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Tried And Tasted Reviews

Tried And Tasted Reviews

What can be your reward as a Food Blogger?
For me These pics below 
Have A Look

Ritu Tried Out My Fish Fry Recipe and shared her pic with me in HCG It was proud moment coz this recipe calls for a unique masala which people might feel skeptical to use it. She dared to use it, I was eagerly waiting for the result she was about to share, It was like an exam result lol 
After Cooking and eating along with her family this is wat she had to say :
Aara this one is for you! Hope I got it right. I am a vegetarian so can't update you first hand on taste but my family loved it to say the least  Thanks for adding such a delicious dish to my menu 

After seeing the pic 

Aara Shaikh Oh my God Looks Delicious  How Did you like the taste??? I was sincerely waiting for ur response since yesterday 

Ritu Tandon Sofi Aara it sure did look delicious. Loved to see my son Ebrahim devour it which proves it tasted awesome!!

Aara Shaikh Im sure you need to make this again and again for ur son to make him eat protein rich food  Im glad you tried it Thank you so much for your response

Ritu Tandon Sofi I sure will and remember you each time:)

Thank you so much Sofi For Trusting My Recipe and Trying it out Your trying out meant alot to me :)

Over and out was busy blogging and updating post when finally one morning decided to check the updates in Home Chefs Guild (HCG)

I found this post, I ignored seeing the pic as i was just browsing, and finally got back to check what it was, and read the description "SPICY TANGY SCRAMBLED EGG CURRY"...Thanks heaps to Aara Shaikh for her tasty egg recipe..Aara, as you said, it was an Emergency Quick Life Saving recipe for me too, which can be done on the spot...
 When I read Aara I automatically looked back to the posting clearly and remembered my Recipe Caption of blog Spicy Tangy Scrambled Egg Curry  this was quiet a surprise for me

There was already conversation going on about the recipe exchange and I went with a sudden surprise

Aara Shaikh Oh my God Biji Jayan absolutely delicious looking!!!! I wouldnt know until i made sure to browse down the whole group and see what people have posted  I owe you and Ritu Tandon Sofi thanks for trying out my recipes and giving me feedback  Its a Real Pleasure to see that my recipes are reaching across to more people with positive feedback

Biji Jayan Aara Shaikh...I totally love all your recipes Aara...Iḿ a fan of ur blog...only problem is that, after trying all these, iĺl have to drive myself to an obesity clinic lol 


Preeti was Genuinely interested with my 2 Steps Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe she cleared her lil doubts and headed towards the preparation I waited anxiously For her Feedback :)

The Feedback She gave
Preeti Tandon Shridhar Aara Shaikh, the ice cream ( I made vanilla) is super creamy and no ice crystals... You were right it doesn't need to be churned mid way.... Only problem for me is coz I used Rich non dairy cream which is pre sweetened , the ice cream is too sweet for my taste... Now I am thinking of whipping and adding some Fresh cream ... 

She posted this pic after a while coz she was busy and I was really awaiting to see the result just to be find it extremely delicious :) I couldnt resist asking her permission if I can use her pic for my blog including her name.

Preeti also made some alterations according to her taste, when I asked her abt the alterations she said:
First I used only non dairy cream which is pre sweetened.... But that made the ice cream too sweet so I added 1 tetra pack of Amul fresh cream to the proportion was 1 cup non dairy cream + 1/2 tin of milkmaid + 1 small tetra pack of Amul....

I saw Rajashri Saying Next is her and She was almost ready to make this dessert and after clearing her lil doubts from preeti  she posted her Pic Below

She made butterscotch flavoring and also made use of pralines in her ice cream wow I couldnt take my eye out of those crispy centers, I love butterscotch flavor yummm!!

Rajashri said Her husband could not believe its not store brought and also gave her a doubtful look, and we giggled about for a while talking different things in comments section :)

Rajashri Followed the same modifications which preeti did!!

We were just finished with all the ice cream treats and Sudenly we came across this yummy ice cream cup from Dola with description Thanking me, It was a Surprise again Coz I dint had an idea She was about to prepare this, but yummmmmmmmmmmmm I just drooled looking at the pic

Dola Lives in Jeddha &  got Alrai whipping cream.... Its a Non Dairy Whipping cream and she had followed Recipe as it is

Today Afternoon Shuja Shared her lovely pic of Vanilla Ice Cream, She said She dint like adding the salt part, and would try without salt next time. She also used half dairy and half non dairy whipping cream.  She said she had added mango pulp and kept to set to the ice cream and also said that she dint find the ice cream as store brought but yet the ice cream was very soft and no crystals has formed. She said,  she thinks mango flavor will be better than plain vanilla.

So Guys Isnt that all these feedbacks are my rewards??? Its not Just reward But Treasures to me :)

Here I would also like to Thank KP Balakumar for giving us all HCG Platform where all of us R jumping around with our unique presentations. Bala I would love to tell u, Im a regular online chatter haunting yahoo rooms previously which got closed now. I have few packed circle of frnds with whom I keep my bla bla going on males mostly I certainly wouldnt get along with females just due to 2 reasons!!
1) Either Our Mentality Dint Match
2) Or Those Ladies were too much different from me in every aspect, Though I used to hi hellow with few ;)

And to put fuel to the fire my frnds would purposefully tease me asking Mishi (my yahoo nick) By Chance Do U Have Any Female Friend At All? Just to see some funny emoticons I would send.

But Today the scenario is so different!! Though Virtual I have so many female frnds too, who have similar interest and likes as I do. We think alike, We share, We care, We Learn!! And we Keep doing all in this little HCG Garden :P
Is it Too much? Yeh?? No No I mean it :)  So as For now KP Balakumar got a valid reasoning from me why I dont leave an occasion to thank him each time :)

So Finally I can say This for myself " Birds Of Same Feather Flock Together" has certainly proved right :D

I made sure to show all the above clicks to my frnds who had been teasing me  just 2 see an Emoticon of shocking head waving in yahoo & Drools with these yumm clicks. And there I said See!!! Now I've Got Female Frnds Too ;) lolzz

Last pic for the post but not the least I was waiting for Pic from Shuja As she said the ice cream is in freezing process and would b able to get the pic tmrw morning so I Decided To complete my post and publish tmrw morning but I saw her update in fb :) and there she said Aara my Mango Ice Cream

So So So My Wait For Shuja Thoma's Pic Ended And she posted her mango ice cream for me, And this pic Finally made me juussssttttttttttttttttttttt Jealoussssssssssss!!!! Seriously!!!!

I asked Shuja how he likes the taste After Modification?? And Guess What She Replied?

Shuja Thomas awesome ! awesome ! love it !

It made me more jealous :P hehe

Though Ive Thanked All There in the group still 

Im really glad to Thank you guys once again for trusting my recipes and making it a huge home made hit  It was just last Monday I posted the recipe of Ice Cream in my blog and within 8 days time it has given immense pleasure to every ones taste buds, people trusting my recipe and trying it out is real time award for me, Of course yes im happy that all of you pleasure-fully enjoying the treat with your families. 

Though Fish Fry and Srambled Eggs are my original recipes , 2 steps ice cream I Took From Fauzia's  Kitchen Fun!! and obviously she must have learnt from somewhere :)
This is The point Some Noble Soul Create And Great Souls Like Us Copy  Learn & Share ;)

I came across a proverb "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to catch a fish and you feed him for a lifetime!! "

And This Proverb Goes Well With Us Bloggers And all active Members of HCG Group :) What ever we learn here will go with us life time ;)

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  1. Lovely Try outs.....

  2. Nice sharing/// ! All looks delicious..

    1. Thank U Asiya :) All these were done by my lovely friends :) Im feeling honored to display their pics here :)

  3. this is good aara... even though i've got comments about trying my recipes, i've never seen pics... this is like an inspiration, isn't it... :)

  4. Wow..its absolutely satisfying for you when your work as a blogger is appreciated in the real world too..Congrats! Keep it going :)

  5. Appreciate it... i love that idea roti in a glass. woww..its awesome, i never think of that.
    Following you via GFC name Modonika..will follow on other social media if would too love to join me.

  6. great post! I invite you to join my blog, let me know and I'll follow you is mutual.

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    1. Hello dear your quire is very genuine
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      my blog looked weird too but the solution I found out was to remove all the extra templates I had to make my blog look attractive!
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