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Daal Cubes Fried

Daal Cubes Fried

A Wonderful Snack To cherish With Crispiness in each bite :) 

This post is dedicated to my friend Mahi gupta, Author of inhouserecipes Im loyal reader and viewer of all her updates, They hav wonderful short videos on youtube, do check it, Ive tried few like bread masala, instant dhokla and it was all yumm to taste!!!

These dal cubes are again from her space, which i tried out from the blog 1st and video was released much later. I fell in love with the recipe and wanted to try the output myself!! As usual im gud in making my own changes, and knew what I have to do next time when I make it again!! This recipe was done soon after i started blogging and was sitting in my draft for so long thinking this would be next next next and months passed by :) 

Lets get back to the recipe 

Type - Easy and Suitable for Any occasions as Snacker!!

1 cup Channa daal
1 onion roughly chopped
3-4 green chillies as per taste
Salt as per taste
Garlic Pods - 4-5
Coriander leaves - 1/4th cup
Turmeric powder - 1/4th tsp
Oil to fry
Original recipe calls for 1cup dry coconut I dint add

- Soak Channa dal for 5-6 hrs (best coz of pectin release)
- Drain the dal mix all the ingredients except oil
- Grind all the above ingredients in mixer to fine paste without adding water dal wil have enough water to smoothen out
- Take a greased tin/ bowl /plate and pour the mixture into it
- Steam the prepared mixture in a pressure cooker or normal pan, by adding water and placing a small bowl or ring in the bigger pan and place this container over it. Close the lid and allow it to steam for 10-15 mins same way as u would do for dhokla
once done remove it and allow it to sit for a while till temp drops.

- You can cut into Pieces and Keep it ready until ur ready to eat.

- Deep fry these in hot oil in medium flame till golden brown. It will get fried soon because its already steam cooked. 

- Serve it hot and crispy with any sauce / chutney :)

- To me The more Thinner cuts we can make, We enjoy more crispiness, But the cuts should thick enough to enjoy the inside softness too.
- Steaming is done to make the mixture set when it is cooled down only then it will give a hard texture effect to cut!! so dont be in a hurrry to do things
- Check salt bfr setting to steam
- Dont fry it in extreme hot oil as it might just burn the outer coating
- Though its dal cubes but 2nd time when i made i opted cutting in rectangular shapes, coz when i made cubes 1st I couldnt get much of crispy part, the soft part of dal inside was more, So this shape was perfect to have soft portion as well as crispiness together in every bite
- For more crispiness u can fry it for 2nd time after removing as we do for vadas some times.
- One can prepare this ahead for parties and keep in fridge till further use. 

It soaks very less oil while frying!!! my fingers r not very oily as shown in pic.

Original recipe dint had Garlic and coriander leaves, But i just happen to add it and found totally ymmm
You can add ginger garlic paste too to the mixture
You can add Chunks of marinated chicken pieces shallow fried ahead with gg paste n salt (i have tried this and it taste awesome)
Add paneer cubes in dal mix and make it would be much delightful 
Can add mixed veggies to make it more healthy too :)
Go wild having ur own imaginations over flavors But base method will remain same for all :)

can make more quantity of these and pour one inch batter thin dal mix in pan (less than what i showed) and steam it, Cut it in desired shapes to fry This way u shall get 2 batches in case ur making this for party, can be creative in ur cuts :)

These r Crispy from outside and Crumbly from inside!! Breaks as u desire and melts in mouth!!!

Enjoy it as a tea time snack or for serving ur guest in parties, dawats etc!! It wont disappoint you and the guests both :)

Original recipe can be viewed here (Daal Cubes)

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  1. sounds interesting and new to me....
    healthy and delicious cubes :)

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  3. Sounds interesting, a new one to me !

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  9. Excellent and very interesting dal cubes..

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  14. totally new to me..interesting recipe


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