Monday 25 April 2016

Mango Bhappa Doi / Steamed Mango Yogurt

When it comes to Bengoli Sweets..... We cannot deny how yummy all those goodies are. Best part with these yummy sweets is they are very easy to prepare. Once we are familiar with the technique we can tweak the recipe according to our own likes and flavors, No harm in trying something new, right?

My previous version of Bhappa Doi was a big hit at my home, It was just a few month back I had posted bhappa doi and to my surprise my parents have forgotten the dessert and its taste. My family is big time flan lover, Typically types of "Who Cares About The Calories" 

My dad kept asking what I was making and mom again knew I am up to something to bombard her with forceful eating. What I was trying to do is tweak the previous Bhappa Doi version with mangoes and this time with a large quantity compared to the previous one.  Last time was a pressure cook version. This time normal steam method and the result was amazing!! Do try out before the mango season see you off :) Ahh no worries even canned pulp is going to give you same wonderful result!!

Best Consumed Next Day!!

Fresh Mango -1 (large size would do good)
Hung Yogurt - 1cup (make sure water is nicely drained and we have a good amount of solid remains)
Saffron - Few Strands
Condensed milk - 1/4th cup / 4tbsp / As per needed
Paneer / Chenna - 1/2 cup aprox
Sugar - 2-3 tsp for caramel coating 

- Take the bowl in which the dessert has to be set. Add 2-3 tsp of sugar to it and allow it to caramelize in low flame, just till lightly brown, Do not burn, Once done keep it aside. This dessert has very delicate flavors, burnt caramel taste might spoil the taste. Be careful with this part. You can skip this part, I personally do it to give the whole thing a good color combo after its been unmoulded. 

- Blend in all the above ingredients, check for sweetness, it its very thick and shows problem in blending you can add little bit of milk to adjust. If its less sweet add in more sugar or condensed milk accordingly. Once this is done pour the content into the prepared mould.

- Steam it as you would steam a dhokla for 30mins, Pressure cook method can be viewed in my previous post of Bhappa Doi << (here) Some tips and tricks already shared there, do check out!!

- Cook it till the top looks firm enough from the sides covering some parts in center as well
- Best to be eating after a day
- Make sure mango to be used is ripe and sweet enough bursting with flavors of aroma. Choose a good variety
- Normally bhappa doi does not include any paneer or chenna. This is my personal choice to add it, Yogurt on its own is very fragile in nature, addition of this ingredient gives body to the dessert. When you will make this you will exactly know what I mean :) 

My Mistakes:
- The mixture prepared was perfect!!! But the steaming time kept was 15 mins, The dessert was set in 15- 20 mins time, Passed the skewer test clean, Perfect!! But  I found sides were firm and center was too much jiggly. I mistook it as flan which usually had a tendency to set firm after being chilled.
After 3hrs when I was cutting the dessert to serve, I found knife unclean at each cut from the center alone. Sides were firm and too good, This gave me an idea that we should increase the steam time more till the center gets firm enough, just passing the skewer test is not enough!!! 

So you know now, when its too much of jiggly from center its not done!!

Family Reaction:
My dad and mama liked it alot!!! My mom liked it too but she did not pass any particular comment to it.

What I could really make out is any dish or dessert made out of yogurt will always taste best the next day of its making. Flavoring of saffron again takes time to  get infused to the dessert. So here the proverb " Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai " is apt and perfectly fits to the above condition!!

Here Sabar Ka Phal Bhappa Doi Hota hai :) 

Enjoy ur making but please be patient for the best result to Drool With!!

Until next cya bubyee!!!

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