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Cabbage Carrot Salad Curry

Cabbage Carrot Salad Curry

When I was cooking this, I was just too eager to share it with all you guys!!
Whats up with the name??? To be honest I dint knew what to name it. It was again an experiment of my own, I know how mom makes cabbage n carrot poriyal/curry but I was running short of ingredients and was thinking what to do and how to do, until I just stepped ahead I recalled a kind of cabbage salad I had in Gujrati Mandal A small Dhabba near my home, and they had a similar kind of thing served!!! As Salad. I liked the crunchy munchy cabbage which went well along roti and other sabzi served. I kept thinking why not our family members accept such simple food? Its just healthy and nutritious less calories was the point in my mind. After that day everything for forgotten. Until today when I was running short of ingredients and mom had not been to market for a while to purchase other veggies.

Deciding menu for today was a tough job!! had to be careful about something which can go along with phulkas as well as rice. So finally decided to make this and tomato kadhi!! I was just excited to post these 2 recipes as soon as i finished cooking, but alas was feeling tired doing other works and was not really in mood to type my usual long stories.

Believe it or not I was talking to myself or rather say was framing sentence in my mind on what I have to type here for blog I think I keep doing this from the time ive started blogging !!! What is this? Blogging Addiction?? Or Craziness? How many of u do this??? Please do let me know lolzz

So Coming back to the Subject When I was Heading I had a blurred image on what im going to do. This is the most most most simplest recipe with less calories to cherish with


1 small cabbage - Roughly Chopped
1 Onion Bigger side - Roughly chopped
1 Carrot - Roughly chopped into medium strips
Green Chillies - 2-3 roughly chopped
Sugar - 1 pinch
Salt- as needed
oil- 1-2tsp
pepper powder - Just a drizzle

For Tempering:
mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves - 1 spring

- Take a Kadai, Non stick is much better, but I used a normal wok
- Add in oil let it heat
- Add in mustard, allow to crackle, once this is done, Add chopped onions, green chillies and curry leaves together
- Saute this for a min. Dont allow onions to turn soft, just a lil sauteing is enough to make the raw smell evaporate
- Add in the cabbage and carrot, put in salt little, Close the lid and cook in very low flame
- Make sure to stir in short intervals, so that it dont burn, Remember we have put very less oil :)
- Once you see that cabbage is soft yet crunchy,  check for salt, add sugar and pepper, mix well and check the taste, Adjust accordingly.

Total cooking took around, 10 mins in very low flame.

- Add a lil more oil if u feel it needs. But to my best knowledge cabbage does not absorb oil so very less amount of oil just for tempering is enough!!
- I preferred cooking lid closed for 2 reasons, to cook the veggies in low heat, and let the flavors of all ingredients infuse well with each other
- May be u can experiment adding different veggies to this
- Once cooked, leave it pan itself with open life for steam to evaporate and further little cooking to be avoided. 

Salty, lil ting to sweetness and spicy from chillies
Crunchy munchy went well along with rice and phulkas
When cooked cabbage was green still, but changed color after keeping for a while

Me and My Dad Enjoyed
The only thing bothers me while preparing meals is, my dad should be able to combine it well enough, as I was left with no other option other than these veggies, So I saw my dad eating it Happily until I joined for lunch,  I loved it too and insisted mom to have

Moms Reaction:
After eating she said It isnt fully cooked??? Have u eaten poriyal like this in hotel ever?? It is more like salad!!
I calmly said yess I know but this is different and taste is just perfect for any combo!!!

So was my short story of today!! Im eagar to add in tomato kadhi recipe next!!! 

Call This dish Dry Curry / Salad Up to you. What bothered me was the taste and how well it complimented Our Lunch Menu along with Rice , Tomato kadhi and papad/ appalam 

Expert Cook!!! If anymore suggestions to this recipe? Pls add in Your comments :) I will feel happy to receive them and try out next :)

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  1. Simple salad i never tried adding sugar and pepper,sounds interesting.

  2. Healthy and delicious.. Very inviting!

  3. Delicious , We make this too .. We call it poriyal

  4. Looks so delicious and healthy!! :)

  5. Different recipe will try soon :)

  6. Really simpliest & healthy too

  7. Beautiful salad. Love it.Thanks for linking the salad to the event. I have lost my comment 3 times now. So Iam pretty short


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