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Stuffed Ivy Gourd

Stuffed Ivy Gourd

Ivy Gourd in english and In India it has various names like Potal in orrisa, Potlar in bengal, Tindora in north, Kovakkai in Tamil,  Donda Kai etc etc etc and names go on!!  This particular thing is fav of my mom and she has her own way to cook dry sabzi. and I wanted to experiment my way coz mom adds more oil to her cooking. So had some outlines of plans since last nite. Asked mom to keep few for me. She kept only six!! When i saw today :-? just 6??? Ahh its ok it will serve my purpose ;)

Peel the ivy gourd and make a slit in between, Remove the seeds inside carefully by not breaking into it too much and keep it aside

Moong Daal - 1/4th cup soak it and boil it, dont make it mushy leave it grainy drain all water
now my dry spices like
Chilli powder 1/2tsp,
Coriander powder 1/2 -3/4th tsp,
Cumin Powder 1/2tsp
Dry mango powder - 3/4th tsp and
Chaat masala 3/4th tsp. little of salt coz chaat masala always has rock salt content. Give a Gud Mix and ur stuffing is Ready!!!

I had some extra fillings left 1st tot of using it up in gravy but then tot of making small pockets of stuffing with cabbage leaves.  Filling and suffing the gourds was 5-10 mins work but cabbage thingy took me lil more time, as im not expert in using cabbage as rolls except for chopping them up lolz.

Mom was asleep when I started my work, She came and saw me half way thru the process Gave me a smile I was pretty Surprised coz when I start up with something of my experiments she always gives a negative response, As she has a typical taste of her own cooked foods and she cannot compromise quickly on any new taste introduced to her!!

Anyhow I manages to roll it and seal it with thick wheat flour paste and then Steam All these in Idly Cooker!!

In the Above pic you can see how small small cabbage fillings are rolled up!!!

Steam It for 7-10 mins in medium flame, Check if its soft enough to stop the process or there keep for some more time to let it cook further more!! Remove and let it cool. If u try to take out when still hot, you might get it mis-shaped veggies so be cool and it cool too :D

After Cooling The cabbage pockets and ivy gourd is ready to be put into gravy!!!

This was the most Simplest part which got cooked in 7-10 mins time.

For Gravy
Grind 2 medium Onion And 2 Small Tomatoes to fine paste, Or can use 1 large onion and 1 large tomato your wish!!!
Oil 1tbsp
Cardamon - 2
Cloves - 2
Cinnamon - 1 small stick
cumin seeds- 1/4th tsp
Chilli powder 1/2tsp
cumin powder 1/2tsp
Coriander Powder 1/2tsp
Tandoori Masala 1/2 tsp
Salt to Taste
Coriander to garnish
Milk - As per needed

- Heat oil in a pan When its hot add the cardamon cloves and cinnamon, when this crackles add in cumin seed

- Next add onion tomato paste and all the dry spices, Let it cook in medium flame Till All the raw smell goes of. This will take 3-5 depending on thickness of pan being use, I had thin pan or kadai kinda non stick it got done quickly. It would be thick by now.

-Next add in milk and adjust the consistency!!! Wow wat a Lovely Color I got after adding milk.

-I had a doubt milk might curdle but since I had cooked the onion tomato paste well enough the milk went along well with the consistency. check for salt.

- Add in Ivy gourds and close the lid of pan cook for next 3-4 mins in medium  low flame
Add in coriander Leaves and your Done!!!
Serve It will Phulkas / Parathas

- Ivy Gourd Was Cook But Still Firm Enough to hold as u can see in pic. Over Cooked Veggie Tend to become Soggy and unmanageable.

- Tandoori masala is optional. you can use garam masala instead.

- If later u find this gravy thick after cooling down, you can add lil amt of hot water to adjust it, and check for salt too.

- Adding milk in later stage is much better, coz if its added in initial stage of onion tomato paste cooking milk might curdle

- You can also add cream for rich version of this recipe. Though ive used full cream milk yet its low in calories compared to cream.

I used a Tangy Stuffing Idea because As far as mom makes it and i taste, this veggie becomes sweeter side after cooked. So I wanted to have a Dish Which can be Tangy Spicy as well as Gud to taste on lil bit of sweeter side.
Dont worry the veggie dint turn sweet hehe It Seriously went well along which the whole concept :)
Adding milk was a sudden idea which again worked!!!

Impression!!! I Just Cant Explain!!! You should try it to know yourself
Dad Loved it and had with Phulkas

What happened to Cabbage thingy?????
I served it as it is and again It became a oil free delightful snack :) Mom n Dad Had It Without giving me that strange look hehe :P I Really have to convince my mom to eat few things which I cook as new experiment lolz

Dad came to kitchen and saw something is kept, He had a doubt asked if I made?? I said yes!!! He took one, had a bite and nodded his head in approval. Took another one and left :)
Mom had it later and she liked it too!!!

Ahh Finally a Blissfull Experiment and Happy Ending :D

Oh my reviews??? dont worry, Im the person who eats 1st at home and undergoes the testing process 1st lolzz :D

Sending my entry to
Favourite Recipe Event - Curries &Gravies on a plate

Why its my fav?? This was one of my experiment which was outstanding on its own :) with yummy flavors fused in to it!!

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  1. Nice try with a healthy twist... Our Tindoras are not that big here...

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  2. A brand new recipe for me! Looks yummy.

  3. Delicious curry looks perfect for any meal.

  4. Perfect with much loved flavor though its new for me. That said, I am waiting to try out.

  5. Delicious curry. & healthy too.

  6. Delicious twist to a healthy curry. Thnx for stopping by, I'm ur follower already.
    Looking frwd for ur luvly entries.
    Have a wonderful week ahead ♥

  7. looks delicious...very different stuffing,new to me :)

  8. Great post and beautiful dish. The favors look delicious.....tindora and parval are different though. In Bengal, it is called Potol, and hindi it's parval. Tindora are from the same family, but different.

  9. Never heard of stuffed kovakkai in blogging, you must be first one :) And liked the way cabbage was stuffed too ;) Thanks for the link-up

  10. nice recipe thanks for linking to my event page


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