Sunday 5 October 2014

50 Unique Mutton Recipes

50 Unique Mutton Recipes

Eid Ul Adha Mubarak To Everyone

I am really delighted to present 50 unique mutton recipes collection from various food bloggers across web. I really thank them to allow me to do this task. This idea of collecting recipes suddenly gushed my brains from no where. I know when I see some recipes I feel "oh wish I had some mutton to try" :( But the moment I get mutton I go blank and do not find proper recipe to try as well. I had a strong feeling I am not alone who struggle there should be a handful at least like me :D Since this is a meaty month and all of us will have meats stock up in our fridge these collection will be really helpful.

So the moment this idea struck my mind I really wanted to implement on it and started to contact various known bloggers around. And this post is the result of response I got!!
I had never ventured anything like this before for my blog and after doing this I feel so accomplished!! 

Trust me though doing this was a little long process but I really enjoyed doing it. It was not as difficult as cooking something clicking and then blogging. So Cheers to all Bloggers and Fb page owners for their hard work and a big thank you for allowing  me to contribute their links over my space!!

- Click over the images for enlarged view of these yummy delights. 
- Some links might direct you to facebook pages.  

      Mutton Lababdaar                             Simple Easy Mutton /Lamb  

     Rajasthani Laal Maas                             Low Fats Mutton Curry

    Mutton Spinach Curry                      Spicy Steamed Lamb Leg

    Achari Mutton                            Kashmiri Makhni Gosht

  Mutton Vindaloo                           Lamb With Okra

  Lahori Mutton Kadai                          Lamb Chops

  Meaty Caulifower                                  Mutton Biriyani

         Aloo Kheema                                     Vellai Kurma        

Hyderabadi Mutton Dalcha                             Kari Vadai              

              Mutton Biriyani                               Mutton Cutlets                    

               Mutton Biriyani                                                Reshmi Kabab

                                    Mutton Achar                              Mutton Biryani Kachi Style

Mutton Kulambu                                           Mutton Masala 

Kerala Mutton Roast                              Shammi Kabab

                                 Ambur Mutton Biryani                   Kheema Paratha                                      

              Mutton Coconut Curry                     Spicy Mutton Curry                    

Bhuna Gosht                                     Mutton Liver Fry

                              Mutton Whole Black Lentil                            Mutton Pilaf

Kofta Curry                                             Mutton Soup

Green Masala Curry                               Mutton Korma       

Mutton Kofta                                                Seekh Kabab

            Pepper Mutton Curry                        Madras Mutton Biryani               

Mutton Pepper Fry                                Kari Muttai Chops

Keema Matar                                                   Bamiah


Kasha Mutton                                 Gosht Jo Khao      

      Fried Mutton Chops                  Bombay Style Mutton Biryani

                  Maragh Arabic Style Soup                       Mutton Oats Haleem                     

I feel all enthusiastic over blogging once again and really hoping this dont die out so quick :D
Im sure this post is going to be helpful for most of us, and specially for beginners in kitchen!!

Though I had named it as 50 unique recipes, yes it was when I published but now there are more than 50+ collection if anyone noticed :) Thank you dear bloggers for all the love and warmth I'am getting here.....  no more words to describe :)

Also reminding you of  my Rice Up With Sweets / Spice Event Which has started today and linky tool is available at the sidebar on extreme top. Looking forward to active participation from everyone

Cya until next Bubye :)

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  1. thanks a lot aara darling for the lovely collection you have posted today :) may be this will help out everyone in making mutton dishes on Eid al adha :) HAppy eid sweety

  2. Lovely collection of mutton recipes and a great idea!

  3. Looks wonderful, many dishes are seriously very irresistible..

  4. really this is a nice collection...thank you

  5. Love mutton like crazy and the collection, all really delicious.

  6. lovelyy posst Aara,, qasmay bookmarking it =)

  7. Thank you so much for sharing my recipes... :)

  8. JazakAllahu Khair Aara <3 :)

  9. JazakALlahu Khair Aara <3 :)

  10. wow..seriosuly, didnt know..we could blow up soo many varieties with mutton ! thanks a bunch for collating all these under one roof. sure..will come handy ! Hope u keeping well..Aara. Keep in touch :)

  11. such wonderful mouth watery dishes....just loved each one of them....

  12. Nice blog!! Looks delicious, feel like grabbing the roll right away. Thank you Mutton Roll


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