Thursday, 30 May 2013

Badami Suji Kheer

Recipe Source: Mom
Cooking Level : Moderate
Time Taken: 30 mins

Full Fat milk - 1/2 liter
Roasted suji -  2 -3 table spoon
Sugar - 4-5 table spoon aprox
Badam -  1 fist or more if u desire

Boil badam in water Remove the skin and slice up the seeds for further use.

Boil milk in a pan also add 1 cup water because we r going to cook suji in that and suji will absorb mositure.

Next Add roasted suji in boiling milk, stir well so that no lumps r formed, now reduce the flame and let it cook in low flame, keep stirring occasionally, so that it does not stick to bottom.

When u find suji is quiet done after 10-15 mins add in sugar.  and again cook for 2-3 mins so that it gets cooked well, and gives u condensed milk flavor. 

next add in badam slices into the kheer mix well, serve hot/ cold 

Also leave some badam with skin for garnishing. 


This is my moms way of making. Suji amt is just enough, coz it will double during cooking, too much suji at a time will make the kheer become like cake after cooked

Add sugar according to your taste, but remember when sugar based things are cooled in fridge the sweetness decreases so be careful, What might taste u too much sweet when hot might be perfect when chilled down :) 

I did not add any kesar or elaichi for flavoring, coz this kheer in itself gets a good flavor from milk and suji

If in case u want extra rich, u can add condensed milk but no use!! according to me, It will spread its own taste, and suji + milk taste will be lost,  But choice is yours

In same thing you might omit badam and add Fresh coconut scrapings 1/4th cup to 1/2 cup It is again my fav :D  

Also dont forget to use roasted suji, using suji directly into milk will give it a strachy smell into the kheer and wont be gud to eat as well. 

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Finger millet Pan Cakes

Generally known as Ragi!! We call it Mandua, Ragulu in Telegu and Khizvaragu in Tamil. In English its also known as Red Millet. Done With names!!! Through out my childhood ive heard about this Ragi!! have seen it too, but mom never made an attempt to make anything out of it at home she was simple not interested!!! Like wise many things went unnoticed at my home just because mom dint like to use I come to know via net and share with her mostly, and there she is telling history of those things dated back from Orrisa lolzz!! When I asked why she never used that thing? she would say I dont like!!!

True!!! Mum's Always decide our menu. But I Guess Im going to be a different mum :P  In Shaa Allahu in future Im going to make my kids taste everything possible Halal for us :P 

Now it happened that since mom and dad R diabetic and keep putting my tantrums with my own menu which is difficult for mom to accept that easily she decided lets have a hand on Ragi. She bought those millet and 1st washed it Drain the water and Sun Dried it for a day!! Then gave it to mill for grinding. We got freshly ground Ragi flour!!!

Getting back to the Recipe
Mom asked me to make pan cakes. I asked If she had prepared earlier? she said no, I tot ok lets try, So as usual I mix wheat flour for wheat dosa, I plainly too 4 tablespoon of flour and started my work, I was skeptical but we had an idea If this dont turn out gud?? we shall mix wheat flour to adjust the consistency.

So get set Go!! Aara on Work Lazy me I dont really work that hard :P


4 Table Spoon of Finger millet/ Ragi Flour
Salt 1/4th tsp or more if you like
Water Depending upon consistency 
Baking soda / Cooking Soda 1/4th tsp


Take a Large Mixing Bowl Add Ragi Flour salt and cooking soda.
Slowly mix water to a pouring consistency batter as for pancakes. 
At the begining your might feel its watery, Dont bother Ignore This Status!!!!

Keep it to rest for minimum 15-30 mins and you will find the batter has thickened up to a pretty thick flowing batter :) So here we understand that flour thickens by absorbing moisture from water added.

As It was our 1st attempt, I asked mom If she wanted to make? She asked me to go ahead. 

So I was ready with my almost kinda non stick pan/ tawa.

I 1st rubbed a onion piece onto heating tava so that the base dont stick while cooking. It wasnt needed but dint wanted to risk though!!

When the pan was enough heated. I poured One Laddle Full batter into the Tava and made gentle round by spreading the batter slowly. I also drizzled some oil I allowed one side to cook well. I saw it had bubbles and slowly it showed signs of getting cooked at 1 side.

Then slowly using a spatula removed its sides sticking to pan and flipped it. Allowed it to cook the other side too. 

Here in the pic you can see These pancakes when well roasted are Appearing Golden in color. Some golden spots on other sides too :) Got perfectly cooked Ragi Dosa/ Finger millet pan cakes :)

It can be served Hot Or Even Cold ( room temp). Depends on how you like.
Since the flavor is bland match it up with some spicy dips / Chutney's 

A Very Healthy Breakfast For All. Also can be given to kids in their lunch box,  There are various ways to consume this healthy millet. Hopefully it would be my 1st hand experience making it but I would surely share it here :)

- Make sure pan is not much hot, while pouring the batter and spreading it, It might catch up and become lumpy or leave gaps in between. Wipe it with cloth each time, and make sure that the pan is in dropping temp 1st. high the flame once finished rounding up.
- you can also mix wheat flour if you like. 
- You may avoid Soda / baking powder  but you may not get bubbles like this as shown in pic
- You can also re heat it on hot tava again

Here you see crusty edges perfectly cooked!!! Golden roasted From back side. and bubbles spotting caused by cooking soda. 

Finger Millet is Rich Source Of 
High in Energy Level

Im sure Many Indians are already Taking this into use. But Thru my post Im also trying to educate Non- Indians And Show Everyone Healthy Way Of Eating :)

What else is needed For a Healthy Treat? to Fulfill the nutritional needs of Elder - Kids in a Family? 

Sending my Entry to Mission Food Whole Grains , Pallavi & Sheelu

Breakfast Recipes

Healthy Diet - Diabetic Friendly Recipes

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Protein Rich Indian Flavored Soup

The title tells it all................................

Being a Hardcore Non Veg Eater, Born Into A Muslim Family We do consume non veg at daily bases but ive hardly added much of non veg recipes Splly anything including of chicken!! I dont know why? but im more happy consuming more of vegetarian dishes experiments and tasting new dishes :)
Chicken Is my Most Fav Reason?? Will tell laters ;)

Few things which are yet to appear in my post R sitting in my draft peacefully hehe. In Shaa Allahu will do it pretty quick but I dont want to hurry either just to increase the number of postings :) Why Should I Hurry?? I see no Reason to do such hurry burry act!!! Thats Not in my nature at all. I just want to go slow and steady As I can :)

So Starting With The Soup Session!! Which was missing along with chicken combined!!
Let me tell all u guys that Im not a soupy person Tried Soups at home But Mostly From Readymade packs available in market. Apart from that never interested in soups Affairs!!!

This Soup Can go under Dieters Soup Highly Diabetic Friendly and for people who are under weight management diet. Its a Clear Soup Yess Blogging is Making me Learn new things to explain much much in detail. There r 2 kinds of soups, Clear soups and Rich Creamy Soups. Clear Soups R healthy versions basically. and u can see thru what is added. In Creamy Soups Ingredients are cooked and Blended to find paste then further proceeded for finishing result :)  This part is so so so clear :D

Getting back to the recipe

Recipe Source : Own
Serves: 1
Level: Very Simple
Time taken : 10-15 mins


Moong daal - 1/4th cup (Soaked) Also called as Green Gram or Golden Gram
Chicken peice - 1 inch thick piece
Curry leaves
Salt to taste
1/2 tsp ginger garlic paste
1/4th tsp cumin powder
1/4th tsp coriander powder
Lemon juice 1/2 tsp or more
Pepper for seasoning
French beans 4 finely sliced up
Water 2 cups or more if needed
Oats 3tsp

- Soak moong daal for 1/2 hr to 1 hr at least.

- In a pan add water curry leaves moong daal chicken peice ginger garlic paste cumin powder, coriander powder salt and french beans and boil it in low medium flame till moong daal is half done. this take 5 mins roughly.

- Now remove the chicken and using fork or ur hands just Shred it into thin pieces as you might do for any other soups, add back the chicken to the pot, add  oats and check for salt cook for another 5 mins till the water consistency gets a lil thicker.

- Add in lemon juice and pepper Check for taste and your done!!!

My Spoonful Soup Is ready to Sip and chew both :D

Serve it hot. No need for any readymade sauces :) for seasonings.

- This serve only 1, You may double up the quantity for more.

- Since this is for Diabetic and Dieters, Readymade sauces can be avoided. Yet no harm to use it either.

- No Added Color Or Preservatives are used

- No need to use cornflour as we r adding oats to thicken up the soup.

- You may add more chicken!! This was enough for me

- You may opt Bone Pieces of chicken to give rich flavor of chicken to this soup. But I avoided since I dint wanted any fats.

- Here no oil or butter is used!! If u like you may add little amt of butter just Before Serving!!!

- I had only french beans then, You may add veggies according to ur choice :)

This Pic Show How This Clear Soup Looks!!! With Its ingredients perfectly Cooked yet not mushy

Flavors which were infusing in were of Curry leaves, Chicken, Ginger Garlic paste, As in normal Indian Chicken Curries
Complimenting ingredients along with flavors were veggies and Daal.
So Over all It Wasnt Indian Curry But a Well combined Protein Packed Rich Soup To cherish with :)

Lentils Are High Source of Protein and Choosing moong daal was my choice of experiment coz it takes very less time to get soaked up and cooks well in short time too :)
Like Wise Chicken Boneless takes very less time to get cooked and again fully packed with protein.

So There U go :)

Ive got Various Versions Of soup Daal based and non daal based :) Will add up slowly :)

Till then Take care And If u Happy To Try out also do share with me how it turned for U :)

Its For Sure Simple Delicious & a Keeper Recipe!!

Made With Love Mondays

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Sunday, 26 May 2013


We call It Tarkul!!! Tadgola (in Marathi) is called Ice-apple in English (lovely name), Nungu in Tamil, Tala in Oriya, Tari in Hindi, Taal in Bengali, Tale Hannu or Tateningu in Kannada, Pana Nanguin in Malayalam, Munjal in Urdu, Tadfali in Gujarati and Targula in Konkani.

This particular fruit is native to South Asia. The fruit is covered inside a thick shell, 2-3 fruit in Each!! Big Sharp Knife is used to remove this as it is so hard outside as tender coconut. Not much difference i'll explain below how :)

This pic above is best example which i took from google Tes At Home. Not much pictures are available about this fruit and I cant Click a original one as Im not in my village as well :) Ive seen there live in orrisa how they remove the whole fruit and its fun to peel out the soft fruit inside it :) After removing from shell we might find a yellow layer which is little bitter in taste. Ive seen some people eating as it is. But I love to peel of the skin and then consume it :)

This is how the peeled ones look like

Large shinning pearls kept inside a bowl :) thats wat I felt after seeing the pic

Mom & Dad make sure we have this treat every summer. This fruit is loved alot within my family more than mangoes :P   yea seriously!! Y not??? when we find so many issues in consuming mangoes this fruit works opposite to that. Its Summer Coolant to body. It helps from sun stroke and hydrates us from fatigue, Gives natural sugar vitamins and minerals needed for our body :) 
I also read in google that its good for people sufferring from chickenpox it might help them reduce the number of days of suffering as it is a coolant to body.
It contains phosphorous n calcium also can reduce exceeding white discharge in women
No FATS or CARBOHYDRATES cans be found So All Dieters Go Go enjoy ur treat :)
It also cures stomach n skin disorder and is good for digestion in pregnant women facing constipation and acidity problem. Better than any juices which contain high calories. Google can Teach Me all :) and Im one of the Dedicated Student Google Can ever have :P lolz

Sorry mango Lovers Reading My Post!!!! But the above content is true :) something which mangoes cannot provide.

Coming back to the recipe
(Dont Forget To Read Notes) I certainly was thinking what to name it and just named it as the picture is presented here.
This one is my childhood fav mom used to make it and I was always greedy to have more n more y not?? Who wants to leave such yummy treat so quickly????

Boil Half Liter Full Fats Milk and sugar according to your taste to make it sweet enough and cook in low flame for 2-3 mins stirring it. 
Cool It!.
Chop the above fruit roughly Add into the milk. Refrigerate  n Serve Chill Your Done :)

This Dosent End here. When its nicely Chilled Imagine What u get??? The flavors of ice apple gets fused with milk and bring out a distinct flavor to the whole thing!!. Ice Apple Taste Like Sweet Tender Coconut and the taste of milk Is something I cant explain. Sometimes I get confused If I want More of Milk or these Floating Chunks :)

Presenting another Variation To this Dessert!!!
Chop up the fruit and Add in 3 tsp Of Rooh Afza Or Rose Syrup. Mix it well. You will get something like this

My Pinky Pearls :D Looks Cute Dosent It???
Now Mix This In prepared Boiled milk as mentioned above. And It will Look Like This

Rose Color has got mixed with milk Giving Out a pretty color to both.

Chill It and your ready to serve :)

- Make Sure u get fresh soft fruits for this. Harder ones Dont serve the purpose right they can be served as it is.
- Do not add these chunks into hot milk. I dont know what might be the result lolz as ive never done so. 
- You might also want to grind it and see and then add into the milk as pure or small chopped chunks STOP!!! Bad idea we tried it once when I was small and the result was a thick paste which dint taste gud at all.
- If your trying the 2nd variation I would inform you 1st that i had used rooh afza and there was some smell of rooh afza coming. I did this to show another variation for blog :) You can make a try for sure :) the whole idea was to give lil coloring to these fruit chunks. Thats it!!! So you can use any food color if u like, But After adding to milk It might bleed into milk as well. Go ahead try urself!!!
- If u dont have milk ready With You You can always chop up the fruit and keep inside the fridge. once milk is boiled and cooled as mentioned above add in both and let it sit for at least 1 hr or 2 (it will help infusing flavors)
- I cant give exact measurement of fruit milk and sugar because Quantity of fruit depends on availability  Milk should right enough so that there is not too much of fruit nor milk. It should go hand in hand, so you can be careful while adding milk to the fruit. When u feel this much is enough then stop it. Point is The fruit chunks should float but also not so much like one here n one there :) My pics shows it well enough!!! 
- Adding flavorings or Condensed milk would make the dessert loose its original Taste!!!
- Consume within 4-5 hrs or preparation. Keep it in fridge with good cooling temp until then,
More long its kept, It will start getting some kind of thick sticking consistency from the fruit.
- Serve it after Food as dessert Or Consume it as ur evening snacks Choice is yours!!!!

What ever might be the variation :) I always go with the 1st method mentioned in this post. 
I always keep the milk ready and take pleasure to chop up this fruit over the milk itself, so that the juices fall right away into milk improving the taste of dessert. 

Isnt it a wonderful Summer Chiller??? If u have this fruit why wait for :) Please Go ahead This Dessert is quiet Economical Too :)

Spot Light : Summer Fruit

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Friday, 24 May 2013

Stuffed Ivy Gourd

Ivy Gourd in english and In India it has various names like Potal in orrisa, Potlar in bengal, Tindora in north, Kovakkai in Tamil,  Donda Kai etc etc etc and names go on!!  This particular thing is fav of my mom and she has her own way to cook dry sabzi. and I wanted to experiment my way coz mom adds more oil to her cooking. So had some outlines of plans since last nite. Asked mom to keep few for me. She kept only six!! When i saw today :-? just 6??? Ahh its ok it will serve my purpose ;)

Peel the ivy gourd and make a slit in between, Remove the seeds inside carefully by not breaking into it too much and keep it aside

Moong Daal - 1/4th cup soak it and boil it, dont make it mushy leave it grainy drain all water
now my dry spices like
Chilli powder 1/2tsp,
Coriander powder 1/2 -3/4th tsp,
Cumin Powder 1/2tsp
Dry mango powder - 3/4th tsp and
Chaat masala 3/4th tsp. little of salt coz chaat masala always has rock salt content. Give a Gud Mix and ur stuffing is Ready!!!

I had some extra fillings left 1st tot of using it up in gravy but then tot of making small pockets of stuffing with cabbage leaves.  Filling and suffing the gourds was 5-10 mins work but cabbage thingy took me lil more time, as im not expert in using cabbage as rolls except for chopping them up lolz.

Mom was asleep when I started my work, She came and saw me half way thru the process Gave me a smile I was pretty Surprised coz when I start up with something of my experiments she always gives a negative response, As she has a typical taste of her own cooked foods and she cannot compromise quickly on any new taste introduced to her!!

Anyhow I manages to roll it and seal it with thick wheat flour paste and then Steam All these in Idly Cooker!!

In the Above pic you can see how small small cabbage fillings are rolled up!!!

Steam It for 7-10 mins in medium flame, Check if its soft enough to stop the process or there keep for some more time to let it cook further more!! Remove and let it cool. If u try to take out when still hot, you might get it mis-shaped veggies so be cool and it cool too :D

After Cooling The cabbage pockets and ivy gourd is ready to be put into gravy!!!

This was the most Simplest part which got cooked in 7-10 mins time.

For Gravy
Grind 2 medium Onion And 2 Small Tomatoes to fine paste, Or can use 1 large onion and 1 large tomato your wish!!!
Oil 1tbsp
Cardamon - 2
Cloves - 2
Cinnamon - 1 small stick
cumin seeds- 1/4th tsp
Chilli powder 1/2tsp
cumin powder 1/2tsp
Coriander Powder 1/2tsp
Tandoori Masala 1/2 tsp
Salt to Taste
Coriander to garnish
Milk - As per needed

- Heat oil in a pan When its hot add the cardamon cloves and cinnamon, when this crackles add in cumin seed

- Next add onion tomato paste and all the dry spices, Let it cook in medium flame Till All the raw smell goes of. This will take 3-5 depending on thickness of pan being use, I had thin pan or kadai kinda non stick it got done quickly. It would be thick by now.

-Next add in milk and adjust the consistency!!! Wow wat a Lovely Color I got after adding milk.

-I had a doubt milk might curdle but since I had cooked the onion tomato paste well enough the milk went along well with the consistency. check for salt.

- Add in Ivy gourds and close the lid of pan cook for next 3-4 mins in medium  low flame
Add in coriander Leaves and your Done!!!
Serve It will Phulkas / Parathas

- Ivy Gourd Was Cook But Still Firm Enough to hold as u can see in pic. Over Cooked Veggie Tend to become Soggy and unmanageable.

- Tandoori masala is optional. you can use garam masala instead.

- If later u find this gravy thick after cooling down, you can add lil amt of hot water to adjust it, and check for salt too.

- Adding milk in later stage is much better, coz if its added in initial stage of onion tomato paste cooking milk might curdle

- You can also add cream for rich version of this recipe. Though ive used full cream milk yet its low in calories compared to cream.

I used a Tangy Stuffing Idea because As far as mom makes it and i taste, this veggie becomes sweeter side after cooked. So I wanted to have a Dish Which can be Tangy Spicy as well as Gud to taste on lil bit of sweeter side.
Dont worry the veggie dint turn sweet hehe It Seriously went well along which the whole concept :)
Adding milk was a sudden idea which again worked!!!

Impression!!! I Just Cant Explain!!! You should try it to know yourself
Dad Loved it and had with Phulkas

What happened to Cabbage thingy?????
I served it as it is and again It became a oil free delightful snack :) Mom n Dad Had It Without giving me that strange look hehe :P I Really have to convince my mom to eat few things which I cook as new experiment lolz

Dad came to kitchen and saw something is kept, He had a doubt asked if I made?? I said yes!!! He took one, had a bite and nodded his head in approval. Took another one and left :)
Mom had it later and she liked it too!!!

Ahh Finally a Blissfull Experiment and Happy Ending :D

Oh my reviews??? dont worry, Im the person who eats 1st at home and undergoes the testing process 1st lolzz :D

Sending my entry to
Favourite Recipe Event - Curries &Gravies on a plate

Why its my fav?? This was one of my experiment which was outstanding on its own :) with yummy flavors fused in to it!!

Cooking With Green

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Crush Me Not

This is a very old hand motor pestal I got at my home may be 20yrs +  We mostly use it for making chutney of various kinds which i'll be putting up pretty quick!!!

Y I made such a post? As I went thru my blogs list I saw Black & White Wednesday!!! it caught my attention and went thru the post. I was instantly interested to participate and kept thinking what shall be done????

At Dinner time as I was in kitchen I gave a tot, Got few Ideas too, but Mean while I had to crush these masalas to fine powder for mango pickle, Bingooooo!!!

Got the Idea on the spot and there it goes, I made a simple arrangement and kept a box along, Had some Hard shelled nuts around and kept it there. Until I Realized How these Hard shelled nuts complimented so well along with the whole concept :) & Likewise Went the Title Of the Pic!!!

It all happened pretty quick??? Yea It did And I Dont Know How!!
May b I need to explore more creativity inside me :P

Naming the Pic As Crush Me Not!!!

Sending My Entry To  Humpty Dumpty Kitchen,  Cindy Star Blog & Susan

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Tried & Tasted Reviews 2

This Tried and Tested Reviews Goes To Ice Cream Lovers
Sharing Pics and Reviews From HCG Member Who Tried Various Flavors of Ice Cream With
2 Steps Choco Vanilla Ice Cream As Base Method!!!

Im Damn Sure Every one enjoyed their part in making these delicacies and enjoying them with their families :)

Previously Rajashri had tried Butterscotch Ice Cream And headed towards Chocolate Chips Ice Cream.
She said it took 24 hrs to set than a normal ice cream which takes maximum 6-8hrs, The ice cream was like a mousse in the beginning but later it got set as Ice Cream Texture and Taste According to her was Superb!! She used melted chocolates and not cocoa powder
This was very tempting Experiment!! Thank you Rajashri was Exploring more Towards Ice Cream Making and Sharing with all :) Hope U come up with more rocking ideas :)

Reema Tried Mango Banana Ice Cream For A Change A Fruity Side!! And the Result was to Fall In Love At 1st Sight!!! Thank you Reema For Sharing Such  Tempting Pics

Mubeen Sultana 1st Tried Plain Vanilla Ice Cream and shared her pic!!! Omg Couldnt take eye of Such Pleasing Pic when enlarged :)

Rinaa made Coffee Walnut Ice Cream!! and put her Feed back along with pic :)
Coffee Walnut Ice-cream..a lil late to join the ice cream bandwagon but awesome recipe by Aara Shaikh,Thank u.. My mom loves u for this  and thank u all the members of HCG and HBG for inspiring me with all the lovely ice cream pics! 

I couldnt stop myself from asking Rinaa if she did something more to get this wonderful looking ice cream?? she said she went along with Rajashir's way 1 cup of non dairy cream and 200ml amul and half tin of condensed milk. For the coffee flavor I made a Caramel coffee glaze..added walnuts and praline to it. 

Mubeen Surprised me Again With this Gorgeous Pic Omg Felt Like Grabbing Right Away!!!
Heading Was : Aara thats my mango ice cream for u! 
Just Out Standing color combo, Many referred it to as pattu saree color combo

There Goes Gazeenasulu With her ice cream Lovely Presentation Very differently I would seriously have not tot something like this :)

These were her words
Thank u aara..for the Inspiration.....didnt like the condensed milk too much so replaced it with amul cream ,melted chocolate.....and yummmm

Reema Haseeb Made Combination Of Vanilla and Mango separately and said 

Vanilla ice cream and mango ice had a blast......thanx Aara for the recipe....God bless uu...  1 2 and 3 It was Ready!!!

Vanilla ice cream she made got over in a jiffy and she managed to take pics with great difficulty 

Thank you dear Reema For Putting Up Ur Yummy Ice Cream Its Your Work After All :)

Guys I Love You All For Such Wonderful Feed Backs You Guys SERIOUSLY Make me drool and Jealous With such Yummilicious Pics :) Which I cannot taste lolzz :D

Now Who's Next????? :)

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Savory Raita

No No This Isnt a Glass Of Dessert Its just that I wanted to present this Raita Uniquely :) This is particularly Boondi Raita But the reason why i call it as Savory Raita will be discussed below!!!
 I dont know how far Ive achieved presenting this differently but This was something I did for 1st time Throughout my blogging till now

Raita is an indian salad which dosent need any introduction at all. And im sure Majority Indians have a craze for boondi raita

I Gave a Try to This Raita Long Time Back and as usual I had a habit of posting pics in my fb. This was kind of my version coz I personally never went for any boondi raita recipe online, And when I got a Chance I gave a Try myself as an experiment. We used to make normal onion cucumber raita so I dint had a problem on thinking to make it Differently.

This Is my 1st try of Raita A year Back :)

Yea though this isnt mixed up but gud for me I was able to click the ingredients that time, Who knew then I would be using it in my blogs?????????? We Never know how certain things from past works for us in future :)

As Show in above Pic :P No im not that lazy i'll type out hehe
Cucumber - 1 large
Onion - 1 large or 2 medium size
Khara Boondi - 1 cup
Salt - little
Sugar 1/2tsp or more
Roasted Cumin Powder - 1/4th tsp
Green Chillies - 2-3
Pepper Powder -
Chaat Masala - Generous amt
Curd- 1 cup or more
Water - 1 or 2 table spoon

- Cut Cucumber length wise, Remove the middle layer of seeds and chop it to bite able size
- Chop onion and wash it in Water atleast 3-4 time throughly till the raw smell goes. Strain and put it along with onion
- Take Boondi in a bowl, Wash it in water and put along with onion and cucumber.
- In a large bowl Mix in all the ingredients mentioned above Adjust Consistency of curd Accordingly. It shouldnt be very Runny nor very thick.
- Check for seasonings (see notes)
- Your Ready with Yummilicious Raita To be Served With Parathas/ Pulao / Biriyani
- It accommodates well with any spicy main dish.

- Washing Onion after chopping is pleasant to eat in raitas, unwashed onions give foul smell through out the dish!!
- Cutting off middle layer of cucumber makes sure we R just left With crunchy part while eating Raita
- Washing Boondi is optional. I do this because I want The seasonings flavor to dominate in raita, as well as extra oil comes out.
- Khara boondi will have its own masalas and flavors of curry leaves If these flavors infuses with seasonings it might give a complete different taste may be multi flavored. I have tried this too and it taste well :)
- Adjust The seasonings according to your taste, I havent given any exact measurements because I keep adjusting the flavorings until I feel Ive reached the perfect taste I require.
- Add little salt or no issues if u dont add too, because chaat masala will have salt consistency, and its a very important ingredient to this Dish
- Make use of fresh curd for better result
- Dont add much pepper just a little will be enough
- I dint had roasted cumin powder, I added normal cumin powder 1/4th tsp and It was just fine :)
- Dont Forget to add Peanuts From Ur Savory It gives a Great Flavor To Raita When Eaten

End Result:
Should be little sweet, Spicy from pepper, Tangy from chaat masala, Crunchy from Cucumber & onion, Last but not the least Spongy too from Boondi. Decent well coating of fresh curd Making It all blend along with each other

Before I end my post Let me tell you why I call it as savory raita Its Simple that khaara boondi is a savory, And once when I wanted to make boondi raita I dint had boondi inspite of making attempts to get it I failed But I dint wanted my plan to just go waste, coz all other things were handy with me and almost ready. I looked at the shelf saw Savory Mixture Jar Kept, I without giving a second though went towards it and added to my raita mixture. That Savory Mixture Was An Awesome Combination too. Having Peanuts in between Raita became Great to munch upon :)

There u go You Got Another variation for this Do try U'll love it :)

Savory Mixture My Dad Always Makes Sure We Have This In Stock At Home To Serve Guest Or Munch At Evening Hours Watching TV :P

I always make this in large Quantity as my family likes to eat it as it is after finishing their meal!! Yea Including me lolz :P Cant have enough of such delicious thing :D

Over All You Might Feel Divine :)

Sending my entry to Cooking With Seeds - Peanuts

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Monday, 20 May 2013

Healthy Cabbage Salad

Salad is mixture of cooked/uncooked mixed veggies, fruits & Dressing. Im new to this salad world!! Though we consume raita Quiet often and Call it as Indian Salad But lets take a look from Google Maharaj what salad originally means and how many of us know this????

Definition:  A dish of raw leafy green vegetables, often tossed with pieces of other raw or cooked vegetables, fruit, cheese, or other ingredients and served with a dressing.

Word History: Salt was and is such an important ingredient in salad dressings that the very word salad is based on the Latin word for "salt."

What I can define Salad as??? A mixture of varieties Which is nutritious!! Filling!! and yess not to forget should also be lipsmacking!!

Alrite I go With my statement and I have not added any cheese or mayonnaise  for the salad dressing. As I said im new to this salad world my previous post on salad was also based on cabbage but it was tempered  so I was rather confused to name it a salad or not!!

Coming back to This Recipe I Kept thinking alot!! I had cabbage as my base and what else to be added hmmmmmm after lots of thinking finally got an outline to what I wanted to make

Here It goes!!!

Cabbage Roughly chopped - 1/2 of large cabbage ( put in boiling water and let it rest there for 1 or 2 mins you feel it getting tender, strain the water)
Apple- 1/2 to 1 chopped roughly
Sweet corn 1/4th cup (boiled)
Cucumber 1 large de seeded and chopped roughly
Salt - According to taste
Sugar - 1/4th tsp aprox
Pepper Powder - As per desired
Fresh Thick Curd - 1/4th cup

Take a large Mixing Bowl. Add in all ingredients and give a gud mix, Check For Taste
You should know your taste much better :) Isnt it??? Adjust Salt, Sugar, pepper accordingly. If anywhere you feel you should add more curd go ahead. But make sure Dont make It like a Raita :P We just need a good coating around the veggies and fruit to give it extra taste from dressing, Which can evenly distribute The Seasonings!!!

Here My Colorful Salad Plate Is Ready!!!  What about yours????

Crunchy, Munchy, Fruity, Sweet Salty Peppery. All ingredients accommodated well with each other.

Felt Satisfied :D It was liked by all

Feel Free To Give Me Suggestions In Comment Box :) Would love to try more!!!

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