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Tomato Dal Rasam (Andhra Style)

Tomato Dal Rasam (Andhra Style)

This is my Fav Rasam! 

This Rasam I had Tried Seeing a recipe Online from Chef and Her Kitchen! I completely loved it! Everyone in my home did love it too, And since then this is become my keeper recipe. 

Its not my fav because I make it! Ive told in my previous post I cannot take much of sourness but this recipe has perfect blend of every thing a Rasam Deserves to have :)

When I 1st started my fb page I tried adding the recipe but How much I wished fb can have something like adding step by step pictures! Well I take pleasure to share it here! The best thing about the recipe is its completely a mess free, And Adjustable according to ur taste buds. This is a little bit edited version from me according to my family taste


Toor Dal - 1/2  cup
Tomatoes - Roughly Chopped
Lemon size Tamarind or 3tblsp pulp
Green Chillies - 2-3 Slit
Jaggery - 1-2tsp
Coriader Leaves - 1tbsp Roughly Chopped
Rasam Powder - 2-3 tsp
Turmeric Powder - 1/4th tsp (optional)
Salt to taste

For Tempering:
Oil/ Ghee - 2tsp
Mustard Seeds - 1/2tsp
Red Chillies - 2-3
Curry Leaves - 1 spring
Hing / Asafoetida - 1 pinch


- Soak Toor Dal For minimum half hr
- In a pressure cooker Add in toor daal, salt, Tomatoes and 2-3 cups of water, Pressure cook for 3-4 whistles 
- Let the steam drop on its own.
 The whole thing should be mashed up as shown in above pic

-  Add in 3-4 cups more water , Coriander leaves, green chillies, Turmeric powder, Jaggery, Tamarind Pulp or extract tamarind water and allow it to boil.

Boil It for 2-3 mins for flavors to infuse well.

- Add in the Rasam Powder and boil for 2-3 mins again

After adding Rasam Powder the density and the color of Rasam will change to a darker shade.

- Check for salt and spices, Adjust If required. 

- When the Rasam is still boiling after adding Rasam powder, Lower the flame. And side by side prepare the tempering!

For Tempering
In a small pan heat oil reduce the flame to low medium heat, add mustard seeds allow it to crackle, Add Dry Chillies and allow it to change color, Add curry leaves and hing.
Immediately add it to the Rasam.

- Higher the flame in which Rasam pot is kept, Boil for a min more and ur done!!!

Hot Hot Rasam is Ready!! 

Serve it along with White rice, Papad and some veggie Really Great Combo
For Non Veg People Serve it with White Rice and Any fried Meat Variety or Fried Fish Ahh Wat  a Bliss :)


- After Pressure cooking u can continue the further cook in same pot or change the pot ur wish! I continue in cooker itself!
- Adjust the spices according to ur taste. My family loves more spicier side. When I followed the original recipe 1st it was all in mild side, So from next time I started adding more Rasam Powder and Green chilli, and also more tamarind juice, Than it was mentioned!!
- At 1st I felt procedure is long, But as I started making It was all like cook in jiffy kinda recipe
- When tempering make sure the heat is in medium low flame, So that the ingredients dont burn and flavors remain the way they are suppose to be. 
- In my 1st attempt I used ghee it was awesome when hot, but when cool ghee particles were shown floating on top. And my mom dint like ghee tempering. So next time on wards used oil for tempering and it was much liked! 
- In fact very less oil is used here as a result, we dont see floating oil on top as other Rasam often made :) So a healthy option we have :)


Consistency : Watery Particles Subjected to settle down and tempering floating on top
Taste: Highly Flavorful
Acceptance: Very Light and Highly Digestible 

The taste should be Tangy and Spicy all the flavors balancing each other :) May be after a trial we know how is the taste we actually want!!!

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  1. Delicious and comforting rasam dear, love it, u have made it perfectly. Nice clicks...


  2. Comforting food,i can survive for many days with it.

  3. I love paruppu rasam this Andhra style looks super yummy !!

  4. Among the many types of dishes, we will always opt for rasam. Our all time fav and whichever style its made. I don't know why but we are really crazy about rasam. When my other half gets tired of being forced to test out new dishes, he practically begs me to leave him alone and only wants rasam.

    I shall try your version because its another tempting spicy and tangy punch.

  5. Rasam is always a comfort food...yummmm..

  6. That is delicious tomato dal rasam. I love your version.

  7. hot,spicy n delicious luking rasam.

  8. Never tried this before... but would love to :)
    Was looking for some recipe n redirected to your page :) Lovely space you have... Happy to connect!!!

    Visit me @

  9. Rasam is a must have in my house at least once a week. I already have a few rasam recipes. I will try this one too. Thanks for the post on Rasam Powder too Aara.

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  10. Came out extremely well.. thanks a lot!


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