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Make Caramel Flan in 20mins - Pressure Cook Method

Make Caramel Flan in 20mins - Pressure Cook Method

I can vouch this as the simplest method to satisfy your crave for a flan in 2hrs. Save Gas, Save Electricity should be the tagline for this recipe. The only reason is when we make flan using pot top method in gas or steam bath method in oven it takes around 45-50 mins. OMG its a long time but we need to invest our resources because it is egg mixture and even a little bit of undone would taste you eggy. We need a firm dessert not loose and wobbly so here is the trick :)

A Perfect flan is one which gives perfect sweetness, gets cut into shapes too well and holds the shape after cutting it for longer time even when it is kept in fridge
It should come out as whole when turned upside down for serving
Less air bubbles showing inside when a cut is made, so the finishing from inside should be smooth. Then it gives a perfect creamy effect to this dessert

Ingredients used:
Whole Milk - 300ml (use only boiled warm or room temp milk)
Eggs - 2 large or 3 medium
Condensed milk - 2tbsp
Sugar Syrup - 2-3 tbsp (can use vanilla essence, cocoa powder, coffee powder etc etc your wish)
Sugar if needed I did not add because I wanted less sweet
To make the flan more creamier you can add fresh cream ( I dont add ever, this itself gives me a gr8 taste )

For caramelizing sugar needed 4tsp 

Mix all the above ingredients whisk it well and also strain it to break the air bubbles formed. (this helps in making smooth end finish. Keep it aside till you are ready to start.

Take a Container or bowl of aluminium or steel. which can hold the above mixture as well as fit inside the pressure cooker.

Add 4tsp sugar and burn the sugar inside the bowl to caramelize it. Just till it looks golden brown. Put this hot bowl into normal water. This will help caramel sugar to become hard instantly. (if not doing this then wait till the caramel harden on its own will take few mins)

Take a pressure cooker and pour in 1- 1.5cups of water.
Pour in the milk mixture into the container. Place this inside the cooker, close the lid and switch on the flame

Let it be over high flame for 1st whistle. After that lower the flame low medium heat and cook for 10-15 mins more. 

Allow the pressure to drop, open the cooker you may find the flan wobbly. Allow the flan to sit there for an hour till it comes to room temp. Chill it well before serving

Loosen the sides by a sharp knife and turn the flan upside down into a plate. Cut into slices and serve it cold!!

Hope to guys try this method and enjoy :D

Any doubts welcome to ask in comment section 

cya until next

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  1. This looks soo delicious!!
    Aaara please send me some, i dont know if i can make this soo perfect.

  2. i am loving it so much :P aara ye sab day do mjy :D

  3. Is it 2 large or 3 medium eggs? or is it 2 large + 3 medium eggs? thanks!

    1. Subha Thank u for the pointer, it my typo error :)
      it is 2 large eggs or 3 medium size eggs, I know some people like to add more eggs to give a firm result but this much for 300ml -400ml milk is enough :) Thank u

  4. woow..that's perfect for holiday season !

  5. Wow looks perfect and so delicious. Love it. I am surely gonna try and will share the pics with u

  6. This looks really yummy i must try it..


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