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Flavorful Rasam Powder In Hands within minutes

Honestly Im not a Rasam Fan! My mom makes garlic rasam and that was the only rasam existed to me till I made Rasam myself. I dont like much of sourness and my tastebuds refuse to accept it happily. I can tolarate sourness only when proportionately  balanced. 

I still remember when I saw rasam powder in market I shrugged my shoulder thinking what does a rasam powder have to do with the taste? Well Completely not interested!! Until I saw Rasam Recipe online and wanted to try my hands on it. The recipe called for Rasam Powder, And I gained knowledge Rasam powder can be made at home as well.

So my attempt to make rasam powder was successful!!

Here goes the recipe:


Coriander seeds - 2tablespoon
Toor daal - 2 tablespoon
Black pepper - 1 tablespoon
Red chilli whole - 4-5
Fenugreek seeds/ methi dana - 1/2tsp
Cumin seeds 1 and 1/2tsp


- Dry roast all ingredients in a pan over low medium heat till evenly golden brown, and nice aroma start emitting
- Allow this mixture to cool
- Grind it in a mixer to make fine powder as possible
- Allow it to rest for a while
- Store in a air tight container. Use as and when needed.


- If u intend to make more double the ingredients measurement.
- Its always gud to make little and use it fresh for extra flavor
- If ur regular rasam person then u can make it in large batch and store it
- The one I made last is almost 3 months now and still the flavors are in tact so be assured that making it in large batches wont ruin the taste if kept for longer period of time :)
- Even if the powder is ground coarsely never mind, it wont be a problem when it gets cooked


Awesomely flavorful and a keeper recipe for any time go!!
Its fragrance and flavor is never dying, It rightly serves the purpose its made for!!!

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  1. good 1 rumana... i've never made any powders myself... should, I guess...

    1. raff this is aara here :D do try it im sure u'll love it :)

  2. love home made powder.. love the flavour of this recipe

  3. Cant imagine my pantry without this rasam powder,a must at home.

  4. Unlike you, we are a big big fan of rasam. We can have rasam everyday yet we are never bored with it. I also simply love the sour note in rasam. This is an excellent recipe for me, making the podi and using it as and when needed.

    1. I know there are many south Indian families as u mention it all depends on taste preference since my native is orrisa im a little low towards sourness :D and high towards sweet :D

  5. Delicious rasam powder, I too make pepper rasam powder in home. Regular one I buy from outside.

  6. useful post that would definitely help me in making my own rasam powder if anytime I go for trying rasam. I have yet to try rasam, will follow it for sure.

    1. Do try dear Hope u'll love making it again n again :)

  7. nice post dear...jsut that i am too lazy to be doing all these myself ...hummm...hey...do drop by my pick quicks blog too when u get the time.. lets stay connected beyond the kitchen as well. ..regards n take care...


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