Friday 26 April 2013

Wood Apple Juice!!!

Wood Apple Juice!!!

I cant Really enjoy Winters as others Do!!! Only reason is I fall Sick My Body Cannot Accept Cold Season For what ever reasons. That Is the Time I anxiously wait for Summer, I need Sun I need Sun. Rays of sun in such days R like Blessings to me, I badly need it to warm up myself to feel better lolss.

So Summer has come and Im happy sweating. Strange Right??? But Fact I enjoy Summers more than winters. I feel my body metabolism works fine in summer than in winter. This is the time we enjoy and cherish all kind of fruits and drinks and what not? Why not Of Course Every season has its own Reasons to Give us something new :)

Coming back to the Subject!!!
I had to do some googling bfr I open my mouth here :P Because I know not many R aware Of this fruit. Even If they R aware they dont know how to consume. Thats completely fine!!! Its never too late to know anything and take it in use :)

This is The fruit with Thick skin outside. It is also called Bael in Hindi and norther regions of India. Also known as elephant apple, monkey fruit, curd fruit, kath bel. This fruit is native to India and Sri lanka so can be said as native to South Asia Region growing in Dry Plain regions. In India, the fruit was traditionally a "poor man's food" until processing techniques were developed in the mid-1950's
Leaving the benefits of Leaves and Roots, Lets just talk about fruit.

The unripe fruit is bitter in taste, acrid, sour, and astringent in nature. It is useful in treating diarrhea and dysentery. The ripe fruit is sweet in taste, aromatic, cooling, and astringent. It acts as a laxative and has tonic properties. It is a popular medicine for dyspepsia in India and is widely used to strengthen the heart and brain. Good remedy for constipation problem and also lowering High blood pressure. This fruit is also available in powder form and used as medicine for constipation. has many more multiple uses which you can Google up :)

Lets Take a Looks at Inside Of the Fruit.

It has a thick hard skin, Pulpy, has small seeds and Whole lots of fibers Around the fruit pulp!!!
Isn't It the Pulp Looking Fibrously Delicious??

As I have mentioned in my introduction that my roots are from Orrisa My parents are used to consume this fruit. Even I have consumed this fruit in form of juice earlier but It kinda gave me some sought of medicinal smell which i dint like, but still Ok to consume. I never found this in south. May b its there but very rare. Its only when my relatives come down from there, take some pain to carry extra luggage  for us!!!

But This time my Aunt (mom's sis) living in Orrisa and my cousin bro took some pain to send us this fruit via courier. We were literally shocked to know this and was wondering how and what condition this fruit is gonna reach us. We were eagerly waiting for the delivery to find the fruit is well riped and in good condition. They had selected unripened fruit and sent us so we got Perfect ripe fruits :)

This fruit was ripe and sweet and dint had any medicinal smell either, It was yumm to taste and consuming it was a complete Pleasure!!!!

How To Make Juice/ Sharbat Of this Fruit:
1st time I saw my mom how she makes it :)


Beal Fruit / Wood Apple


- Break The fruit With Some hard object, Like Heavy Knife/ Hammer (yes you got it right hammer) Outside skin is so thick. If you dont have any equipment just break it like coconut but with little force. Its not so much hard like coconut shell either. 

- Once cracked you can easily open thru and scoop out the pulp.

- In a large bowl put in the pulp add water and mash it/ hand blend it till all the pulp blends in well with water.  As we mash up the pulp gets thicker, so more water is neeeded to dilute much enough so that fibers and seeds get separated from the pulp.

- Using your hands try to strain the long fibers and seeds out of this, Still if you feel more thicker fibers are left  use fork or a big holed strainer to extract. 

- Add in sugar mix well and refrigerate 

- Serve chill


- Do not add much water at a time, do it little by little. Once you get like smoothie consistency Of juice stop adding water
- When we add sugar it will dilute more as sugar becomes watery. If still you find ur sharbat is thick then you can add water more according to your desired consistency.
- We cannot use any blender of juicer because of its seeds and fibers around the pulp, It takes a Little work but wroth to do it :)
- Im not mentioning the proportion of sugar and water, As it completely depends upon the amount of pulp which gets extracted, Sweetness of fruit and amount of sweetness you require from sugar. 

It isnt any difficult task!!! just needs some balancing of proportions in which we r all gud at :)

Here Goes in my Yummy Sip!!!!

I know I talk alot about anything and everything in my each post, But the reason is I really cannot stop myself from sharing myself to All you guys :) I just love you all so much!!!

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  1. lovely give a good detail of things...a healthy yummy juice...

    1. Thank you dear For reading it all :) I just love to share the details to my best possible!!!

  2. That's a great creativity... Love it !

  3. Wow aara i'am missing those wood apples. In sri lanka we get riped wood apple. It tastes awesome. Love it.

  4. We made this juice in same way. Very flavorful and healthy too.

    today's post:

  5. Am missing this wood apples here, love to enjoy this wood appple flesh with sugar, juice sounds incredible.

  6. i heard of this fruit but seeing it for the first time..thanks for posting this:)

    1. My pleasure Rani!!! Try To get your hands in this fruit if u happen to see somewhere :) Im sure you would love the taste as well.

  7. Reminds me of my schools days. Its ages I got one. I dont find it here.
    Love it nicely ripes. So lovely post this is.

    Hope you are doing well!!

    1. Thank you for the like latha :) yes it had ripe pretty much well! Just perfect and sweet enough to consume as it is Hope u get To taste this soon and refresh ur school memories :)

  8. We don't get wood apple here, but I remember getting this during festive season back in Chennai. Very refreshing and lovely. Thanks a lot for sharing...

    1. Your welcome priya its my pleasure and thank u for the like :)

  9. I am alien to the fruit. Its like I have seen or I have not seen memories. Just like you I can't stand cold weather but over here its either burning sun or raining, so I am either sweating or feeling chilly.

    The juice looks really refreshing and I bet the taste must have been heavenly.

    1. hahahaha navaneetham, people like us belong to special breed!! so we R special :)
      Do Try to taste this fruit when ever possible u come across it :)
      Yes The taste of pulp was perfectly sweet and yumm!! Again as a drink It was perfect!!
      Wishing you luck You find this fruit soon :) Or some1 ur relative can send u as it happend with me

  10. Wow! Very interesting recipe Aara :-)

  11. Recalling the childhood days back in India. It is called kotha in our area.used to sprinkle red chilly powder & salt .scoop & eat it directly form the shell. Juice also looks delicious.

  12. Healthy and refreshing juice,Aara..

  13. Looks so refreshing.

    First time in u r space.Happy to follow you,glad if you follow me back.

  14. Its new to me Aara.. yet looks yum :-) You have a lovely name "Aara":-)

    1. Thank you Rekha :) Aara means Adorning in persian language and Aara is My middle name Which I love to use Across social networking Also some School frnds loved calling me aara too, some word in hindi called ara as axe lolzz I can become that too :P

  15. I have been skeptical of this fruit wondering what to do with it... Nice to see a recipe using wood apple.:) Love the refreshing drink..
    First time here and njoyed browsing around..
    Happy to follow u..:)

    1. Thank you for ur like and follow :) But if u have G+ pls add me to circles as its much easier for me to have frnds there and interact :) Hope You try out this recipe and enjoy the drink. And yes Select a nice ripe fruit for this :) you can taste the pulp and check it!!

  16. Never seen or heard of this fruit. I have not seen this juice in Booster Juice outlets either.
    But the juice looks like a great thirst quencher for sure!! Looks good and refreshing.
    Great deal for summer for sure.

  17. Wonderful drink dear, thanks for introducing this to us :)

  18. Yummy drink. Wood apple pulp and sugar is good combo. I love the taste of this.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Following you back.

  19. Interesting recipe dear...
    Congratulations !!!
    Im here 2 pass u a Liebster Blog Award from my side...
    Do grab it frm the below link & dont 4get 2 cmmnt when u receive it n when u pass it..Let me knw too...

  20. real yum & interesting recipe !
    You have an awesome blog & I'm glad to follow u :)


  21. I have to admit I have never heard of this fruit - I am intrigued! Thank you for entering your recipe into the No Waste Food Challenge!

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  23. I am from Ceylon/Sri Lanka and remember going to Anuradhapura and living in front of Rama Kalle" (near the Nuwara Wewa) where we used to walk through and pluck Wood Apples off the trees (green fruit) to make `Dimbul (or is it "DiVul") sambol. It was absolutely delicious; sadly here in Melbourne, Australia, I am told there is no hope of getting this fruit. As I publish Ceylon/Sri Lankan recipes. I am always on the look out for ideas to experiment with food of a Ceylon/Sri Lankan nature to put on I hope that I will get some responses. Thanks. Tony


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