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Broken Wheat Carrot Pudding

Broken Wheat Carrot Pudding

A change of ingredient can make it kheer or custard!!!

Sundays are special and as usual I make a point to make something spl for my bro!! yesss Sunday is for family!! Dad is at home and my bro too, so I make sure im upto some experiment for sure. But from this sunday Im dragging myself Im so lazy to even type a post!! Im still dragging to complete it as well!! But okz enough I want to complete my post and proceed....................

I had a cup of daliya lying around from long and dint really knew what to do with it!! Nobody is daliya fan at home so wanted to make something and finish it of!! I Googled for lapsi and other daliya sweets But finally landed up with my own trial and error of making this delicious Pudding/ Dessert. 


1 cup daliya / Broken wheat
3 medium size carrot (cut into big chunks)
3 cups water
Full Cream Milk 750 ml + 1 cup water again
Custard powder 2 tbsp
Sugar to taste


- Soak daliya in water, for minimum half hour. Wash it nicely bfr cooking!!
- Cook Daliya and Whole Carrot in Pressure cooker adding 3 cups of water. If not using cooker, cook it till carrot is soft and mashable.
- Boil milk, add in this carrot daliya mixture, let it cook in milk for 10 mins again. 

- Add sugar according to ur taste, add custard powder mixed with water/milk and cook till it thicken!! 

- Add in nuts to ur taste if u like!! So Simple n Done!!
- Serve it hot or Chilled!! Both Taste yumm!!


- Daliya needs Lots of water to absorb and cook!!
- Can Cook Carrot seperately or along with daliya your choice
- Pressure cooking and mashing carrot is better, normal stove top cooking need hard hands to mash the carrot chunks!
- We are not mashing carrots fully, but some chunks remain, this gives a nice difference while eating. as well as in the presentation.
- Quantity of milk depends on quantity of daliya taken. Since I wanted to finish it of I used whole 1 cup. you can reduce the quantity. 
- Since daliya is broken product of wheat, It wil absorb lots of moisture while cooking.
- You may add condensed milk for more richness!! 


- Daliya was well cooked and got well along with the whole concept.
- bits of carrot in it gave a difference while eating which was pleasant. 
- Adding Custard Powder gave a creamy texture to the recipe and vanilla flavor in advantage. 
- Adding nuts again depends on ur choice of serving!!

Can be Served as Dessert In parties or also at home when u desire to eat something sweet and healthy as tag to deal with!!

Now the Most Important Part Is...............

You can make it as Custard / Kheer depending on ur choice.
- Add custard powder and you get Broken Wheat Carrot Custard.
- You add condensed milk and cook for more time Till it reaches kheer consistency and u get Carrot Daliya Kheer

Take Pleasure for Name Ceremony as and when U Create ur own desired Dishes :)

Personally I liked it so much that I wanted to finish off the whole thing myself :)

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  1. very very healthy combo and innovative payasam looks fabulous !! :)

  2. Delicious broken wheat carrot pudding looks yumm.

  3. very very healthy and lovely combo dear...

  4. u r like me! i also make something or the other special for my brother on fridays because he so eagerly waits for it!!! :) this pudding looks absolutely delicious...

    1. Rafff :) I guess its with all the sisters who love to cook!! In turn I make sure I eat everything what he cooks lolzz he is a good cook too :)

  5. your trial n error seems to have given wonderful outcome.. Perfect gal

    1. Thank u so much for this uplifting comment :) It encourages me to try more of new things :)

  6. New combination... Looks tempting and healthy too.. Thanks for sharing Aara :-)

    1. Thank u dear ur welcome for more healthy recipes :)

  7. So delicious and healthy kheer.

  8. yummy...looks very tasty
    thanks for linking to my event

  9. Yummy!!!I made this on ganesh chaturthi day but with out carrot added to it.....

    1. Thank u for trying out and letting me know ur feedback :) Hope u and ur family enjoyed it.
      Carrot is just another nutritious healthy option, Can be omitted for any cause :)

  10. this is very tempting n delicious...

  11. Replies
    1. Thank u dear Meena!! and wow dessert Queen U Liked it :)


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