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Finger millet Pan Cakes

Finger millet Pan Cakes

Generally known as Ragi!! We call it Mandua, Ragulu in Telegu and Khizvaragu in Tamil. In English its also known as Red Millet. Done With names!!! Through out my childhood ive heard about this Ragi!! have seen it too, but mom never made an attempt to make anything out of it at home she was simple not interested!!! Like wise many things went unnoticed at my home just because mom dint like to use I come to know via net and share with her mostly, and there she is telling history of those things dated back from Orrisa lolzz!! When I asked why she never used that thing? she would say I dont like!!!

True!!! Mum's Always decide our menu. But I Guess Im going to be a different mum :P  In Shaa Allahu in future Im going to make my kids taste everything possible Halal for us :P 

Now it happened that since mom and dad R diabetic and keep putting my tantrums with my own menu which is difficult for mom to accept that easily she decided lets have a hand on Ragi. She bought those millet and 1st washed it Drain the water and Sun Dried it for a day!! Then gave it to mill for grinding. We got freshly ground Ragi flour!!!

Getting back to the Recipe
Mom asked me to make pan cakes. I asked If she had prepared earlier? she said no, I tot ok lets try, So as usual I mix wheat flour for wheat dosa, I plainly too 4 tablespoon of flour and started my work, I was skeptical but we had an idea If this dont turn out gud?? we shall mix wheat flour to adjust the consistency.

So get set Go!! Aara on Work Lazy me I dont really work that hard :P


4 Table Spoon of Finger millet/ Ragi Flour
Salt 1/4th tsp or more if you like
Water Depending upon consistency 
Baking soda / Cooking Soda 1/4th tsp


Take a Large Mixing Bowl Add Ragi Flour salt and cooking soda.
Slowly mix water to a pouring consistency batter as for pancakes. 
At the begining your might feel its watery, Dont bother Ignore This Status!!!!

Keep it to rest for minimum 15-30 mins and you will find the batter has thickened up to a pretty thick flowing batter :) So here we understand that flour thickens by absorbing moisture from water added.

As It was our 1st attempt, I asked mom If she wanted to make? She asked me to go ahead. 

So I was ready with my almost kinda non stick pan/ tawa.

I 1st rubbed a onion piece onto heating tava so that the base dont stick while cooking. It wasnt needed but dint wanted to risk though!!

When the pan was enough heated. I poured One Laddle Full batter into the Tava and made gentle round by spreading the batter slowly. I also drizzled some oil I allowed one side to cook well. I saw it had bubbles and slowly it showed signs of getting cooked at 1 side.

Then slowly using a spatula removed its sides sticking to pan and flipped it. Allowed it to cook the other side too. 

Here in the pic you can see These pancakes when well roasted are Appearing Golden in color. Some golden spots on other sides too :) Got perfectly cooked Ragi Dosa/ Finger millet pan cakes :)

It can be served Hot Or Even Cold ( room temp). Depends on how you like.
Since the flavor is bland match it up with some spicy dips / Chutney's 

A Very Healthy Breakfast For All. Also can be given to kids in their lunch box,  There are various ways to consume this healthy millet. Hopefully it would be my 1st hand experience making it but I would surely share it here :)

- Make sure pan is not much hot, while pouring the batter and spreading it, It might catch up and become lumpy or leave gaps in between. Wipe it with cloth each time, and make sure that the pan is in dropping temp 1st. high the flame once finished rounding up.
- you can also mix wheat flour if you like. 
- You may avoid Soda / baking powder  but you may not get bubbles like this as shown in pic
- You can also re heat it on hot tava again

Here you see crusty edges perfectly cooked!!! Golden roasted From back side. and bubbles spotting caused by cooking soda. 

Finger Millet is Rich Source Of 
High in Energy Level

Im sure Many Indians are already Taking this into use. But Thru my post Im also trying to educate Non- Indians And Show Everyone Healthy Way Of Eating :)

What else is needed For a Healthy Treat? to Fulfill the nutritional needs of Elder - Kids in a Family? 

Sending my Entry to Mission Food Whole Grains , Pallavi & Sheelu

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