Thursday, 9 May 2013

Nimbu Paani

Nimbu Paani

Hey Guys!!! Its So Hot n Humid in Chennai!! Its Just the reason that Im sick by the end of the day!!

Im not enjoying Kitchen activities it all feels like burden thinking wat to cook!! wat to cook!! Anyhow the day starts and the day ends as well!! Im not sounding depressed or lethargic just that Im not enjoying summer anymore lolzz Aahhh and its the same summer I miss during winter - Mixed Emotions u see ;)

 Mom made a practice to serve drinks to dad when he comes for lunch in the afternoon. And I tot lets make something usual :) Y always run behind unusual :)
I felt Lemon Juice had become a forgotten drink among so many varieties we get these days. Thats what had happend with me I opted lemon juice because I dint had any other option with me. Can I say Its Become Optional Fruit Drink?

Yes we do use lemon now n then everywhere to bring out the taste or flavor, but just normal lemon juice? Noo I dont think so, Where there is trend to serve Carbonated Drinks, Cocktails and Mocktails, Different fruit punches, Lemon juice as whole has lost its value, thats wat I feel. I dont know hw it is in ur end :)

Im going to be honest in telling When Lemon Juice is Served To Guests They Look Down and later also comment Oh they just served lemon juice!!! We have made things so much complicated for our self Y blame others???

I Remember I had same kinda thinking until I developed a Special Love for Lemons lolzz!! Honestly True. As Kids we were exposed to certain things and were kept away from certain mom would say consuming lemons might make us sick. But I dont find the criteria now may be until we consume too much chilled???

When I tot of making a post abt this so called common Nimbu Paani I was wondering abt the pic how it would come. as lemon juice dont have any spl color of its own, But I tot of different things which dint work but when i was Thinking to slice up the lemon and make it float on top. The top part of lemon When I 1st placed it over the juice it sank down, Giving me a Lovely base for the drink And thats wat made these click so magnificent. I just loved clicking all :) There came the end, My Lovely Glass couldnt stand my love for lemons and broke in my hands on its own while wiping it lolzz!! R.I.P my lovely glass 1 out of 6 out haha.

Im not providing any certain recipes Its so simple
Have water how many glasses you desire, Squeeze Lemons,  Add Sugar, Go with ur instinct for the taste u like :) Chill or Crush it along with ice cubes and serve.
For the flavorings it depends on ur choice!! But Personally I feel Few things should be consumed as it is with its own natural flavoring to relish and chill out with :)

I certainly couldnt Ignore My Glass Sweating and Dripping!! I just loved Capturing For sake of showing here at my blog

sending my entry to Lets Cook With Citrus

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  1. Aara I like the last shot, feel like diving straight into that glass :)

    1. Go Ahead Meena :) I wish if that was possible :) Thank u for the lovely comment

  2. What a thirst quencher ... Would like to have some

  3. Wow! All of these look so refreshing and delicious! Do pass me a glass! :)

  4. substitute would be better for this thirst quencher...really refreshing!!!

  5. Oh god Aara awesome clicks dear, looks really refreshing.

  6. Super refreshing and lovely clicks

  7. Really Refreshing and delicious


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