Thursday 22 May 2014

How To Keep Roti | Phulkas | Parathas Soft For Longer Time

How To Keep Roti | Phulkas | Parathas Soft For Longer Time

This Is A Short And Simple Post Specially For People Who Are New To Working With Indian Flat Breads.
Roties, Phulkas and Parathas are so common among Indian Families But still some find it difficulty in keeping it  hot and soft for longer time.
You can follow these simple steps and enjoy eating your rotis/ phulkas / parathas soft!!

1) As soon as you make roti's place them in cooling rack 1st.
2) In hot pack casserole place a cotton cloth as shown in pic bigger in size to the circumference of the dish.
3) As soon as you finish cooking place all the rotis inside the hot pack casserole as shown in the pic below

4) Now cover the rotis with the cloth from top as shown in pic below

5) Close the lid of casserole and leave it till you are ready to eat.
6) This will keep the roti / Paratha Hot for almost 1.5 - 2hrs  maximum. 
7) Softness of roti's will depend upon different things like kneading the dough and cooking method. But with this technique Rotis can Stay Soft for even next day. Rotis will get hard only when their exposure to air is for longer period of time.

- You can directly place roti's in casserole but make sure the cloth is thicker to the bottom side, because the steam which is produced at the bottom will make the roti's soggy and sticky from the sides too.

- So its always better to place the cooling rack which has  atleast little space from the surface level for steam to pass out. Like pic below

- If you have a rack which is flat and does not have space below you can keep the rack over a bowl and place roti's over it. This will help steam pass towards bowl and wont make the roti / paratha soggy. Eg Pic above.

- If You Dont have a cooling rack not a problem, you can use regular flour sifter. 
Place it upside down and use it as the method mentioned above 

Hope This post is helpful Happy Cooking :)

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  1. I do the same way...... Useful tip dear!

  2. For how much time will this method keep the roti soft? You only mentioned about keeping hot. What about keeping it soft?

    1. Fatima rotis this way will keep soft even till next day! also will depend on ur roti making style. make sure dont expose rotis to air for longer duration only that can make roti's hard.

  3. Nice tip to keep rotis for log time.............very useful clicks.

  4. Thats a great post, very useful. Great tips indeed.

  5. Good one .. I have pinned it on pinterest .. in my Tips board

  6. Very informative !!

  7. Good post.This tips are so useful. Thanks for sharing this post.
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  8. Very nice top, but where will I get that cooling rack,i.e the top one.But we cannot use the flour sifter as they are made of some different metal

    1. dear its easily available anywhere u buy ur crockery sets just ask them. I do keep my rotis in metal sifter and it causes no harm :) all the best


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