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Savory Raita

Savory Raita

No No This Isnt a Glass Of Dessert Its just that I wanted to present this Raita Uniquely :) This is particularly Boondi Raita But the reason why i call it as Savory Raita will be discussed below!!!
 I dont know how far Ive achieved presenting this differently but This was something I did for 1st time Throughout my blogging till now

Raita is an indian salad which dosent need any introduction at all. And im sure Majority Indians have a craze for boondi raita

I Gave a Try to This Raita Long Time Back and as usual I had a habit of posting pics in my fb. This was kind of my version coz I personally never went for any boondi raita recipe online, And when I got a Chance I gave a Try myself as an experiment. We used to make normal onion cucumber raita so I dint had a problem on thinking to make it Differently.

This Is my 1st try of Raita A year Back :)

Yea though this isnt mixed up but gud for me I was able to click the ingredients that time, Who knew then I would be using it in my blogs?????????? We Never know how certain things from past works for us in future :)

As Show in above Pic :P No im not that lazy i'll type out hehe
Cucumber - 1 large
Onion - 1 large or 2 medium size
Khara Boondi - 1 cup
Salt - little
Sugar 1/2tsp or more
Roasted Cumin Powder - 1/4th tsp
Green Chillies - 2-3
Pepper Powder -
Chaat Masala - Generous amt
Curd- 1 cup or more
Water - 1 or 2 table spoon

- Cut Cucumber length wise, Remove the middle layer of seeds and chop it to bite able size
- Chop onion and wash it in Water atleast 3-4 time throughly till the raw smell goes. Strain and put it along with onion
- Take Boondi in a bowl, Wash it in water and put along with onion and cucumber.
- In a large bowl Mix in all the ingredients mentioned above Adjust Consistency of curd Accordingly. It shouldnt be very Runny nor very thick.
- Check for seasonings (see notes)
- Your Ready with Yummilicious Raita To be Served With Parathas/ Pulao / Biriyani
- It accommodates well with any spicy main dish.

- Washing Onion after chopping is pleasant to eat in raitas, unwashed onions give foul smell through out the dish!!
- Cutting off middle layer of cucumber makes sure we R just left With crunchy part while eating Raita
- Washing Boondi is optional. I do this because I want The seasonings flavor to dominate in raita, as well as extra oil comes out.
- Khara boondi will have its own masalas and flavors of curry leaves If these flavors infuses with seasonings it might give a complete different taste may be multi flavored. I have tried this too and it taste well :)
- Adjust The seasonings according to your taste, I havent given any exact measurements because I keep adjusting the flavorings until I feel Ive reached the perfect taste I require.
- Add little salt or no issues if u dont add too, because chaat masala will have salt consistency, and its a very important ingredient to this Dish
- Make use of fresh curd for better result
- Dont add much pepper just a little will be enough
- I dint had roasted cumin powder, I added normal cumin powder 1/4th tsp and It was just fine :)
- Dont Forget to add Peanuts From Ur Savory It gives a Great Flavor To Raita When Eaten

End Result:
Should be little sweet, Spicy from pepper, Tangy from chaat masala, Crunchy from Cucumber & onion, Last but not the least Spongy too from Boondi. Decent well coating of fresh curd Making It all blend along with each other

Before I end my post Let me tell you why I call it as savory raita Its Simple that khaara boondi is a savory, And once when I wanted to make boondi raita I dint had boondi inspite of making attempts to get it I failed But I dint wanted my plan to just go waste, coz all other things were handy with me and almost ready. I looked at the shelf saw Savory Mixture Jar Kept, I without giving a second though went towards it and added to my raita mixture. That Savory Mixture Was An Awesome Combination too. Having Peanuts in between Raita became Great to munch upon :)

There u go You Got Another variation for this Do try U'll love it :)

Savory Mixture My Dad Always Makes Sure We Have This In Stock At Home To Serve Guest Or Munch At Evening Hours Watching TV :P

I always make this in large Quantity as my family likes to eat it as it is after finishing their meal!! Yea Including me lolz :P Cant have enough of such delicious thing :D

Over All You Might Feel Divine :)

Sending my entry to Cooking With Seeds - Peanuts

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    Looks more like a dessert in itself :-)

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