Sunday 23 March 2014

Garlic Rice Theplas

My Blog Turns One And Im Glad I was able to continue with my blog even after so many hurdles!! Thank U all my readers for your wonderful love and support I keep reciveing from all of u!!

This is a Lovely combo I have come across very flavorful and yummy to share with all of u and highly recommend to try out atleast once to taste this wonderful theplas

To me Thepla was just a word or a gujrati dish which I had been listening to since ages, but never made an attempt to make it.
It was only when I was thinking what to cook with rice and I recalled a book tawa handi by sanjeev kapoor gifted to me by +Gheza e shiriin , Though recipes there for biriyani were there but I dint have much of spices and some more complications, in the same book I started turning pages and found this thepla recipe. I was quiet attracted towards the simplicity it carried with most simple ingredients available at home. I had seen the book so many times but I feel nothing happens before time…. My very old concept but so true. The same recipe earlier hadn’t attracted me before then why now?
Heading Towards the recipe, I was little doubtful though but still wanted to continue, had some quires which was answered by some sweet frnds and next day I was ready for the task. As usual I followed only the border line of recipe and tweeking rest of the recipe in my own, So happened the same to this recipe.

Cooked Rice  - 1 cup or more
Wheat Flour – 2 cups and little more for binding n rolling
Oil – 2 tbsp + more
Salt to taste
Large Garlic pods –  6- 7
Turmeric – 1/4th – 1/2tsp
Coriander springs – 3-4 with stems
Green chillies – 3 Large size or 4 medium size depending upon your spice taste.

-    In a grinder put in cooked rice, garlic pods, green chillies and coriander springs, Adding little water grind it into smooth paste.
-    Remove this into a large bowl, add wheat flour, salt, 1tbsp oil, turmeric powder and start kneading it into smooth dough.  It will be sticky to mix that is when u need extra flour to adjust in binding the dough.

-    Add in another 1 tbsp oil and knead well close the container with lid, keep it to rest for half an hr minimum.
-    After half an hour again knead the dough well and make balls of tennis ball size.
-    Roll it into thin rotis and cook it over tawa as you make chapattis / phulkas.

-    Drizzle oil from top as you would do for parathas on both the size and you are done!!
-    Serve it hot with Curd.

How to make Dipping Curd:
Thick Curd – ½ cup or more
Little water
Roasted Cumin Powder – 1tbsp
Salt little and Sugar little
Little chaat masala (optional)
-    Mix all the ingredients listed above and whisk it to a smooth dip.
Serve it along with these Theplas As it is the best combo which goes so well along the flavors of theplas.

-    Original recipes asked to use mashed rice, but since I wanted smoother finish I used rice paste.  Mashed rice may appear in theplas making the eater feel uneasy about the ingredients used.
-    Original recipe said chopped coriander but I grinded with rice paste.
-    You can also use green garlic leaves which was written as optional in the book. I don’t get green garlic leaves here.
-    If u you want to have extra garlicy taste you may also add extra chopped garlic while kneading dough, but for me this much was  enough to give a good flavor and taste.
-    Serving with pickle is also suggested but since the flavors of thepla is already so strong, and also pickles flavors are strong too I dint feel like clubbing up 2 strong flavors in one meal, so opted using curd a dip which really went too well along this. But If you like it with pickle there is no restrictions you can go ahead with your own combo.
-    Original recipe says using 1/2tsp red chilli powder but I had used green chillies instead.

- Hot theplas r too soft n may break, they remain soft after cooling down too, that time u can roll up or fold but not when its hot
- U can reheat it n eat it next day too

You see how highly I have tweeked the recipe my own way!! But the end result was too good.

It was really very soft as cooked rice was used. My mom was too skeptical and dint wanted me to make it. As she felt its all extra work I keep doing for no use.
When she took a bite I asked her how is it?? She said its so soft and too good!!
My bro ate 2 theplas satisfyingly with curd

My cousin was amazed with the flavors n asked aapii how did u make this???
This time no questions to dad lolzz he was in his own tensions of post house shifting troubles
And If you want to know how I liked it??
I would just say no regrets to do extra work. And if it wasn’t so gud I wouldn’t be blogging here for my readers!!
After all Quality of Recipe and the way of Cooking Is what I blog about!!

Many of my readers who follow my blog and try out my recipes are all satisfied trying what ever they felt interested in. There was no negative remarks till now Alhamdulillah!! Had been always getting positive feedback from all the friends.
This is something more remarkable for a blogger, and I shall try to continue As long as I am blogging
Please continue to Give me your love and  ever lasting support
Stay Tuned With Sweets and Spices 

Bubye for now
Love Aara!!!

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Wednesday 19 March 2014

Direction Towards Taking Medicine

Today Im here to share something which is very useful and important.
Some ways and reasoning to take medicines, which we hardly know, or never bothered to know!
How ever educated we are, we skip the reasoning part with medicines.
Some people consume medicine because they think it can do miraculous wonders to their body
And yet for some medical conditions demands!!

Few Points I would Like To Focus On Here Today Which Is Very Important
  • Medicines are doses which balances our body problem chemically slowly but steadily
  • Medicines are not magic pills!! curing for any purpose takes some time 
  • Medicines should be followed the way doctors advice 
  • Not to start or stop any medicine as you please ( if it is said regular means regular strictly)
Take medicine before meal:
  • Take medicine 30 mins before food not just few mins before eating. As some medicine works best empty stomach
Take Medicine After meal:
  • Medicine should be taken within 5-10 mins of having ur meal. Some medicine may irritate stomach so presence of food may stop the irritation towards the intestine! 
Intake of Multivitamins
  • Take any multivitamin in day time with any main meal. Vitamins B and C easily flushes out thru urine, so consuming it with food helps in proper absorption of nutrients.
Complete Your Course:
  • Dont stop your medicines if u start feeling better. Some germs remain in the body which resist the medicine. Completing the course will kill the remaining germs of the body Giving betterment towards health.
Hope this information was helpful!! Do take care of urself and ur family!!
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Monday 17 March 2014

Raw Papaya Fruity Salad Low Calorie Diet

When It comes to Papaya me and my family love it a lot, whether it be ripe or raw. My mom has a special liking towards making gravy out of raw papaya, so I never get a chance to experiment with raw papaya’s ever.

This recipe I should call it as exclusion I asked my mom to keep a portion of raw papaya for me. I wanted to make Salad and check out the taste. I had some fruits to combine with which turned out to be too gud for very low calorie healthy diet plan. You can really enjoy every bit of goodness it gives.

Raw papaya – 1+1/4th cup (Sliced Finely)
Sweet corn – ½ cup boiled
Musk melon – ½ cup (chopped)
Grapes – Sliced as needed
White pepper powder / black pepper powder (as needed)
Chaat masala – ½ tsp or more
Lemon juice – of half lemon
Sugar and Salt as per needed
Roasted Sesame seeds 1tbsp

-    In a large bowl add raw papaya, sweet corn, white pepper powder, lime juice, chaat masala, salt and sugar to taste and mix thoroughly. Check for taste
-    Next add in musk melon and grapes mix it light handedly.
-    Add in sesame seeds just before serving.

Enjoy ur healthy Salad Any time in the day!!!

-    Sesame seeds can be replaced by roasted peanuts.
-    I used white pepper powder, I dint wanted its color to change, White pepper powder will only give spice, where as black pepper powder has a distinct aroma but may darken the color of the food.
-    Adjust lime juice, sugar and salt according to ur taste.
-    I used little of musk melon paste but that dint help I had little of musk melon with me, when I tasted along with chopped musk melon it gave a real refreshing taste. It can be kept as optional too.
-    We can also add finely chopped pineapple/ apple / Pomegranate for extra flavor and colorful look.
-    Grapes was great combo with raw papaya it adjusted the spices with its sweetness
-    I wanted to add some cashews and raisins to it but wanted to limit the richness with calories it would carry.

Over all Raw Papaya is the Star Ingredient here!! Having Raw Papaya as base you can mix and match other ingredients as per ur taste and availability :)

When I was just thinking about the salad I had posted a quire over fb and got some ideas from my friends over fb groups. Here it goes!! If It interests you please go ahead trying the combination and let us know how it turned out.

Reema Haseeb Suggested:
- Grate the Raw papaya and melon .....chop grapes ...make the dressing with lime juice, soya sauce,chili flakes ,honey ,salt ....mix well and add it ....sprinkle some roasted peanuts .... (can omit soya sauce if u dont like)
- You can also add orange juice instead of lemon juice
- Another dressing is add chili powder,chat masala,salt,lime juice ....

Hazeena Seyad Suggested
- Make a dressing with coconut milk , grated ginger , lime juice , salt and sugar to taste . Mix well until well combined . Grate raw papaya , chop melon and half the grapes . Mix all together , garnish with fried crisp onions and serve .
- Mix tamarind pulp , chilli powder , salt and jägery to taste . Add to the raw papaya , melon and grapes . Toss well and garnish with sesame seeds .

Charanya Deva Suggested
- Cut musk melon n cucumber into small cubes. Add chopped coriander leaves n green spring onions mix all chill till serving time wen ready to serve mix lemon juice salt pepper or finely chopped green chiilies add To muskmelon mix well serve immediately. Made this afternoon tastes yum
This is the pic she shared with us :)

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Sunday 16 March 2014

How To Make Tomato Jam

Oh I dont Like Tomatoes!! Raw Tomatoes Give Strong Pungent Taste And Im Not Fan Of Its Tanginess Too. But Today I Got A Really Special Recipe From My Friend Reema, Who Is Author Of Rimzy's Kitchen In Fb.


When I saw the pic it looked So Yummmmmm And the Recipe too simple to be followed. I couldnt Resist Asking Reema If I can share This In my Blog. And here It is For You Too.

Like Me Even Reema Is not tomato lover and was skeptical of the whole concept. This recipe was made by her mother. And the end result was liked by whole family. It was a kind of surprise treat from her mother I beleive!! Her mom is a super cook I adore all the recipes Reema Shares taught by her mom. 

Reema Said:

"I liked the taste of it but still was not sure how it will taste with bread and when I had it with bread ,it gave unique taste and couldn't stop with one slice.....planning to make with plums soon ...."

Ripe Tomatoes pulp - 5 cups (Extract From 2kgs Tomatoes)
Sugar – 2 1/2 cups
Lemon juice – 2 tbsp or citric acid - 1 tsp

1) In a heavy bottom big pan add water and add the tomatoes ( let the water cover the tomatoes ) and cook for 15 minutes

2) Turn off the heat and take the tomatoes out from water , cool the tomatoes completely then peel the skin and then remove the seeds and puree this in a blender.( then measure it as you have to add half amount of sugar )

3) Add the tomato purée in a non stick dish and let it cook for 15 minutes , then add sugar, and lemon juice to the pulp and cook again the mixture on medium flamed or another 15 minutes.

4) Stir constantly till it thickens. Make sure not to over cook. Turn off the gas, cool for 10 minutes and pour into sterilized glass bottles .

5) Allow the jam to cool completely in the bottle and close with lid and store at room temperature. If made well and stored in clean bottles, the jam will keep for months at room temperature ( you can refrigerate the jam )

How to find out if the Jam is ready:

1) A drop of jam put into a glass of cold water jellies.

2) If you lift the spatula and allow the jam to pour, it should flow together like a V shape.

3) Pour a few drops on to a plate; if it spreads easily, then the jam is not ready; if it stays just firm/ jellies, the jam is ready.

It takes 45 minutes to make this jam ....
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Thursday 13 March 2014

How To Make Flavoured Paneer

Im coming across so many interesting Recipes and Tips Across Fb but its difficult to share them all here!! 
Today Im sharing wonderful recipe of making flavored paneer originally texted by Anisa Arif!! You can find her easily in any fb groups or her fb page Zaiqa. She is masala Queen blends her own masalas which is super hit among many people. Her spices are very flavorful and widely appreciated!! Purchase her spices if u get a chance For now lets get  back to her flavored paneer recipe

Tips for Flavoured Paneer
Break from the conventional way of using Paneer, some ideas am sharing pls feel free to add your suggestions.
While Boiling Milk to separate whey add any the following for flavourful Paneer
• Yellow delight - Add turmeric pwd, little salt and pepper in the Milk Whey, use any normal gravy instead of usual white paneer
• Achari Masala - Add 1 tsp mix of achari masala, use in rich tomato gravies or rich shahi gravies
• Minty Burst - Add thick mint chutney, use for palak paneer or haryali gravies.
• Green Fields - Finely chop methi leaves, Chopped coriander, sprinkle salt and black pepper, add to milk whey for flavourful methi paneer
• Creamy Rich Paneer – Add 1 cup Amul cream, 1 tsp curd for creamy soft paneer
• Spicy Fiery Paneer – Add chilli flakes, little kashmiri chilli pwd and salt
• Continental Twist – Add mixed herbs like thyme, oregano, rosemary.
• Hara Bhara – Add finely chopped capsicum, chopped coriander leaves, chopped green chillies with salt.
• Shahi Paneer – Saffron & salt
• Garlic Paneer – Chopped garlic, salt, pinch of pink salt
• Mexican Flavours – Add cajun spice mix / Peri Peri for African flavours

Ensure you strain/drain well, set in mould under heavy weight. If you see need for some thickness add 1-2 tsp of maida knead and set well
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Friday 7 March 2014

Cham Cham With Instant Rabri

Cham Cham is a very famous bengali sweets available across India!!

I made this sweet on mom's birthday with my own variation of instant rabri. It was an instant hit!! Every one at home loved the combo. It was all very different!!
This was 1st introduced in sweet fantasy club challenge 2 months back, but I was not able to post due to some personal reasons.

Basically Cham Cham has a thick sugar syrup coating and served it along with mixture of flavours mawa and nuts in between as sweet sandwich. But I planned to do something innovation of my own style 

So here I am today with this delicious combo which is super duper easy yet crowd pleasing dessert.

Ingredients to make Cham Cham
Full Fats Milk - 500- 750ml
Vinegar - Few tbsp
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Water - 1 liter or more

- Boil milk in a pan, When it is just about to boil add in vinegar and mix, you should get chenna separate. Do not allow it to boil, it may separate fats from milk.
- Wash the chenna in running water to remove the sourness of vinegar tie it in a cloth and rub the chenna nicely inside the cloth. this will help in removing excess water from chenna and also break its rough particles.
- Remove this chenna from the cloth and knead it well with 1tsp sugar nicely till very very smooth.
- Divide Chenna into small portions and give them oval shape.

- Boil water with sugar. When its rolling boiling drop the chenna balls prepared. 
- Close the lid and let it boil in medium flame for 10-15 mins. It will swell up triple in size by now. Let it the prepared sugar syrup itself.

- Chill it!!

Also refer to my post How To Make Rasgulla Pressure Cook Method
Ingredients to prepare Instant Rabri
Full Fats Milk - Half  Liter
Condensed milk - 4-6 tbsp
Bread crumbs - 3- 4 tbsp or more if needed
Sugar as needed
Water half cup
Cardamom powder and kesar for flavoring
Almonds to garnish.

- Boil milk and water together, When it is almost boiling lower the flame and add condensed milk, sugar, bread crumbs, flavorings and allow it to cook in low flame for 5-7 mins. 
- Keep stirring now and then. Check the consistency it will start thickening and form rabri consistency.
- Switch of the flame. And Chill it!!

How to serve:
- Make it an individual serving which will be more attractive to look at.
- Pour in the chilled rabri 1st. Place a piece of Drained cham cham from sugar syrup. Garnish it with Sliced Almonds and serve it immediately.

- To make Cham Cham you can use more sugar in the syrup for extra sweetness if you want. But since I served it with rabri I kept the sweetness of cham cham to moderate. This way it gives good balancing of sweetness.
- You may also add flavors to the sugar syrup while boiling.
- While making rabri if u dont want to add water, then add extra 1/2 cup milk. I wanted to keep the dessert light so added water. Adding milk will give extra richness in taste.
- Add sugar accordingly as we are adding condensed milk which is already sweet in nature.
- Always remember that sweetness in desserts which is chilled shows less sweetness compared to what is it tasted when its hot. So keep the sugar level little higher than ur regular taste. Another point is cham cham prepared is less in sweetness. So we are here trying to balance the sweetness of both the prepared thing. GO BY YOUR INSTINCT.
- Always keep both the things chilled until served.
- You may garnish pistachio instead of almonds or even garnish both together.
- Flavoring of rabri can vary from kesar cardamon to rose, kewra or anything you prefer but kesar and cardamon gives a authentic flavor.

Cham Cham along with Rabri when eaten gives a very distinct taste. A very unique combination to enjoy with your family. Mom still recalls it and says it was very tasty. It all makes me happy :)
Soft Cham Cham With Thick Rabri Rocks!!!

Do Try It And Dont Forget To Give Me Your Valued Feedback 

Until then its me Aara 
Signing Off

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Monday 3 March 2014

Bhelpuri - The Tongue Tickler

Who Dosent Love Street Foods?? 

Bhelpuri is one among very famous street food which nobody can say no to!!
Its, yummy and chatpata and biggest advantage is healthy and low calorie snack. Nutritious Filling and delicious what more one needs to get convinced to make this yummy street food at home???

I Really wanted to make this from long time and finally the day came when mom brought packets of puffed rice one of the main ingredients. Once this was in my hand I slowly started preparation towards tamarind chutney , green chutney and veggies, every ingredient is very important. Though it takes time for preparation of ingredients, but once you got all, then making and serving it can be done in jiffy.

I should tell you!! You can organize a party and serve this to almost 20-30 people with no trauma I shall tell u how in later part.

Lets get started!!
Serves-  10-12 people generously

Puffed Rice – 2 Packets
Potato – 2 -3 boiled and diced
Onion – 2 large (chopped Wash it 2-3 times nicely)
Cucumber – 2 (peeled, deseeded and chopped)
Tomatoes – 3-4 (deseeded and chopped)
Grapes – cut into 2
Roasted Peanuts: ½ cup or more (de-skinned)
Tamarind Chutney – As needed
Green Chutney – As needed
Sev- Nylon sev or normal thick sev For Garnishing as needed

Method To Prepare One Plate Of Bhelpuri
-    In a large bowl take 2 tablespoon of all the ingredients each except Puffed Rice and mix it well.

-    Just Before Serving Add 2 cups of puffed rice and mix thoroughly.
-    Garnish it with some more grapes and Sev
-    Serve immediately.

-    2 cups puffed rice may feel more but when puffed rice comes in touch with all the moisture content in the veggie mixture it starts to shrink this is another reason to add puffed rice just before serving.
-    You may add coriander leaves and carrot chopped too
-    Washing Onion is optional but I do it to reduce the strong taste which some onions carry.
-    Deseeded and chopped cucumber gives gud crunchiness while eating.
-    Don’t use sour tomatoes. Use the ones used for sandwiches.
-    You may add pineapple/ pomegranate too instead of grapes.
-    Adding Fruits are optional but enhances the taste of bhelpuri when you get some sweet to chew in between.

- You may also add crushed puris to this totally optional

The amount of ingredients I prepared was just for 4-5 people. But We had Some guest the very day and you have to believe me that this much amount of ingredients was enough for almost 10 people and also guests helped themselves with 2nd and 3rd helpings too.

You can serve these for parties easily as you can have the veggies mixed with chutney ready ahead and just add in the puffed rice and serve with garnishings, its a total mess free deal to make everyone happy :)

You may also add more chutney from top if you like depending upon your taste.

It was Sweet, Spicy, Crunchy and Chewy all in one. Adding of grapes helped to balance the spiciness bhelpuri carried.
With no single doubt everyone liked it very much including guest.
Mom said she liked it a lot as she said she was able to feel all the flavors which made the dish outstanding!!

Do Try It Guys And Let Me Know Your Feedback!!
If Any Doubts Feel Free To Ask In Comments Section or contact me directly in my fb page/profile It would be my pleasure to answer all your queries

Stay Tuned For More Updates
Till then its me Aara
Signing Off Bubyeeee…..

Sharing my recipe with sys - w series show your styles to the world

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Saturday 1 March 2014

Low Fats Creamy Green Peas Soup

Peas Soup is a real comfort for anytime, goes too gud for any occasion. Very Soothing to taste buds, delicious yet Healthy

I had fresh peas in stock at home. When I recalled almost 20yrs back we had a small recipe book which promoted only fresh green peas. I dont know where we got that small booklet from. I tried making cutlet and peas soup too It turned out delicious. I was too small to try anything more at the age of 7 or 8 dont really remember.

I had a faint memory when I recalled my 1st tried peas soup except that it was yummy. I dint had the recipe nor internet to find one. So came up with my own kind of soup preparation. Here for u all my readers presenting yummy Green Peas Soup.

Fresh Green Peas / Canned Peas - 1 cup
Onion - 1 medium size
Garlic Pods - 6-7
Coriander Leaves - 2-3 springs with stem
Maida - 2tsp
Milk - 1 cup + more if needed
Salt and pepper to taste

Generously serves 3-4 people

- In a Cooker Add Green peas, sliced onions, coriander springs, garlic pods and 3-4 cups of water.

- Pressure cook the above for 3-4 whistles. Put off the flame and let the pressure drop.
- Grind it in mixer to a smooth paste. (this can be prepared before and kept ahead too)
- In another pan take maida and dry roast it for 2-3 mins in low flame add milk. Keep Stirring as u add milk or else u may get lumps formed.

- Now add the peas mixture into the creamy milk mixture and stir well. 

- Add salt and mix well.
- Adjust the consistency of soup by adding more milk if needed.
- You may add pepper powder too if u like.
- Hot Yummm Creamy Soup Ready!!

- You may add cream for extra richness.
- If using milk, make sure you use full cream milk
- In this recipe no butter or oil is used!! If u desire you may add little butter from top.
- You may double the ingredients to make for more people

It was very delicious and creamy soup. Better than what I had imagined before I started to cook!!
Flavor of coriander leaves and garlic was gud enough for the whole end result.
Very Healthy And Kids Friendly Too!!
Do try and let me know your feedback. Its very easy and ingredients are easily available at home

Till then Stay Tuned With Sweet & Spices

Its me Aara Signing off For now


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