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Bhappa Doi - Pressure Cook Method

Bhappa Doi - Pressure Cook Method

Bappa Doi is a Bengoli Dessert. Bhappa means steamed and Yogurt / Curd is called dahi. Like every other thing with time authentication has changed and people have come up with various methods to cook according to the availability of equipment's and time.

Another remarkable dessert from bengoli cuisine is Mishti Doi. The word mishti is close to my heart for many reasons. My yahoo id has been mishti_churika for yahoo rooms and most of my frnds know me as mishti and they came up with their own name for me as mishi :) And now from Fb Im called as Aara which is my 2nd name officially :D  I will soon make a post about mishti doi which is way too different from bhappa doi. 

Basic Measurement and method
Hung curd - 1 cup 
Condensed milk - maximum 1 cup
flavorings if any u like

Mix hung curd with condensed milk. Pour it into a steel or aluminium bowl in which you have to set.
Pour 1cup water in 2 liters pressure cooker place the yogurt mixture bowl into the cooker. 
Close the lid and cook this for 15-20 mins in medium flame. Ignore whistles switch of the flame. Let it rest, till the  pressure drops, open the lid, let it come to room temp.
Chill it for 1-2hrs in refrigerator and Serve it cold. 

It looks like this after pressure cooking!! Firm like a cake!!

You may or may not cover the surface of the bowl bfr cooking, will not make any difference. I did not cover the surface of the bowl bfr cooking!! 

To make bhappa doi in oven
Same can be made in oven!! Pour some hot water in the baking dish so that it rises about 3/4th of an inch on the sides of the ramekins. Bake in the middle rack in a preheated oven at 200°C for 20 minutes. Let it cool on a wire rack and chill for an hour at least.

I did not had enough yogurt. I used half cup of hung yogurt + 1/4th cup chenna (added because I had from torn milk so used up in this) 2tbsp milk + some saffron strands + condensed milk enough to make it sweet. Like mild sweet personally!!

How I got golden upper surface???
I had caramlized sugar in the bowl allowed to cool. It hardens at cooling, then poured the yogurt mixture in the bowl and followed the above cooking process. This was to give the uppar surface a nice golden look. So its optional, you may ignore if u dont want to

- Yogurt should not be sour, It should be fresh!!
- Much the yogurt is strained to make hung curd better the result.
- You may make use of greek yogurt too.
- Some people also add 1cup milk with 1cup hung yogurt and condensed milk. But this may be followed if you find  yogurt is very sour this will be to balance the taste. There will not be any compromise in result
- You can use any kind of flavoring. I used saffron strands which gave a wonderful flavor to the dessert.
- You may be creative and serve any kind of sauces for topping as you please
- Usage of condensed milk is a must it brings in great taste to the dessert. you may adjust the sweetness according to your taste by adding more or less condensed milk
- Addition of tuti fruity, nuts, raisins etc can be done as per your choice.

It was consumed the same day and loved by everyone at home. Mom bro and dad really appreciated the difference it gave. There was one slice left which I had today and found a lot of difference in flavor compared to what we had yesterday.
It tasted much better the today and the flavor was well infused overnight kept in fridge. Also the dessert tasted much better. 

Though it gave best result to be eaten in same day, If you are patients enough to keep it over night and serve next day then pls do it :D 
For best flavorful result to get infused nicely I will suggest to make this before one day of serving. But this will be optional depending upon your choice and conditions :)

If any quire pls feel free to ask me in comment section and also tick notify me option below in comment section to know the answers if any :)

Until next cya bye bye :)

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  1. Looks delicious and easy too...
    Will definitely try soon In'sha'Allah!! :)

  2. Hmm... I find that u and I have a soft corner for Bengali desserts :) I too just made Bhapa doi and was drafting it.It is baked though. Many of our sweet likings happen at the same time what a co-incidence Aara/Mishti ! :))
    I love the way u have demoulded the doi and also the caramelized effect looks like caramel custard.

  3. wow i am in love with this bappa doi <3 yummy pass me the slice.. it is looking so soft and yummy

  4. Perfectly prepared...I liked the glaze of caramel

  5. Looks so soft, spongy and perfect dear

  6. Never heard of it before.Easy to make dessert ..Loved the glazy look

  7. Very new to me ! But its tempting !

  8. Have heard of it but never tasted it. Looks good.

  9. lovely cake dear..looks yumm!

  10. I had made bappa doi as individual servings once, baked a couple and steamed a couple. Now this pressure cooker one is really tempting...


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