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We call It Tarkul!!! Tadgola (in Marathi) is called Ice-apple in English (lovely name), Nungu in Tamil, Tala in Oriya, Tari in Hindi, Taal in Bengali, Tale Hannu or Tateningu in Kannada, Pana Nanguin in Malayalam, Munjal in Urdu, Tadfali in Gujarati and Targula in Konkani.

This particular fruit is native to South Asia. The fruit is covered inside a thick shell, 2-3 fruit in Each!! Big Sharp Knife is used to remove this as it is so hard outside as tender coconut. Not much difference i'll explain below how :)

This pic above is best example which i took from google Tes At Home. Not much pictures are available about this fruit and I cant Click a original one as Im not in my village as well :) Ive seen there live in orrisa how they remove the whole fruit and its fun to peel out the soft fruit inside it :) After removing from shell we might find a yellow layer which is little bitter in taste. Ive seen some people eating as it is. But I love to peel of the skin and then consume it :)

This is how the peeled ones look like

Large shinning pearls kept inside a bowl :) thats wat I felt after seeing the pic

Mom & Dad make sure we have this treat every summer. This fruit is loved alot within my family more than mangoes :P   yea seriously!! Y not??? when we find so many issues in consuming mangoes this fruit works opposite to that. Its Summer Coolant to body. It helps from sun stroke and hydrates us from fatigue, Gives natural sugar vitamins and minerals needed for our body :) 
I also read in google that its good for people sufferring from chickenpox it might help them reduce the number of days of suffering as it is a coolant to body.
It contains phosphorous n calcium also can reduce exceeding white discharge in women
No FATS or CARBOHYDRATES cans be found So All Dieters Go Go enjoy ur treat :)
It also cures stomach n skin disorder and is good for digestion in pregnant women facing constipation and acidity problem. Better than any juices which contain high calories. Google can Teach Me all :) and Im one of the Dedicated Student Google Can ever have :P lolz

Sorry mango Lovers Reading My Post!!!! But the above content is true :) something which mangoes cannot provide.

Coming back to the recipe
(Dont Forget To Read Notes) I certainly was thinking what to name it and just named it as the picture is presented here.
This one is my childhood fav mom used to make it and I was always greedy to have more n more y not?? Who wants to leave such yummy treat so quickly????

Boil Half Liter Full Fats Milk and sugar according to your taste to make it sweet enough and cook in low flame for 2-3 mins stirring it. 
Cool It!.
Chop the above fruit roughly Add into the milk. Refrigerate  n Serve Chill Your Done :)

This Dosent End here. When its nicely Chilled Imagine What u get??? The flavors of ice apple gets fused with milk and bring out a distinct flavor to the whole thing!!. Ice Apple Taste Like Sweet Tender Coconut and the taste of milk Is something I cant explain. Sometimes I get confused If I want More of Milk or these Floating Chunks :)

Presenting another Variation To this Dessert!!!
Chop up the fruit and Add in 3 tsp Of Rooh Afza Or Rose Syrup. Mix it well. You will get something like this

My Pinky Pearls :D Looks Cute Dosent It???
Now Mix This In prepared Boiled milk as mentioned above. And It will Look Like This

Rose Color has got mixed with milk Giving Out a pretty color to both.

Chill It and your ready to serve :)

- Make Sure u get fresh soft fruits for this. Harder ones Dont serve the purpose right they can be served as it is.
- Do not add these chunks into hot milk. I dont know what might be the result lolz as ive never done so. 
- You might also want to grind it and see and then add into the milk as pure or small chopped chunks STOP!!! Bad idea we tried it once when I was small and the result was a thick paste which dint taste gud at all.
- If your trying the 2nd variation I would inform you 1st that i had used rooh afza and there was some smell of rooh afza coming. I did this to show another variation for blog :) You can make a try for sure :) the whole idea was to give lil coloring to these fruit chunks. Thats it!!! So you can use any food color if u like, But After adding to milk It might bleed into milk as well. Go ahead try urself!!!
- If u dont have milk ready With You You can always chop up the fruit and keep inside the fridge. once milk is boiled and cooled as mentioned above add in both and let it sit for at least 1 hr or 2 (it will help infusing flavors)
- I cant give exact measurement of fruit milk and sugar because Quantity of fruit depends on availability  Milk should right enough so that there is not too much of fruit nor milk. It should go hand in hand, so you can be careful while adding milk to the fruit. When u feel this much is enough then stop it. Point is The fruit chunks should float but also not so much like one here n one there :) My pics shows it well enough!!! 
- Adding flavorings or Condensed milk would make the dessert loose its original Taste!!!
- Consume within 4-5 hrs or preparation. Keep it in fridge with good cooling temp until then,
More long its kept, It will start getting some kind of thick sticking consistency from the fruit.
- Serve it after Food as dessert Or Consume it as ur evening snacks Choice is yours!!!!

What ever might be the variation :) I always go with the 1st method mentioned in this post. 
I always keep the milk ready and take pleasure to chop up this fruit over the milk itself, so that the juices fall right away into milk improving the taste of dessert. 

Isnt it a wonderful Summer Chiller??? If u have this fruit why wait for :) Please Go ahead This Dessert is quiet Economical Too :)

Spot Light : Summer Fruit

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  1. I like this dessert, In Indonesia we also have such a fruit.

  2. Wow! Looks so refreshing !I have never seen this before!

    1. Its available in south india and up to orrisa, deccan and maharashtra I think Rajasthan and above region dont get this fruit but if u get a chance dont miss to get it :)

  3. i'm trying to place the fruit with the name you have given in malayalam... no clue whatsoever... even with the pics!!! :) but it does look like a refreshing dessert...

  4. a yummy refreshing dessert...thanks for introducing this fruit...will try to get some soon..

    1. Do Try Im sure u'll love the fruit, and if ur making this dessert u'll love the fruit more :)

  5. Yummy dessert,adding rooh afza is new favourite nungu milk shake..

    1. never tried nungu milkshake always satisfied with this yummy thing :)

  6. First I didn't get the name . Then recognized aah it's taal phadi in Gujarati.
    This dessert recipe is completely new to me. Definitely to try on list.

  7. i love panam nangu. your recipe looks yummy.

  8. Makes me Nostalgic... esp the Tati Munjelu.... Hmmmm!

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  9. looks yummy ! I remember eating this whenever i visited my Granny as a kid :)

  10. My amma also makes many variations with this nongu, we keep this freezer for 10 minutes before serving..So yum

  11. So colourful and refreshing..Nice pics :)

  12. It looks very interesting and yummy.
    Would you like to follow each other on google plus(G+)?
    Dusana :-)

    1. Its a mutual deal :) I love adding frnds at G+ I always add back people who add me Thank u for your interest :)

  13. Very delightful and summer treat, love to finish that bowl.

    1. I wont mind making fresh batch of this dessert for u Priya :)

  14. dessert looks delicious..miss this fruit...

  15. Missing nongu a lot looks delicious treat.

  16. What a concoction of a refreshing summer drink!
    I love addition of Rooh Afza, has great flavor and of course the incredible color!!
    Love it, Aara!!

    1. Thank u so much for ur wonderful words and likes Pavithra :)
      Such A Love Thru Pics Means a lot to me :)

  17. I have never seem or heard of this fruit. India's diversity amazes me everyday! Beautiful dessert.


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