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Simple Drumstick Dry Curry

Simple Drumstick Dry Curry

If you love to chew drumsticks this post is for you :)

Drumsticks are one of the important ingredients in south indian cooking I dont the reason though but it had high medical benefits and easily available thruout south india and orrisa too.

I love to chew it. And it gives a unique flavor when added to any kind of curry. Now this is complete drumstick as such as a dish presented here. I dont know how many of you here like it or no but its always good to have a handy quicky recipe so here I go

This is the most simplest recipe which can be prepared in jiffy as a side dish for lunch menu along with rice.
Its my fav and had drumsticks lying in my fridge for long time, I dint allow my mom to make regular, I wanted to make this Finally after long time I guess more than 2yrs now I tot of making this, and also to share with you guys :) My mom used to make this all of a sudden and we liked it. I dont know where she got this from. But by chance I happened to learn from her once, things happened that as soon as this dish appeared in my family it got disappeared too. It was lost all of a sudden and we all forgot abt it. Today I brought this recipe to life again lolzz.


2-3 whole Drumsticks cut into small pieces aprox 1" or lil more
One small onion
2 slit green chillies
Oil - 1-2 tsp
Salt to taste
Water as per needed

Isnt it economical?


- Scrape of the hard skin of drumsticks and cut into equal size
- In a pan take just 1-2 tsp of oil allow it to heat. Add in chopped onions & green chilies saute till lil soft takes 2 mins in high heat.
- Add in drumsticks, salt & water 1/2 cup. close the lid and cook in simmer till soft yet firm in texture.
- Once this is done and you still find water just high up the flame and stirr around without breaking the drumsticks so that the water evaporates
- Serve with rice / roti as side dish

Notes :
- keep stirring in between, even though it wont burn coz we r cooking in low heat, but have an eye on water, you can always add lil lil water at time to make sure it is cooked well.
- Dont Add much salt, thinking you are adding water as we dry up water at end part it might become too salty. so just add 1/4th tsp for safety
- Dont allow it to cook too soft, you might land up breaking the pieces and it might become like some chutney with pricky edges lol

1st pic here shows cooked firm drumstick
2nd pic when I press between my fingers its just soft and juicy

Salty, Juicy, some sweetness which emits from the pulp inside and onion as well
Healthy enough!! no much oil n salt taken in use
Spiciness from green chilies only

Drumsticks have lots of health benefits Do google up!!! Eat Healthy Stay Well!!!
Happy Eating!!!

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