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Badami Suji Kheer

Badami Suji Kheer

Recipe Source: Mom
Cooking Level : Moderate
Time Taken: 30 mins

Full Fat milk - 1/2 liter
Roasted suji -  2 -3 table spoon
Sugar - 4-5 table spoon aprox
Badam -  1 fist or more if u desire

Boil badam in water Remove the skin and slice up the seeds for further use.

Boil milk in a pan also add 1 cup water because we r going to cook suji in that and suji will absorb mositure.

Next Add roasted suji in boiling milk, stir well so that no lumps r formed, now reduce the flame and let it cook in low flame, keep stirring occasionally, so that it does not stick to bottom.

When u find suji is quiet done after 10-15 mins add in sugar.  and again cook for 2-3 mins so that it gets cooked well, and gives u condensed milk flavor. 

next add in badam slices into the kheer mix well, serve hot/ cold 

Also leave some badam with skin for garnishing. 


This is my moms way of making. Suji amt is just enough, coz it will double during cooking, too much suji at a time will make the kheer become like cake after cooked

Add sugar according to your taste, but remember when sugar based things are cooled in fridge the sweetness decreases so be careful, What might taste u too much sweet when hot might be perfect when chilled down :) 

I did not add any kesar or elaichi for flavoring, coz this kheer in itself gets a good flavor from milk and suji

If in case u want extra rich, u can add condensed milk but no use!! according to me, It will spread its own taste, and suji + milk taste will be lost,  But choice is yours

In same thing you might omit badam and add Fresh coconut scrapings 1/4th cup to 1/2 cup It is again my fav :D  

Also dont forget to use roasted suji, using suji directly into milk will give it a strachy smell into the kheer and wont be gud to eat as well. 

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