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All my excitement ends today!! I should pat my back for trying this out!! The following recipe is not only long but also worth to try all your efforts :)

This dish was nameless since my childhood. We used to receive this in Ramdhan From My Grandfathers Family frnd from bhatkal. Though me my uncle and aunts enjoyed it. We always felt It went short coz our taste buds wanted more and more. We dint knew the name, but we were always excited about the layers and stuffing wow. Even my 5yrs of being online I was never able to find this nor made an attempt to until +Rafeeda AR  Posted Athishaya Pathiri - Baked Pancakes 2 months back and I had bookmarked it!! I had no plans until again this Ramdhan we received the same delicacy and again I was present at my grandma's home the very day!! I enjoyed my share and told them that this is called athishaya pathiri, though they dint react coz name was very strange. I came up the other day to Google and had this in my mind. 

2 days back there was a Jeena Eugene in fb group who posted a beautiful pic of these and called it chatti pathri people there asked her for recipe (I was one among) and she was kind enough to forward us the recipe with much details and a you tube link to follow as well. 

Now it was my mom who had never tasted it though but with much excitement wanted me to make it!! I gathered much strength and Started the process today morning.


For Stuffing:
Chicken - 1.5 cups (mince)
Ginger garlic paste - 2 tsp
Coriander powder - 1 tsp heaped
Salt to taste
Oil - 1tbsp

In a pan heat oil. Add in all the ingredients and cook in low heat for 5 mins, Once you find chicken mince cooked and well separated  there will be water oozing in the pan, High the flame and cook for few more mins till the water is evaporated. (this can be made in advance and refrigerated)

Scrambled Egg Mix:
5 eggs
1/4th cup milk
Oil- 2 tbsp

Heat oil in a pan, mean while whisk, egg, milk and salt. Pour this mixture into the pan and cook it as u scramble. Break the pieces chunks to small ones and cook till done!! Remove it in a bowl and keep it aside. 

2 1/2 cups Maida
Salt to taste
Egg One large
Water to make batter
Ghee 2tsp

Add in all ingredients into a large bowl, and make a batter not thick nor thin. One can add little milk also if they like. 
Prepare Thin Dosa of this batter (suitable to size of pan you will make final pathri in). Just cook 1 side and remove it. Make sure u dont make thick pancakes as it may not be liked later when you eat it!! Keep each pancakes separately until its cooled and then you can stack it one over the other in a plate. This is to avoid sticking with each other!!

Stuffing mixture
Prepared mince chicken
Prepared scrambled eggs
Ginger chopped 2tbsp
Garlic chopped 5-6 big cloves
3 large / 6 medium size onion
Green chillies 3-4 chopped
Carrot - 3 medium size chopped
Oil - 2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Tandoori masala - 1 1/2 tsp
Ghee - 2 tsp
Curry leaves 1 spring

Take Oil in a pan. Add in Ginger- garlic and green chillies, In medium heat allow the raw smell to go. add in curry leaves, Onion, carrot and cook for 2-3 mins till onion gets little soft. Add in chicken and scrambled eggs cook for few more mins, add in salt and tandoori masala. cook till you get nice aroma, add in ghee. If you have coriander leaves do add in most welcome I dint had so omitted it!! Cool it.

Dipping Mixture
6-8 eggs
1 cup coconut milk
salt to taste

Whisk it all well and keep it ready in flat bowl for easy dipping of pancakes

Assembling and cooking!!

Grease a non stick pan with ghee. Take a pan cake dip in the dipping mixture and place it in the pan. lay out the chicken mixture evenly, and again dip in another pan cake and place it over the chicken mixture, This way repeat the process and end layer should be pan cake. Pour in the egg mixture around the pancakes and the sides. and cook it in low medium heat for 15-20 mins with lid well closed.  After you open the lid, you may find, all the liquid is absorbed and now you can flip it in a plate, and turn the side, into a tava or same pan if u find it easy, and cook for 5-10 mins again in low medium heat.

Remove in a large plate. Allow it to drop its temp and then cut it to desired shape.


- I have done preparation for 2 batches of this so the ingredients mentioned is of 2 portions. You can half of the quantity and make 1 portion 1st as trial.
- You can add some pepper powder to this mixture if required.
- Make use of non stick pan.
- Can be baked at 180 C till the upper side looks dry and cooked/ baked well!!
- Pre planned work is required as lots of ingredients and materials are consumed. until you are an expert making in this.
- I prepared 2 batches and each batch I utilized 7-8 pan cakes
- Using ghee was a nice idea As I was eating I could feel the flavor which was outstanding with the whole combo 
Difficulties / Technical faults I made 

- Dint had non stick pan. So my base layer was sticking. I faced difficulty with my 1st set.
- I dint pour enough egg mixture on top to cover the whole thing as a result the sides dint hold even coating. and when I tried to take it out, Sides of pancakes got disturbed.
- Because of no proper sides Flipping was another difficult part I faced. Mom helped me in 2nd batch. I was changing pan to tava. and tava to shallow pan. Felt like monkey jumping from one tree to the other

So make sure add in nice amount of egg mixture and use non stick for gud result

I was just thinking lining up the sauce pan with aluminium foil would work? for people like me 

I checked back with facebook group for my doubts and got answers from my frnds. Specially Gazeenasulu who was present there right away to answer me what might have went wrong!!

- She said more eggs r needed for binding the whole stuff and removal of the chatti pathri at ease.
- I asked if baking is more convenient and she said yes baking is fuss free 
- She also said eggs mixed with ground green chilli, n salt and little sugar to balance is required for dipping sauce.
- She also gave idea about tava top baking 

HCB had been a great support with all lovely frnds around always there to suggest and help when ever needed!! 
Thank you Sulu, Shazia and Shuja for the instant response over my quires. Also not to forget Jeena for her document along with you tube demo which inspired me the most. 

The recipe for masala was my own and rest of the procedure was as followed by other blogs and documents


Everyone liked it!!! Phew!! What a relief When my dad and one of my uncle present for iftar said 1st try and taste very good what else needed???  I was all happy happy
 My mum my biggest critics also loved the taste. Finally felt my whole lotts hard work dint go in vain!!! Collar Up Up :P (Dont have one though) 

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  1. This looks so amazing Aara.

  2. It's worth all the efforts aara... u can never go wrong on this 1... ur list of ingredients is si elegant!!! Chattipathiri is normally 4 the sweet version, where instead of pancakes thin maida chapathis r used n the filling is sweet, remaining procedure is the same. But everybody seems 2 interchange both these names now...hehe...

    1. Oops hehe well not my fault :D raff im not mallu though Thank u 4r letting me know :)


  3. Wonderfully done,who can resist to it.Worth to try..

  4. very yummy and completely new 2 me....

  5. I agree this is a long procedure...but hats off to your effort...I am bookmarking it now :)...Thank you for linking it

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  6. Beautifully made.. Loved it !


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