Tuesday 31 March 2015

Carrot & Beetroot Poriyal / Dry Curry

This simple Poriyal is Wonderful side dish to any south indian cuisine. Goes along so well with most of the main dishes we prepare. 

Time is flying and Im sure nobody would deny this!! My Blog Completed 2yrs and It just feels I started few days back :) 
I agree im not so very passionate towards blogging like earlier but this is life and it goes on with all the ups and downs, good and bad,  I thank all my blogger friends and my readers for being such a lovely support to me. Rightly said that " Show must go on " 

Insha Allah I'll try my best to add in recipes for my sake atleast lolz :)

Getting back to the recipe, As I mentioned in my Chocolate Beetroot Cake Recipe That for certain Reason we dont use beetroots but god known why mom purchased it this time, It was large and juicy I loved working with it!! It tinted my hands just the right way I love the redish pink shade!! 

I surprisingly found mom has made this poriyal to go along with rice and rasam. Also some papad to go along with it. It was just a typical yumm South Indian Treat For Us!! 

Serves - 2-3 People
Level - Very Easy

Idle for Summers Light to eat with less spice

Beetroot - 1 large Roughly chopped
Carrot - 1 large Roughly Chopped
Onion - 2 medium size Roughly Chopped
Slit Green Chillies - 3-4
Coconut Grated 1/4th cup

For Tempering
Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
Urad daal - 2 tsp
Curry leaves - few
Oil - 1tbsp

- Heat Oil In a pan, Add mustard seeds allow it to splutter, Lower the flame and add urad daal and cook for a min in low flame itself.
- Now add Curry leaves and dont allow it to get too much fried Add in Green chillies, onion, beeteroot and carrot. 
- Add in salt mix it well and close the lid of pan, allow it to cook in low flame and get soften. This will take 15-20 mins. Keep stirring in between!!
- Once you check the veggies are cooked add in coconut gratings and saute it for a min or 2 in high flame and you are done!!

- Double the Quantity for more people
- Adjust green chillies according to your taste.
- Never tried with dry spices. But if you want you can try urself following the same procedure. I feel its simplicity will be lost if we add dry spices.
- This poriyal will be more on sweeter side so it will go well with roti and paratha too. Curd rice, lemon rice, steamed rice are few other options I can recall for now
- Dont omit coconut as it gives a very nice flavor and twist to the poriyal
- Second time my mom made this she added 1/4th cup of soaked moong daal to this along with veggies while cooking and it tasted equally yumm!!
- Cooking time may or may not exceed, just check if the veggies are done or not

Sssshhhhh....... I ate just like that too I loved this simple sabzi so much :D

Do try it and let us know how it turned

Cya until next :)

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Thursday 26 March 2015

Chocolate Coffee Cream Cake

This cake is sure to take one's tastes buds to next level. Chocolate and coffee is best match made for each other. When clubbed up gives the most fab taste you can ever have!!!

 I had never made or tasted this cake before, I was also skeptical about the taste. Whether my family would like it or not lots of doubts and confusion as I proceeded. The only thing which went running to my mind is my dad should like it :) Yes it was his birthday and we do not celebrate but the joy of family sitting together and enjoy such relish treat is a great moment on its own!!

Things U Need:
Chocolate Cake - Use any of your own recipe / Chocolate Beetroot Cake Or Eggless Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Syrup - Half Cup
Whipped Cream Sweetened
Coffee Powder 2-3 tbsp depending on your taste
Chocolate Chunks + shavings for Decoration
Chopped Nuts Optional

Cool Down The cake before slicing. I got 2 layers cake which was good enough for my try.
Whip cream with coffee together and check for taste according to your choice have this ready too
Place the 1st layer in the plate and drizle good amt of chocolate syrup to the 1st layer
Apply Coffee Whipped Cream spread it nicely, over the cream add in chopped nuts or chocolates
Place the next layer of cake over the cream and again repeat the above process.
Cover the cake with let over whipped cream and do the frosting part.
I just made some spooks and decorated with chocolate shavings :)

- Drizzling chocolate syrup in every layer makes it moist and more yummier while eating
- Add coffee according to your taste.
- Layering it with nuts and choco chips are also optional but some crunch in between the cakes are more exciting at times :)

For sure My Whole family loved this cake and lots of appreciation for my efforts :)

If u try this out do let us know how it turned!!

Any doubts or quire feel free to ask in comment section :)

Cya until Next!!!
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Tuesday 17 March 2015

Chocolate Beetroot Cake

Like my family I know there are many other families who may not like veggies clubbed up with desserts and cakes. Vegetables have their own ranks and should be used as per their tastes in our diet.

 But not anymore!! Our preferences are changing, our diets have changed. We are more nutrition concerned about every food we intake. With time we compromise with so many things. But never compromise with the taste and nutrition of any food you consume. In my family nobody is a beetroot fan and its difficult to make them consume the veggie even just like that. When mom got beetroots this time I dont know why she got it though, I took a chance to bake a cake in her absence. This is called baking like a thief haha. Just to make sure she dosent comes to know the secret ingredients added. Otherwise I should be 200% sure she will not even touch it!!

After my search of recipes in various blogs and websites I found one particular website which provided a very quick and easy Chocolate beetroot cake method with lots of positive feed backs . I simple couldn't resist and tried it out. You can see the result in the pics.  Lets check out with the recipe....

2 egg
1/2 cup oil
1 cup sugar
1 1/4 cup plain flour
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp coffee powder heaped
1 cup canned beetroot drained reserve liquid (check notes)

- Beat together oil, sugar and egg.
- Sift together dry ingredients.
- Mix all ingredients together with beetroot puree until smooth.
- Line a round tin with baking paper.
- Bake at 170C for 50-60 minutes. I baked in normal pot without oven or pressure cooker method
Method can be found under this link Fool Proof Baking Without Oven Or Pressure Cooker

- I did not had beetroot puree, I used 1 large grated beetroot cooked 3/4th cup of water to fade away the raw veggie smell. cook till the water evaporates but still moist do not dry it out!!. Allow it to at least warm down before use.
- Recipe called for 3/4th cup oil. I used 1/2 cup but still felt oil showing in fingers so I may suggest to reduce 1 or 2 tbsp oil from the half cup oil mentioned above.
- If you prefer more chocolaty taste I would suggest you to add half cup of dark chocolate. It will really enhance the taste of this cake!!

Cake was really very soft and moist no beetroot was detected at all until said!! 
It was looking firm and crumbly outside, very soft and moist inside

Its a very healthy and nutritious deal!! 

Not to mention by I really had a tuf time to capture the originality of how the cake looked like. It was all dark and non responsive showing towards the texture. After so many clicks I started feeling the problem is either with my eyes or the lenses. It was a total fed up try until I started placing it in various lights and direction to get the texture shown :D and finally it is up in the blog. 

Dont worry about its looks, one cant judge the taste just by a mere looking at pictures available across websites. Try this simple recipe it is just a keeper for sure :)

Do let us know when you try it out :)
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