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Protein Rich Indian Flavored Soup

Protein Rich Indian Flavored Soup

The title tells it all................................

Being a Hardcore Non Veg Eater, Born Into A Muslim Family We do consume non veg at daily bases but ive hardly added much of non veg recipes Splly anything including of chicken!! I dont know why? but im more happy consuming more of vegetarian dishes experiments and tasting new dishes :)
Chicken Is my Most Fav Reason?? Will tell laters ;)

Few things which are yet to appear in my post R sitting in my draft peacefully hehe. In Shaa Allahu will do it pretty quick but I dont want to hurry either just to increase the number of postings :) Why Should I Hurry?? I see no Reason to do such hurry burry act!!! Thats Not in my nature at all. I just want to go slow and steady As I can :)

So Starting With The Soup Session!! Which was missing along with chicken combined!!
Let me tell all u guys that Im not a soupy person Tried Soups at home But Mostly From Readymade packs available in market. Apart from that never interested in soups Affairs!!!

This Soup Can go under Dieters Soup Highly Diabetic Friendly and for people who are under weight management diet. Its a Clear Soup Yess Blogging is Making me Learn new things to explain much much in detail. There r 2 kinds of soups, Clear soups and Rich Creamy Soups. Clear Soups R healthy versions basically. and u can see thru what is added. In Creamy Soups Ingredients are cooked and Blended to find paste then further proceeded for finishing result :)  This part is so so so clear :D

Getting back to the recipe

Recipe Source : Own
Serves: 1
Level: Very Simple
Time taken : 10-15 mins


Moong daal - 1/4th cup (Soaked) Also called as Green Gram or Golden Gram
Chicken peice - 1 inch thick piece
Curry leaves
Salt to taste
1/2 tsp ginger garlic paste
1/4th tsp cumin powder
1/4th tsp coriander powder
Lemon juice 1/2 tsp or more
Pepper for seasoning
French beans 4 finely sliced up
Water 2 cups or more if needed
Oats 3tsp

- Soak moong daal for 1/2 hr to 1 hr at least.

- In a pan add water curry leaves moong daal chicken peice ginger garlic paste cumin powder, coriander powder salt and french beans and boil it in low medium flame till moong daal is half done. this take 5 mins roughly.

- Now remove the chicken and using fork or ur hands just Shred it into thin pieces as you might do for any other soups, add back the chicken to the pot, add  oats and check for salt cook for another 5 mins till the water consistency gets a lil thicker.

- Add in lemon juice and pepper Check for taste and your done!!!

My Spoonful Soup Is ready to Sip and chew both :D

Serve it hot. No need for any readymade sauces :) for seasonings.

- This serve only 1, You may double up the quantity for more.

- Since this is for Diabetic and Dieters, Readymade sauces can be avoided. Yet no harm to use it either.

- No Added Color Or Preservatives are used

- No need to use cornflour as we r adding oats to thicken up the soup.

- You may add more chicken!! This was enough for me

- You may opt Bone Pieces of chicken to give rich flavor of chicken to this soup. But I avoided since I dint wanted any fats.

- Here no oil or butter is used!! If u like you may add little amt of butter just Before Serving!!!

- I had only french beans then, You may add veggies according to ur choice :)

This Pic Show How This Clear Soup Looks!!! With Its ingredients perfectly Cooked yet not mushy

Flavors which were infusing in were of Curry leaves, Chicken, Ginger Garlic paste, As in normal Indian Chicken Curries
Complimenting ingredients along with flavors were veggies and Daal.
So Over all It Wasnt Indian Curry But a Well combined Protein Packed Rich Soup To cherish with :)

Lentils Are High Source of Protein and Choosing moong daal was my choice of experiment coz it takes very less time to get soaked up and cooks well in short time too :)
Like Wise Chicken Boneless takes very less time to get cooked and again fully packed with protein.

So There U go :)

Ive got Various Versions Of soup Daal based and non daal based :) Will add up slowly :)

Till then Take care And If u Happy To Try out also do share with me how it turned for U :)

Its For Sure Simple Delicious & a Keeper Recipe!!

Made With Love Mondays

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  1. I'm so happy I came across your blog, so many nice recipes.
    Thank you for following me on G+ I'm following back.
    Have a lovely day.
    Dusana :-)


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