Thursday 21 August 2014

Boat Ka Halwa

Boat Ka Halwa

Muslim weddings are incomplete without this sweet
Ok now this is something very interesting I came across and sharing it here with other bloggers and readers!!

Another interesting and unique recipe from my lovely friend Reema, Who's Andey ki meethai is still the most popular post in my space!! This kheer consistancy halwa which is served in South Indian Muslim wedding is made up of 2 main ingredients Almonds & cashews. It is served along With buns which is shown in pics, which we call it as naan's widely available in local bakery shops here.

Unfortunately I haven't tasted this yummy looking halwa till the date. But now that I know that this exists I will for sure make it in some occasion next!!
Alrite now there is no boat in the recipe or servings but what we got to know from the comment section of Rimzy's Kitchen was Boat means top of index finger, which is best described to eat this halwa. (I can imagine people dipping their tip of index finger into the sweet and lovingly taking it towards your mouth to lick it lol......) And it is called halwa instead of kheer is because it is sweet!! Well people of olden days, their languages, ways of talking and describing things for sure gave a good mysterious contribution towards naming of so many dishes which now we cannot make out why was it named so...... unless and until if someone was too gud at listening to stories of what their granny's, grandpa's & elders had to share.

Yes Apart from what I know Reema from internet I can talk more of her personality now!!
I met her last week along with my 2 other facebook friends Biji aunty and Mubeen sultana. Here I should tell you age dosent matters, I was the youngest among all. But it never showed it was our 1st meet, and by the time we left I already started missing them. I wished we had more time to spend with each other!
I loved the way she talked and went about! I couldnt stop myself from complimenting her for the confidence she carries. And what I learnt from her was if she likes a food she will not leave the cook until he / she shares their recipes to her. Imagine in a shopping mall she asks the shop owner how to make fruit punch OMG I cannot imagine, but she can do it!! And she does!! so here on im going to stay tuned to everything unique she shares in her page and grab here to my blog :D

Cooking Time - 25mins

Almonds - 200 gms
Cashews - 100 gms
Ghee - 50 gms
Khoya or mawa - 100 gms
Sugar -400 gms ( add more if required )
Water - 1 cup ( I added more hot water before serving
Saffron - a pinch
Orange colour - a pinch

1) Peel the skin of almonds by soaking in hot water and make paste of almonds and cashews( coarse paste ,you need to add little water )
2) In a non stick pan add water and sugar and once the sugar dissolves and it starts boiling ( it takes 5 minutes ) add all the other ingredients and mix well
3) The mixture starts to boil and keep stirring ( 10 minutes ) till the desired consistency of kheer is got ,remove from flame .
4) Serve with bun

Note : If the halwa consistency gets thick ,add little hot water and cook for 2 minutes ,you can use almond and cashew powder instead of paste ....

Reema had taken this recipe from her friend zarina's mom and also clubbed it with what her mom had noted down. And the end result she says was like "I was sitting in marriage hall"

If you try do let us know how it turned out!!

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  1. Haha..interesting name :D and wat an ironic recipe !! ...dil boat boat hogaya :P....gud 2 know !!

  2. yup aara i will def try it out sometime :D hahaha n i liked the confidence too.. learnt something from this post hahaha i will ask too lol.. in extreme cases shop owners will refuse but mostly they gonna tell :D lovely halwa ... delcious looks yummyyy

  3. This recipe looks too yummm... hope to try sometime soon

  4. wow..wat a lovely recipe and presentation

  5. interesting to read Aara...and tasty recipy too

  6. Love the halwa with almonds; another of my all time fav.

  7. Name itself is very attractive, delicious and very interesting.

  8. delicious halwa...looks too rich and yumm

  9. A unique name to a delicious halwa !

  10. delicious and rich it seems! interesting name and the story behind it! never heard about sch a dish

  11. unique name & interesting dish ,lovely :)

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  13. wow..interesting.think its been some time since i dropped here last. hope u keeping well, Aara. This is new to me. thanks for sharing. Feel free to drop by mine too when you get the time... .

  14. first time to ur space. never heard of this halwa before. looking really delish. wish i can have a bowl of it with that soft bun..

  15. interesting name n nice post vth good info.kheer looks yumm


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