Sunday 7 September 2014

How To Re-Use Left Over Indian Sweets

How To Re-Use Left Over Indian Sweets

Converting Left Over Sweets Into Kheer Is The Best Answer To It!!

Ahh If you remember my yummy Kaddu Ka Halwa - Indian Pumpkin Dessert aka duplicate Dum Ka Roat!! Yes I couldnt stop doing a left over make over!!

After having Black Chicken With Buttered Rice My brother wanted to have something sweet, midnite was the time and what more I could do to get him satisfy his sweet tooth?? I recalled I had some left over halwa in fridge which I can make use of.

I told him give me 5 mins and went into the kitchen. Took some tablespoons of halwa, diluted it with milk and boiled it to get the kheer consistency added some extra nuts and chilled it to serve :)

Easy na???

- You can Do this make over with any left over halwa you got
- Any kind of peda or Indian sweets also can be used!! How???
     - Take Milk Boil it
     - Roast a little of semolina For example for half liter milk take 2-3 tsp of semolina.
      - Add semolina to boiling milk and allow it to cook in low flame.
      - Crush in the indian sweet and add to the milk. Stir and cook for some time till everything gets well combined. If you want you can grind the sweets in to paste and add to the milk
      - Add sugar and flavoring if needed and serve chilled.
      - Add more milk if needed as per the consistency which you get while boiling.
      - If you are planning to omit semolina and add any veggies to the kheer like carrot / pumpkin then make sure your grate it and fry it well in the ghee and then add to the milk, followed by other steps mentioned above!!

I made this again today and couldnt resist posting!! coz it was all so yumm and delicious, mom and dad had it without any complaints!! My brother's mood was off so he was not in mood for any sweets!!

Next time If you got Extra Left Out Sweets Don't worry about what to do about it!! Just store it in your Fridge And Re-use When ever needed :)

Hope you liked this post!! Anytime you try this out do let us know how it turned out :)

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  1. dear aara this is a best idea for leftover halwa.. beatiful pic of your kheer nom nom pass me :P can do this it with semolina halwa too ? how can i do it ? just add milk n dats it ?

    1. Yes dear, you can make use of any halwa you got!! Adjust the consistency by adding milk, sugar n flavoring as you like

  2. a new & innovative kheer..............useful clicks..

  3. wow this is such a good method to use leftover meethas...

  4. that's an awesome idea! Normally we never have leftover sweets... ;)

  5. Interesting use of leftover dessert........... looks delicious !

  6. Thats a brilliant idea, now i know wat to do with leftover halwa.

  7. lovely remake n great dessert :)

  8. wow nice and interesting idea dear,I really want to try that semolina one with leftover sweets, that is;if I have any left sweets ;)


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