Thursday, 23 May 2013

Crush Me Not

Crush Me Not

This is a very old hand motor pestal I got at my home may be 20yrs +  We mostly use it for making chutney of various kinds which i'll be putting up pretty quick!!!

Y I made such a post? As I went thru my blogs list I saw Black & White Wednesday!!! it caught my attention and went thru the post. I was instantly interested to participate and kept thinking what shall be done????

At Dinner time as I was in kitchen I gave a tot, Got few Ideas too, but Mean while I had to crush these masalas to fine powder for mango pickle, Bingooooo!!!

Got the Idea on the spot and there it goes, I made a simple arrangement and kept a box along, Had some Hard shelled nuts around and kept it there. Until I Realized How these Hard shelled nuts complimented so well along with the whole concept :) & Likewise Went the Title Of the Pic!!!

It all happened pretty quick??? Yea It did And I Dont Know How!!
May b I need to explore more creativity inside me :P

Naming the Pic As Crush Me Not!!!

Sending My Entry To  Humpty Dumpty Kitchen,  Cindy Star Blog & Susan

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  1. Nice Post :)
    I am hosting a giveaway on my blog please take part

  2. Nice post! It reminds me of my mortar...

  3. lovely post...reminds me of the mortar my granny had :)

  4. Am missing this mortar..beautiful post.

  5. Lovely click Aara :) Thank you so much for sending it to BWW.


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