Saturday 29 June 2013

50- 50 Toast

Sound Interesting? 50- 50 how? Read Below.

Check out with my earlier version of French Toast Recipe Here Very Simple

But for this version plays the Trick of 50- 50 Im making a toast with Half side French Toast and Half Side Pain Roasted Bread. This works wonder magic for me, I gulp down as many toast I want without feeling guilty consuming eggs oil sugar, milk all together high fats huh.

Now this is very simple, For french toast we dip the whole bread into the egg mixture and shallow fry it. 

For this Toast Cut the slices of bread, Or dont cut up to you

Trim the sides of bread pieces or leave it as u wish.

Heat a pan, Drizzle oil/ butter just that the pan is greased

When the pan is medium heat, just then take a slice of bread dip one side into the egg mixture and place it in the pan. similarly add in more slices of bread to occupy space, My pan takes 4 such slices 

Allow it to cook in medium flame for some time and flip the side

Now reduce the flame to low and Allow the non eggy side to toast up and become crispy

If u like you can add butter to this non eggy side bfr I usually dont do that!! low flame helps me get the result but if adding butter may give extra flavor choice is yours :)

Once this is done our 50-50 toast is ready to eat

To be honest there is no such name as 50-50 toast, But I had no other name to give to this special recipe of mine :)

Hope you guys try and like it. 
Serve hot with Sauce of any kind 

Its sunday and I have an exam to attend I feel its so unpredictable and hence forth putting up the cutest post here :P There R many plans all of us have similar is the one event of +Guru Wadhwa's  Giveaway Summer ’13 Drinks & Desserts Result live at 2pm and ends at 3pm today Hope you guys join in and enjoy the thing Do miss me im sure i'll be breaking my head with questions ;) or either doing inky pinky ponky lolzz :D 

Have a Lovely Sunday Bloggers!!!

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Thursday 27 June 2013


Shakkar para is my most fav snacks to much on!! I know it is for many if one has ever tasted
I made many attempts on this recipe, till I landed to perfection, Each time there were mistakes just because of my curiosity and excitement.  But now im stable enough to workout without looking out for recipe and measurements :)

This batch was made at my grandma's home as my cousins were arriving from orrisa my nani wanted us to make savory puri's and my nana asked me to make these, What I need more? when I have all the ingredients offered right away :P Stingy Me No No  But I was right away towards Preparing this without wasting my time.  Only thing which keeps me away from preparing this when I have to do single handed is though its simple it consumes lots of time to fry. One thing which can save u from getting tired is lots of oil and frying it in large batches and finish it of in 2 - 3 sets lolz but what will I do with the remaining whole lot of oil? 

That day my mom's sisters and my mom were there to take care of puri's but my youngest aunt loves working with me in kitchen and was there with me rendering her help and chit chatting 

I made it in large quantity though, but exact measurements for small quantity and trial comes here :)


1 cup - all purpose flour
1 cup - wheat flour
1/4th cup - oil/ butter / ghee ( i use oil always )
1/4th cup - Sugar
1/4th cup - milk
1tsp - Suji / semolina
1 pinch of salt
Oil to deep fry


- Heat milk to warm, add oil and sugar, mix well till the sugar dissolves well enough.
- To the flour add suji and salt, not when the milk is still warm and knead the mixture into dough, the consistency of dough should not be soft as done for chappati but little thick as for kachoris and samosas
- Cover and keep it aside for 15-30 mins.
- After 30 mins knead again, you might see flaky dought exactly we need this consistency :)
- when u start to roll, give a hard hand to each portions of dough so that you can get a perfect round to roll out evenly.
- Roll them out thick enough as paratha, Even if u try to make it thin it will remain under a standard quality of thickness
- Cut them into shapes when your read to fry. 
Even if u cut the strips and keep it ready, it will not stick as the dough is kneaded quiet well to perfection. no need for extra efforts, just perfect measurements is required :)

- Heat oil in a pan and make sure the oil is just hot enough in medium flame. If the oil becomes too hot as you drop in these shakkar para it will be burnt immediatly thats wat happened with my 1st batch. my aunt kept oil heating from long in stove, I was unaware of it and droped the whole thing to be found burnt :-<

As we drop in these and stir in soon its found that it starts showing flaky layers from the sides and edges keep stirring time to time and let it cook it low medium heat, so that it cooks evenly and even distribution of golden color takes place.

Remove it when done, and let it cool. we cannot get to the core of crispiness of this until its cooled down and becomes more crispier. 

Once it is cooled enjoy your snacks :) 
Store it in air tight jar, I dont know how many days it can be stored for, because as soon as we see its cooled down, we start munching immediately  1st 2 batches will vanish off as it is  in my family. 

Me and my aunt kept munching as we prepared other batches of shakkar para :)
We also tried to click for the texture of this but dint reach to perfection though, still something can be shown :) When biting clicks were not getting perfect my aunt suggested lets cut it with knife and I literally had to say her " Pagal hai kya?" crazy :D

I seriously cannot explain what a pleasure it is when I make these :) Its so addictive that it can be finished off in a jiffy and the best thing to make it at home, is you can adjust how much sweetness you want to add, and being health conscious one can omit using maida completely and compensate it with half maida, half wheat flour and half amt of oats also :D you got me right!! I have also tried oats :)  

May be i'll make another variations with oats along with this and put up here

Kids Love it to the core, My 3 yr old cousin enjoyed this treat, my other cousins loved it too!! My 1st aunt demanded y dint I make more???? She kept questioning me and I had no answer lolzz


- Pinch of salt gives gud taste.
- suji gives added crunchiness can be omited if u dont have.
- I also used vanaspathi once instead of oil, turned gud.
- make sure sugar is all dissolved do not add sugar directly and knead , had bad experience with it huh.
- If the dough turns little runny or still need more moisutre always feel free to add or subtract milk or flour as per need
- Remember always to fry it in low medium heat and be there to give a stir after regular interval, this will help to give nice evenly golden color
- Just at the point you start removing from oil, high up the flame for a while this will help oil drain out well. (optional)

Wanna A Bite????? :)

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Tuesday 25 June 2013

Figs & Wheat Flour Halwa

Hello All!!!
To be honest im slow towards blogging these days!! 
Since im fasting and I've got a fixed schedule these days I'm Kinda Lazy!! Huh
At the Same time Dont want to leave my bloggy baby just like that of course its become one of my passion Searching for Key Whose gates open Towards Food land :)

This is my 50th post and I wont say Im happy excited bla bla. Coz every post of mine is equally important and special to me. It directly comes from Dil Se..........  I cannot think of posting something so randomly just coz I need to show how active I be as a blogger?  May be this curiosity was there at the beginning but now yes its another part of my life, Just as each role we play in our lifes :)

Back to the post
I never imagine making halwas n stuffs, But This one is specially made for my brother. As he is under certain kind of diet after consuming Bathini Fish medicine for asthma Given in Early month of June in Hyd. My mom is breaking her head to feed my bro and my bro being a picky eater Is really unable to gulp down anything. Desi ghee is the only option he can consume in fats inspite of this he is rapidly loosing weight and smelling ghee ghee around the house I feel Im increasing my weight though im fasting this is funny though!!

So this halwa was made as per requirement  of my brothers diet. 


1 cup Wheat Flour
3/4th cup sugar or more if required
8-10 dried figs soaked in water
3 cups of water
5-7 tsp of ghee


- Dry Roast Wheat Flour Till nicely brown and aroma released. Keep it aside to cool.
- Take water in a kadai, add this wheat flour and mix till no lumps are left. 
- chop down the figs make sure its really soft so that it mix in well with the halwa mixture
- Heat kadai in low flame and you see the mixture slightly getting thick.
- Keep stirring so that it dosent burn at bottom, Also add Sugar figs and Ghee and Keep cooking in low flame stirring it constantly. Till you get a jelly like past moving as mass lump. You will your self know Its the time to remove and your done
The above pic shows how well peaks r formed 

- Once ur instinct signals its done, remove and serve hot or cold :)

See the texture how glossy it looks :) 

The above recipe was done as per my brothers needs towards his diet. 
There r better ideas running in my mind seriously :P
This was the 1st time I tried my hands on halwa variety and I now exactly know to do the variations :)

- Add in Chopped almonds 3tbsp + 3 tbsp Soaked raisins also some glazed cherry If you like Chopped along with figs sugar and ghee and cook as mentioned above
- Add cardamon powder for flavoring or Kesar too
- You can also Add khoya/ cream for rich flavor and texture. 
- you can add sugar and ghee even later when you are reheating halwa it will melt down easily and mix up nicely  you dont have to struggle with the laddle and wok :)
- If you add figs chopped directly without soaking n it becoming mushy then you wont get well mixed flavor of figs n wheat halwa, coz chopped chunks will remain in halwa as it is

Note- All the variations R important, as one mite get fed up just eating wheat flour paste thats where I landed up with figs into the combination :)  I can just imagine how the above variations can bring a rich flavorful output :P Would Try myself soon, Why let a wheat flour halwa remain just simple? every simple things deserve an extra ordinary presentation and see the difference it can create, No???

Roasted wheat flour gave nice aroma, Pure desi ghee was sone pe suhaga, Helped in getting rich Glossy look to halwa.
Figs also added its crunchy taste to wheat flour halwa and made it taste little haat ke

To be honest since its rich with ghee one cannot eat more than a cup shown here, or eat even less It makes ur taste buds feel satisfied so quick!!! 
Also eating little by little halwa throws its charm to the best than to eat spoonful and dislike such wonderful sweet :)

If you r skeptical you can choose trying for 1/2 cup wheat flour or even 1/4th cup :) coz the quantity will increase or triple up the quantity used :)

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Friday 21 June 2013

Mango Guava Smoothie

Juices can be taken anytime even off summer right?
All the bloggers have move from juices and smoothies to snacking and salads When I still stick to it for a cause
Summer is at off set and Climate is getting better around, Not In Chennai Atleast Damn I start feeling hot and sweating only after evening which makes me sick. Fasting In such days can make you quench for thirst more n more, but yet Alhamdulillah Im able to manage. I really wish that climate gets better by Ramdhan!!

Im not a fussy eater who wants such n such things for iftar or want juices compulsory as many do. But This climate is making me carve for some chilled drinks too :(

Anyhow lets get to this quicky session of Mango Guava Juice 

Since im the only person fasting at my home now, Im really not bothered on what to consume or not. I had Guava Juice Of Real and mangoes sitting in my fridge when I instantly came up with fusing both the flavors together.

Serves 1
Mango Cubes - 1/2 cup
Guava Juice - 150 ml or a small glass (Real Tetra Pack)

Blend in both the ingredients in juicer and Serve Chilled!!!! 


I did not add sugar as the sweetness from the Guava Juice and Mangoes were enough.
I dint added ice cubes as mangoes and juice was chilled and the temp was fine for me. I dint wanted my drink very chilled either.
If you add ice cubes, you may need sugar according to your taste.
May be you can also try adding some mint leaves or lemon juice too :)


Was Lip Smacking :D Wanted more and more though. Was Sipping down kool combo of Mango and Guava :)

Juice of Guava was Faint Redish color + Mango was Perfect Yellow which gave my drink Yellowish Red Ting. 

Do Try it sometime and fall in love with this simple drink

Made With Love Mondays Taste of Tropics - Mango Chef Mireille

Hey Guys Follow my blog at  Also create yours :)

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