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Eggless Choco Coffee Cake

Eggless Choco Coffee Cake

With me Cakes Have Big Big Stories Which im surely gonna share with u guys!!
This is very interesting recipe Which I got from Sharmi's blog. I had an eye on this most simplest ever cake. I wanted to bake it for my bro last year, but some how dint get a chance until yesterday :)

Whole year I keep reminding myself birthday of my closest frnd, I remind myself the date even before 2 days but some how forget the very day, either im so busy or things around me aint pleasant enough, sad but it happened 2nd time now. Well Some how I wanted to do Something for my frnd When I got this idea of baking. I wanted to bake something simple and taste great, though I had this recipe in my mind, but wanted to browse bfr anything else. When power was back I 1st browsed and was quick enough, coz I had to leave and then later to my grannys place and yesterdays schedule went so on.

Finally Reached My Grannys place in evening after great outing with my aunt. Finally got back to baking, This is something I enjoy alot doing it, Its definitely a painless pleasure for me, But somehow my mom hates me baking lolz, She gives me a strange frown each makes sure to tell me each time that she hates it when I start baking. But now its become a pleasure I cannot care who loves or hate coz sometimes baking haunts me lolzz I cannot resist until I bake :P

Guys im really sorry about the pic, Ive used very low quality pixle cam Had no other options with me. Ive provided sharmi's link below pls have a look there in case you are more interested :) coz im myself not satisfied with the pics view!!
Lets Get back To the Recipe:
Ive Used Sharmis way completly I made sure I read up all the comments and notes bfr leaving to keep a note where not to make mistakes. Mine is purely coffee cake (Please see the notes for changes I made)

The recipe comes from Sharmi Will also include my notes below.

  • All Purpose flour - 2 cups (270 gms)
  • Baking powder - 1 and 1/4 tsp
  • Granulated Sugar - 1 cup (220 gms)
  • Butter - 1 tbsp
  • Vanilla essence - 1/2 tsp
  • Condensed milk - 1 tbsp (optional)
  • Milk - 1.5 cups (375 ml)
  • Coco powder - 1 tbsp 
  • Instant Coffee powder - 2 tbsp (I used Nescafe sunrise)
  1. Sieve maida, baking powder , cocoa and coffee powder twice for even mixing and keep aside.
  2. In a mixing bowl, add milk, vanilla essence, butter, sugar, condensed milk and mix well until sugar completely dissolves. Now add the sieved maida mixture little by little and mix well until a creamy batter without lumps is formed. my lil sis was even licking the batter and enjoying the taste :)
  1. Preheat oven at 180 deg C for 10mins. Grease the baking tin with butter and maida, tap the excess flour, pour the batter in the tin such that the batter is more than 1/2 or close to 3/4th of the tin and bake it for 35-40mins.
  2. Insert thin toothpick to check if it comes out clean.
  3. Allow it to cool for 10mins then invert the tin, the cake will demould itself perfectly.

In the above pic, Cake has raised well enough.

After inverting, Perfect Finish!! Demoulded well

The gap in between shows the cake and tin shows perfect raise from center, and sides well cooked and crusty

Cake turned back to original position Perfectly cooked and raised

The top stayed crusty and crispy for quiet a long time, Allowing us to munch and enjoy

Some how if you notice, there is difference in shade of cake, in each pic, as I was facing difficulty with cam and liting at my grand ma's home, somehow I think Im able to present it, Something Is better than nothing.  The above 2 pics showing the actual color of the cake.

Last Piece was left for my bro and I had a Chance to Take pic of sides and show here, Though color had turned lil darker, but texture and taste remains same :)

Notes For The Recipe:
- I used cadbury melted chocolate and coffee powder in milk mixture itself and melted it heating the milk mixture a lil warm, just to melt in everything.
But do not add dry ingredients when the milk is warm, wait till the temp drops, then add in the ingredients mix well n bake.
- I dint use cocoa powder instead used 3 sachets of bru coffee of 3rs pack.
- I dint had vanilla essence, but still It dint make much difference, the purpose was served right.
- You can add egg if you wish, I 1st planned to add eggs but stopped myself coz mom is not suppose to eat non veg for few days now.


Everyone Enjoyed It. My Mom said she loves such cakes, My 3yr old cousin enjoyed everybite she was having. Of course why not, she had tasted the batter already and was very excited to taste the cake, She came running when she came to knew cake was ready :)

The cake Dosent look fluffy, It looks dense but perfectly soft.

Note For My Frnd:

Dearest Jallu: 
It had always been a Pleasure being with you, All fun talks and memories we enjoy together, You had always been special for me, And Any rating out of 10 is less :) You go beyond that :)
Just a lil effort from me to make u smile, This visual treat is purely for u :) but yes unfortunately u couldnt taste it though :P I had one extra piece of cake on your behalf lolz :D 

Have a Great Great Wonderful Life Ahead <3

Anyone who wants to look at sharmis clicks can check out Eggless choco Coffee Cake

Sending my entry to bake fest #19 & Bake Fest

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  3. Delicious cake,Aara! :)

  4. Aara ,the cake looks so yummy and loved the way u showed perfectly risen from center to get even top.

    1. Thank You Meena The taste for sure was yumm but Pics r highly disappointing to me, Dint had a proper cam at the spot. Hard luck!! But thank u guys for liking it :)

  5. looks yum :) perfectly done !

  6. Very lovely and delicious cake...

  7. forget the pics, those flavors - chocolate and coffee - perfect marriage!!!

    1. @ Rafeeda :) Ur Comment Made My Day!!!

  8. Lovely :) Thanks for linking this entry in my event Bake Fest

  9. Yummy like your flower shaped cake :)


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