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Tried & Tasted Reviews 2

Tried & Tasted Reviews 2

This Tried and Tested Reviews Goes To Ice Cream Lovers
Sharing Pics and Reviews From HCG Member Who Tried Various Flavors of Ice Cream With
2 Steps Choco Vanilla Ice Cream As Base Method!!!

Im Damn Sure Every one enjoyed their part in making these delicacies and enjoying them with their families :)

Previously Rajashri had tried Butterscotch Ice Cream And headed towards Chocolate Chips Ice Cream.
She said it took 24 hrs to set than a normal ice cream which takes maximum 6-8hrs, The ice cream was like a mousse in the beginning but later it got set as Ice Cream Texture and Taste According to her was Superb!! She used melted chocolates and not cocoa powder
This was very tempting Experiment!! Thank you Rajashri was Exploring more Towards Ice Cream Making and Sharing with all :) Hope U come up with more rocking ideas :)

Reema Tried Mango Banana Ice Cream For A Change A Fruity Side!! And the Result was to Fall In Love At 1st Sight!!! Thank you Reema For Sharing Such  Tempting Pics

Mubeen Sultana 1st Tried Plain Vanilla Ice Cream and shared her pic!!! Omg Couldnt take eye of Such Pleasing Pic when enlarged :)

Rinaa made Coffee Walnut Ice Cream!! and put her Feed back along with pic :)
Coffee Walnut Ice-cream..a lil late to join the ice cream bandwagon but awesome recipe by Aara Shaikh,Thank u.. My mom loves u for this  and thank u all the members of HCG and HBG for inspiring me with all the lovely ice cream pics! 

I couldnt stop myself from asking Rinaa if she did something more to get this wonderful looking ice cream?? she said she went along with Rajashir's way 1 cup of non dairy cream and 200ml amul and half tin of condensed milk. For the coffee flavor I made a Caramel coffee glaze..added walnuts and praline to it. 

Mubeen Surprised me Again With this Gorgeous Pic Omg Felt Like Grabbing Right Away!!!
Heading Was : Aara thats my mango ice cream for u! 
Just Out Standing color combo, Many referred it to as pattu saree color combo

There Goes Gazeenasulu With her ice cream Lovely Presentation Very differently I would seriously have not tot something like this :)

These were her words
Thank u aara..for the Inspiration.....didnt like the condensed milk too much so replaced it with amul cream ,melted chocolate.....and yummmm

Reema Haseeb Made Combination Of Vanilla and Mango separately and said 

Vanilla ice cream and mango ice had a blast......thanx Aara for the recipe....God bless uu...  1 2 and 3 It was Ready!!!

Vanilla ice cream she made got over in a jiffy and she managed to take pics with great difficulty 

Thank you dear Reema For Putting Up Ur Yummy Ice Cream Its Your Work After All :)

Guys I Love You All For Such Wonderful Feed Backs You Guys SERIOUSLY Make me drool and Jealous With such Yummilicious Pics :) Which I cannot taste lolzz :D

Now Who's Next????? :)

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  1. Wow so many collections of ice cream...Nice Aara.

  2. Beautiful icecreams..drooling and prefect icecream for summer.

  3. Nice collection of ice cream Aara.

  4. Such a lovely array of delicious ice-creams! Drooling over here! :)

  5. What delicious looking ice-creams! Loved the photography!


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