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Healthy Carbs Is Healthy way to diet. Select ur Carbs and Do not Avoid It!!

I love Poha, Since the 1st I tasted in a educational trip from school. They were jains and I was a veggie for 15days along with them, I dint miss NV at all. Im so much comfortable with vegetarian foods And if one checks thru my blog Ive added very less NV recipes. Its not that we dont consume NV at home. My parents cannot eat until something NV is there as side dish. But me and my bro go ga ga with being vegetarian itself :D

Poha is nothing but Flatten rice or beaten rice. Very healthy and nutritious Packed full of carbohydrates and very filling as snacks or meals on the whole. If one is in diet ur dietician shall suggest avoid carbs but the fact is it isnt sensible to avoid carbs at all. So the point is when we consume carbs we should make sure we are not alternating it with much of fats. This turns the healthy carbs into fats our system fails to understand and there for puts it into fat deposition. 

For example Eating Potatoes is healthy carb. But the point is if u eat it boiled or roasted and consumed in form of salad's and spiced up chaats its very nutritious and filling. But the same if u fry and mix up with fats loaded food, then potato also becomes and ingredient to reserve fats to body. Simple because our system fails to understand what to absorb and puts the whole thing towards fat deposit.

Oh its just a little understanding towards misconception of carb. But honestly it is needed in a very healthy way in our daily diet :) So this poha is very rich in carb and nutritious too!!

The most important thing I learnt abt consuming carb is It helps in bowel moments. We often see people in diet complain abt constipation! Reason? - A diet low in carbs is also low in fiber and may lead to constipation so make sure cut carbs by reducing high sugar based product which gives empty carbs and calories. So dieters pls welcome Healthy Carbs in ur diet and stay Healthy

I was having some boiled sweet potato and tot of clubbing up with my normal so much liked savory poha!! 


Flat / beaten rice - 1 cup
mustard seeds -1/2tsp
Green chillies - 2-3 chopped
Turmeric A fat pinch or more
Salt to taste
Few curry leaves (optional)
Peanuts 1tbsp
1 onion medium size chopped
Sweet Potato Boiled and Roughly Chopped One Cup
Oil 2-3 tsp
Coriander leaves to garnish


- Wash the poha / flatten rice In water for 2-3 times till all the particles remove be quick and light in hand to mix when washing. Drain the water and keep it aside in a bowl to rest for 10-15 mins maximum.
- Heat oil in a wok. Add mustard seeds Allow it to crackle 
- Lower down the flame to medium and add Chopped Onions green chillies, turmeric powder and peanuts, cook it for a minute or two till onion is little soft, peanuts little roasted. I prefer adding salt too at this point. 
- Once this is done add the boiled sweet potato and poha into the kadai and mix it well. 
- Check for salt and seasonings, Garnish it with coriander leaves.
- Serve hot or cold


- In case ur including curry leaves add it at the  time u add onions
- Washing poha and allowing it to rest will result u giving fluffy soft poha's ready to eat.
- Peanuts add crunch and nutty flavor u may skip if u dont have
- Adding onion gives a difference of sweetness to the dish so dont omit until u have a reason not to consume onions 
- Spicing is done by green chillies, Add more if u want more spice
- Sweet potato Combines too well with the whole concept the creaminess of soft boiled potato is felt when eating this poha
- If u want to add more color to poha u may dilute turmeric in water and sprinkle from top and mix. But in my opinion color dosent matter Once it is prepared we find mild yellow color with nice green coriander leaves and chopped green chiliies. Peanuts also give enhancing multicolored look to the whole concept. 
- Do not cook much after adding poha, as it might dry out the moisture, and you may feel the dryness while eating. Let it remain soft. 
- If u have to reheat it, Sprinkle Some water from top and heat again to maintain moisture balance. 
- If u want to add in more salt u can sprinkle salted water and mix while cooking/ reheating.


The Whole platter is Colorful nutritious and very inviting. Flavors of each ingredients stay intact, Blend in well while eating. Makes a gud lunch box for kids too :)

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  1. Looks very tasty will try this Recipe soon Aara :)dear

  2. Simply love the addition of sweet potato, that makes an interesting poha.


  4. interesting..but sounding sum thing yummy...


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