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If u dont like Raw onions like me! then there u go!! try out this way and fall in love with Raita :)

Nothing can be more comforting than a Raita as a additional side dish for any occasion!!

Let the occasion be anything if there is a Daawat at home This thing is surely to be there showing up! We commonly call it as kachumbar. I beleive Kachumbar is something which has various forms of serving with Dishes as Salad to compliment with.  Lots of variations are available, as we keep seeing variations of raitas. For us this is kachumber here and to the world its Raita :D

This is very simple and can be prepared in Jiffy! When Something Spicy is prepared this raita is a must, as the curd and onion together balances the spiciness and also helps in digestion later on, without letter any acidic formation or indigestion. And When its Biriyani! and no kachumber? Oh I myself start thinking y not kachumber?

I know onion price is Reaching Mountain peak high! But still we can grab a little :D What say? 

There are many variations of this available but i'll let u the basic one with no yak yak sound coming when we consume onions raw Sometimes Odur of onion is too high I cant stand!! I avoid consuming Raw Onion unless its Raita and the procedure be followed Rightly


Onion - 2 - 3 (well sliced)
Green chillies - 2-3 well chopped
Yogurt - 1/2 cup
Salt to taste.


- Add water to the sliced onions in the bowl 

- Allow it to sit for 10- 15 mins minimum, Wash it nicely, by changing water 2-3 times till Raw smell of onion leaves and Water remains clear As shown in above pic

- Drain water and Add rest of the ingredients, Mix it well. 

- Check for taste and ur done!!


- You may chop onion instead of slicing 
- Washing onions is very important dont skip, The whole raita may not be pleasant while eating
- Add chillies according to ur own taste and need for spice
- If the curd is too thick you may add little water to dilute it wont make a difference with the output.
- You may reduce the amt of green chillies and add pepper powder if you desire. 
- Using fresh curd is much better option
- Keep it in fridge if u made it before time of consuming, if using fresh curd chances of it getting sour is less.
- Left overs can be kept in fridge and consumed back later within a day's time

For now this is the most simpler version!
Get back to u with more variations!!!

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  1. Looks very refreshing and i love to have it with chapathi too.

  2. My fav raita to go with an pulao or biryani :) very well explained post !!

  3. Something that is welcome always at home with biriyani

  4. I fancy raw onion and I am also fancying it with drenched in the raita sauce.

  5. Cant have briyanis without raita, my favourite onion raita.

  6. Perfect raita for all biryani varieties...

  7. yummy raita..goes well with biryani

  8. Thanks for sharing Aara. Love Raita. We never really make with onions but will try now.

  9. Delicious onion raita , I add one tomato too.

  10. Thanks for this yummy recipe. Onion in any form is bang on for me :-)


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