Onion - 1 chopped
Tomatoes - 1 large chopped
Maggie Masala / Garam Masala 

- Soak The moong Daal for 6hrs minimum / overnight would be best.
- Boil the soaked dal in normal pan with water and salt. 5- 10 mins aprox. Drain the water.
-Transfer the half cooked Daal Into Pressure cooker, Add in chopped onion, tomatoes, Ginger garlic paste, salt, all the spices and Water accordingly to bring it to gravy consistency, as much you would add to make normal daal (I dont measure Sowwie) and pressure cook for 4-5 whistles. 
- Mean while Boil the soya in another pan with water and salt till it puffs up nicely and the strange odor  of Soya Emits!!  Once this cools drain the water using your fist and Keep This Aside.
- After 4-5 whistle let the pressure drop, open the lid and check out of the moong daals are cooked and mashed up well, It will not mash up much coz this is with the skin. So Some whole daals will be showing here n there. Its perfect just creamy texture. 
- Add in Maggie Masala, Soya chunks and cook for few more mins, This is the time to add in more water If required and check for the taste!! 
- Yummy Oil Free Healthy Side Dish is Ready To be Served!!!
- Goes best With Toast, Paav, Chappati, Phulkas, Parathas & Steaming hot Rice too

Daal came out with lovely Intermediate color of Yellow and Green certainly looked Quiet Appealing!!


- 1st boil is required to Discard the black color of moong daal which comes while cooking. It leaves out lots of color while soaking also. This is just to make sure so that our end product dosent have black shade.
- Adjust chilli according to your taste. We consume very mild spices to moderate level.
- 4-5 whistles is required coz the daals are with shell and will take time to blend in well
- As It cooks, it might become thick, if so then add water a little more, while adding garam masala / maggie masala because soya chunks will absorb the extra water and become juice and the consistency of daal will get to perfect. 
- I had used maggie masala which comes of 3Rs Sachet each. My 1st try with this masala. It came out very nice. But if one knows that typical Maggie Flavor one will surely recognize lolzz!! But it went well along with the whole concept.
- Using maggie masala was just another try, one can use, Garam masala, Mutton masala, Curry masala, Chicken Masala and Im sure The flavor and taste of this Daal curry will be really exotic with Difference of masala's  - You may add in lemon juice and coriander leaves while serving depends on your taste. 

It was very aromatic and flavorful. Creaminess of Daal and Juicy Soya chunks went along too well. My bro was in a diet, n he couldnt eat, How much he wished he could!! But yes he helped me taking pics as we were not able to get exact shade of the gravy, Sometimes less light sometimes more light lolzz :) A typical problem all of us face im sure!!!
As I was eating I was imagining its flavors with different masala's trying to bring in more ideas :P and in future im sure to try this with various masala's mentioned above
I couldn't resist having bowl full myself just like that And dad had it with Phulkas Yumm yumm a lovely Combination. 

Hope you guys try out this simple Dish and enjoy!!!

Linking this to Cooking With Green

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