Thursday 24 July 2014

My Imperfectly, Perfect Triffle Pudding

I wanted to make trifle pudding from long time now!! wow I got a chance!!

I was really excited!! Could be more easier If I opted layering in a large bowl!!
But I wanted individual serving for Iftar, This will make a fair share to all of us :)

I tried my hands layering pudding in 14 disposable glasses.

Layers I used in each glass:
1. Pieces of Sponge cake with diluted juice of strawberry crush ( tasted yumm)
2. Layer of vanilla custard topped with sliced almonds
3. Layer of chopped banana's  topped with undiluted mango squash 2-3tsp just to cover the layer of banana
4. Vanilla custard Topped with generous pinch of cocoa powder
5. Layer of chopped apples topped with undiluted strawberry squash
6. Again layer of vanilla custard with generous sprinkle of cocoa powder, added some ripe mango pieces too
7. Topping with jelly:
Now this part kept funny with me. I used a pack of strawberry jelly which did not set at all, I was running short of time and was not sure how this dessert tasted!

I gave a cup to my bro and he was eating and trying to explore each flavor, like a big food critics lol. That made me so unsure on how the triffle actually tasted. If others will like it or not. 

So I had to do something with the jelly part for filling in the cups, because I went short of vanilla custard too.

I mixed whipping cream and amul fresh cream to the jelly thinking it should give me some richness atleast if not gud cubes. I need to fill glasses. And here you see the crazy color which I got!!

After Iftar and namaz when I brought in this Pudding everyone's expression was worth noting it
That shocking moment!! And Everyone questioned on what it was!! My bro was having fun seeing faces and giving everyone wired answers (Thats what bro's are meant to be for I guess) lol

Once everyone started digging in, Who cares :D It was just deliciously yummy!! 

Impression & Remarks:
All of us including me were curious to taste this pudding!! Though it wasn't perfect yet it was something new to be checked out with!!

There was no complaints with the taste and bursting flavors. 

My mama is my biggest critics, he ate it without any complaint
My dad when started eating said Jaandar hai (very lively in taste)
My nana and aunts enjoyed it too!! Yess missed my nani she couldn't catch up with us.
There were 2 outsiders and luckily I made extra glasses
They enjoyed every spoon they digged in!! They Loved it!!

So these were some priceless moments for me yesterday to my hard work with short time. 

And yes though it was imperfect, no clear pic (was not planning to click or blog)
But my experience and the taste were definitely perfect for Blogging!!

Next Time I shall be more organized before I start making it!!
As usual I cannot stick to the traditional ones!! May be again my own crazy Tries :)

Will Keep updating!!

Until then cya :)

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Friday 18 July 2014

Peshawari Lassi

Lassi From Pakistan?  Ok can be made any where in the world!!
Its easy and yummy too

Ramadan is moving too fast ever than expected, every day with a new news to make us sad and worry about is making all the joy of Ramadan Vanish away!! Sadly Muslims and so many innocents are suffering.
Nothing much can we do about it but to pray for quick relief for the ones suffering and Sabr to the sufferers.
10 more days left and this Gracious month shall leave us. Do Remember all of us in your prayers.

On the board I have Today Recipe By Reema Of Rimzy's Kitchen In Fb!!
She has already given me a lovely post of Ande ki mithai (On popular post) and Tomato Jam. Her Chicken dum biriyani which I made was just awesome!! Her Love for Food Is never ending and sometimes I just love to Grab her recipes to my blog so that her recipes can reach others as much as possible :)
We have made a policy of sharing recipes whole heartedly  to everyone!! Thanks to the wonderful facebook groups and lovely friends around there!! 

In Ramadan Im too slow to blog, but making sure to share some worthy recipes from other bloggers and friends. This also keeps reminding me that I have recipes in my to-do list!!

Curd -1 cup
Water - 1/2cup
Almonds - 1tbsp
Cashew nuts - 1tbsp
Sugar to taste
Salt a pinch
Ice Cubes as required 

- Blend Almonds and Cashew with little water and make an smooth paste. 
- Mix in the other ingredients and blend well till the sugar is dissolved
- Serve it chilled with some ice cubes and sliced almonds on top


- If the curd is sour add 1/2 cup of milk to reduce the sourness
- You can add fresh cream to make it more rich in taste

Reema's mom loved the taste as it was not very sweet and was creamy.
Her niece Rida announced everyone that who ever dint like should pass on the drink to her. She also said she was having a royal drink and it should be made again for her :)

What a lovely drink to beat summer heat this Ramadan!!

Thank you Reema For Allowing me to post your Wonderful Recipe Here!! And For sure I'am going to look forward for many more recipes from you to share here :)

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Sunday 13 July 2014

Chicken Stuffed Aloo Pattice

Chicken stuffed aloo pattice is a recipe you can hardly find over net. 

These aloo pattice are mostly made at my nani's home, she picked from someone when she was young and later on picked by my mom in her own version. My mom keeps it simple yet delicious and colorful in looks. That makes it all more pleasing and appetizing as we indulge.

This was the post I wanted to do last year in Ramadan but I dint not had better pictures, so this was kept on hold. And this pattice is made specially during Ramadan So this time it went into as guest post for  +Gheza e shiriin To Huma a great friend over blogging world. Surely she is a blogger who taught me so many things on how to be in this blogging world. 

Of course she did not teach me as a teacher, but if you get a chance to interact with her or if you had interacted with her already you will surely know her words speak lots of lessons to you!! You should be ready to pick it up and utilize it!!

This is my 2nd guest post for huma Do visit her blog for this yummy Chicken Stuffed Aloo Pattice and more details about the history of this delicious recipe step by step.

Do try it if you like!! Every bit of it is something Yummy being Created and worth to enjoy!!

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Saturday 12 July 2014

How To Make Instant Mava | Khoya

Making Of Khoya or Mava is very tedious process It consumes lots of energy and time, and lovely end result too!!

But in who has that much of time and energy to spend? specially if you intend to make it at home fresh!!

I was browsing through a facebook group called sikandalous Cuisine and found this useful post by Radha Natarajan S. I immediately asked her If she can allow me to post it over my blog. She was sweet enough to permit me to publish her post in my blog!!

This proportion will yield 200gms of khoya aprox
It can be kept in fridge for 10 days

Hope this post is useful to all my readers as it is super quick to prepare and use for any Indian Sweets!!

Thank you Radha for such quicky instant Recipe
You can check more of her lovely recipes in Your Everyday Cook She has got very nice recipes in her blog do check out.

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Thursday 3 July 2014

Dahi Sev Puri Chaat

When it comes to chaats who doesn't drool??? Here Is A Quick Delicious Chaat Recipe To Trigger your taste buds!! A Quick and Healthy Iftar Options here

With minimum of ingredients and without wasting much time in long text lets walk towards the recipe

Puri's of Pani Puri - 1 pack
Onion - 2 large or 3 medium size Chopped (washed 2-3 times)
Potato - 2 large or 3 medium size  Boiled and Chopped
Thick Yogurt - 2 cups
Sugar - 1tsp
Green Chutney - As needed
Sweet Tamarind Chutney - As needed

Once you got everything ready then serving and gulping it down will be a process finished in a jiffy!! 

- Make holes in each puri arrange in a serving plate or tray add in onion and potato 1st. Drizzle little of both the chutneys over it

- Add in yogurt whisked with sugar, generously into the puris and top up with sev.

- Serve it Immediately as soon as you do make it. Puri's might tend to get soft from the bottom at quicker note.

Ok For Some impatience souls like me there is another way out!!

Take a plate, crush puri's, add in potatoes and onion, drizzle chutneys, yogurt and sev. 

Ready Steady Go...... Gulp Glup Mmmmm Mmmm.........

Enjoy Making this yummy chaat and feasting over it!!

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