Wednesday 25 February 2015

Mixed Veg Bread Bites - Throw In Anything!!

This is something I love to do most of the times when hungry and want to have something healthy!!

Basically Stale bread slices with any veggies are used. So you can feel free to throw in anything you got handy for the moment!!

Eggs - 2 (optional) 
Bread slices - 4- 6
Mixed Veggies ( I had spinach, cabbage & sping onion available with me) can add carrot, capsicum, sweetcorn or anything more as you please
some salt, pepper and chaat masala as per needed
sugar a pinch
Oil - 1tbsp

- Heat oil in a pan. add in eggs and scramble it. Do not break it to much, 
- Add in mixed veggies and salt cook for 2-3 mins in medium flame just till little tender.
- Add in roughly chopped bread slices, and toss it well.
- Add a little sugar chat masala and pepper powder
- Mix it well and serve!!

- Sometimes veggies do release some water while cooking thats simply ok. When we add bread it will absorb the moisture content. 
- Dont over mix again and again this may break the soft breads
- Once the whole thing comes to normal room temp, breads will retain its original shape and texture.
- You can easily re-heat this.
- Seasonings can be added according to taste so not giving any proper measurement for this
Can use shredded Chicken too if you like

I loved this so much that I had everything to my own!! I become selfish sometimes!! Greedy Me!! hehe :D

Do try out im sure u'll love it!!

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Thursday 19 February 2015

What Next When Your Dhokla Flops / Fails???

Dhokla has been known world wide and Im very sure Every Indian foodie would like to try making dhokla at home, atleast once in his / her life time

I have tried making dhokla once when I was a teenager seeing from a recipe book!! Oh what a big flop it was. I decided never to trust any recipe book there on!!  Exposure to internet has helped me find a best fool proof recipe!! 

I have been making dhokla just like that for quiet few years now and taught my neighbors and relatives as well!! 

But yesterday was something different I dont realize where things went wrong, because I was working with double the amt of ingredients!! may be next time I should stick to the regular measurements.

As seen in the above pic, yesterday dhokla has turned out that way! Regular tempering would just make it too bad specially which needs adding water too!!

I am the one who do not like to waste cooked food. If it turns not right I try to recreate it some way so that there is no loss taking place due to silly mistakes. I instantly thought of giving the steamed dhokla a twist. Where the dhokla will loose its original shape, but will retain its taste!! 

Bingo!!! You see the results in pics here :) All we needs is some patience to think on what are possible options we can make use of!!!

When my dad saw me doing this he did ask me why dint it turn right? He had always tasted a perfect one from me, and a flop show was unexpected :D

Though I dint had any answer to why it dint turn perfect, But I had something to eat instead of wasting.

Here im not giving the recipe for dhokla, As this post is just a solution to what can be done if regular dhokla fails. 

I would add up my recipe for dhokla may be somewhere around soon!!

Mustard seeds - 1tsp
Curry leaves - Few
Coriander leaves 2-3 tbsp chopped
Green chillies - Chopped finely
Oil - 1-2 tbsp
Sugar - 1/2tsp (add more if needed)
Salt if needed
Water - 2-3 tbsp if needed

- Break Dhoklas in to small chunks
- Heat oil in a kadai, Add mustard seeds and allow it to splutter. Lower the flame.
- Add in curry leaves, coriander leaves and green chillies and saute for a min. 
- Add in the dhokla chunks, sugar, salt if needed and mix it well. And you are ready to serve.

Since my dhoklas were dry, I made a well at center, Added 2-3 tbsp of water and closed the lid of kadai for a while. say 2-3 mins

This was done to make the dhoklas little moist. Open the lid and mix it all well. But allow it to rest for a while sometimes It may look soggy when exposed to heat. It will get back to normal once cooling down.

Eat it in normal room temp with pudina chutney or just like that.
In case you want it hot, you may reheat it without any issues. 

Garnish it with some more coriander leaves and serve (I dint)

I am also assuming adding a tsp of ghee to this would lift up the taste more. Though this idea kept flashing my mind but I literally dint bother to try it!!

Trust me a little more work will not make u stressed out, You will enjoy best evening snacks either way, Whether Dhokla is hit or flop Coin of Success will be at your hands :)

There are few more ideas running inside my mind!! Will try to implement it and post here if successful.

Until then make dhoklas and enjoy!!

If you try this out anytime do drop back a comment on how it turned!! :)

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Monday 16 February 2015

Low Fats Creamy Spinach Pasta Soup

This soup is very light creamy and filling. No cream is used here as it is low fats But pasta to soup is what creates the magic :)

Of course this is part of my experiment and diet food for people looking out for yummy yet filling. This soup is a  filling meal on its own!! does not require much of hard work though!! Let get through quick to the recipe

Spinach - 2 cups
Onion - 1 large or 2 medium roughly choped
Large garlic pods - 4-5 if small use 8
Pepper for season
salt to taste
Pasta - 1/4th cup or 3-4 tbsp
Milk - to adjust consistency 

- Pressure cook spinach onion and garlic for 2 whistles with some water and blend it once the pressure drops
- In the prepared above mixture add 1cup water and milk adjusting the consistency. let it be thin!!
- Now add pasta to the the soup mixture and allow it to cook in medium heat for 7-10 mins.
- keep stirring in between so that pasta do now stick at the bottom. Add in salt and pepper too
- Once you see pasta has doubled in size switch of the heat and allow it to rest for minimum of half hour before serving.
- Reheat it, adjust the consistency by adding milk in case it has become too much thick. 
- You can have it hot or in normal room temp. Both the ways tastes great!!

- If you dont want to add pasta and make it more healthy you may add oats and cook the spinach mixture for 5 mins till the soup thickens
- There is not corn starch used here as pasta itself has starch and will discharge its starch in soup as it cook. giving volume to the soup as well. (This will also make the soup creamier without using cream.
- Milk add the taste to the soup do not miss adding milk
- You may also add some sliced almonds if you are serving your kids. It will all make it more nutritious to them!!
- You may also add some veggies of your choice based on ur own experiment!!
- Allowing resting time for 30 mins will make sure the pasta is done well and soup is well infused with all ingredients. It will allow u to adjust the consistency accordingly!!
- You may add a spoonful of butter if you like!!
- If not adding pasta or oats can just add some cornflour mixed in water to get the volume.
- You may add cream to the soup if you desire!!

**** After pressure cooking spinach may look real dark and unpleasing. Adding milk to the soup gives it a wonderful color and texture :)

I took this soup without pasta and with pasta too. Both tasted very delicious. Do try and let us know how it turned for you!!
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Thursday 12 February 2015

Mixed Veg Sandwich - Make Sandwich Anytime Now!!

 I Bet You Will Never Say No To Make Sandwiches Here After!!!

To me making sandwich is like one big headache!! the regular types of sandwich!! raw veggies with pudina chutney and butter. Its healthy and delicious, But for some reason I like that only store bought ones!! Other kinds have always been in experimental bases. This is one such of my experiment and Honestly Im loving it!! I did make another version which was also very gud!! Will make a post soon.

Recipe for Filling

Mixed Veggies Anything you like- I have used thinly slices cabbage, spinach, sweet corns and spring onions. Use anything you like or available.
Oil - 1tbsp
Salt - Accordingly
Yogurt / Curd - 1/2 cup or more as needed
Pepper powder - I used white pepper powder, use black pepper or green chillies instead 
Sugar - 1/2 tsp

Heat oil in a pan and cook all the veggies in medium flame just till they are little soft!! About -3-5 mins or little more
- Once cooled down add in Yogurt, salt, pepper and sugar. Mix in thoroughly.
- Store in a air tight box in fridge.
- This filling can be used anytime desired!! Keeps Good when kept under refrigeration for longer time!!

Sandwich Making:
Bread Slices
Mayonise / tomato ketchup / Butter / any chutney you like. I have used mayo

Take 2 slices of bread and apply mayo or any thing you desire over each slice. Place the filling and enclose the sandwich towards the mayo applied. Toast it in Sandwich Grill If you have.

I have used normal flat tava to toast the sandwich. Place prepared sandwich in heated tava and medium the flame, this is to make sure that outer crust of bread dont burn out quickly without getting crisp. Keep pressing the sandwich with spatula and flip the sides after every min. This will take 3-5 mins depending upon the heat and crispness desired. Once done remove in a plate and Cut it into shape as required!! 

Enjoy your Healthy and delicious sandwich anytime you please!! 
When your kids are hungry and want something instantly you got this yummy healthy recipe to fill in their tummy. I must say Taste Bhi Health Bhi. 1000 times better than any instant product available in market.  Did I say too much??? :) No Idea Though!! 

Wanna Have A Bite????

I enjoyed munching this sandwich and it was seriously yum!! yogurt gave the zing and mayo was just perfect combo!!

You may add cheese inside the filling and you'll get a rich delicious tasting sandwich. 

Do Try and Let us Know how it Turned!! Im sure you'll never regret of having this filling in your fridge anytime :)
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