Tuesday 16 September 2014

Sweet Cucumber Lassi

Sweet Cucumber Lassi

This Drink Is Super Refreshing & I Will Suggest Everyone To Try It For Sure

Ive been trying to figure out some low calorie drinks which is filling and refreshing too. After workouts I want something to chill out with something healthy and nutritious. It is always suggested one should always eat within 45 mins post workouts because our body can absorb high level of nutrients at this point. To keep me full for longer time and curb my unwanted hunger sensation Carrot Milkshake had been in my hit list for long time. But time came for a change and wanted to try my luck over cucumber milkshake.

Also I got suggestions to try for lassi with cucumber!! Great!! Time for something new to try!! I was so much pre-planned yesterday for cucumber milkshake post workout. But then the idea for lassi took over I had some yogurt too  and here is the result!! 

Cucumber - 2 medium size (peeled)
Curd - 1/4th cup
Milk - 1.5 cup (chilled)
Water - 1 cup (chilled)
A Drop of vanilla essence
Sugar as needed I used 2 dates

-Blend in everything till nice smooth and forthy
-Serve it chill!!

- If you dont have chilled milk and water you can add in ice cubes for emergency use
- If you have ample of time for serving you can also keep it in fridge after blending and serve it cold
- This is my measurement of 1st trial. It was just perfect for me. You can adjust the ratio of curd, milk and water according to your availability and choice!!
- If at all you get any particles of cucumber while drinking you will surely not mind!! it really gives a additional taste to the drink

My click was not purposeful it was very casual as I was chatting to Monu over fb, we so much like to exchange pics of what we eat n drink. So my snap was for her without any presentation. And cucumber gives off white greenish shade to the lassi :) which looks very nice

Im Flatter Over This Drink!! And hence this quick post!!
It was so refreshing and nice just loved it to the core. 
I cannot explain and express it in words :) Please make it yourself and know the goodness it carries

I will surely try milkshake and let you all know how it turned :)

Haha Im not promoting cucumber though but yess taste is what I need to share with all my friends and readers here :)

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  1. Woww...your post makes me so refreshed...Will try for noon!!

    1. Do Try and let us know :) Im sure you will enjoy it!!

  2. healthy and refreshing drink....

  3. I like the add-on of dates for natural sweetness.

  4. refreshing... would love to know how this tastes...

  5. Have tried this lassi long back, do try shake with cucumber, such a refreshing drink.

  6. Healthy & different lassi......sounds interesting.

  7. wow so innovative, will try it sure dear...

  8. very refreshing lassi..looks too good

  9. wow dear i am in love with this low calorie less fat drink :)

  10. Iam gonna try this very soon In'sha'Allaah (y) <3

  11. Adding Elaichi, takes it to a whole new level. This is a great recipe.

  12. You can do buttermilk with cucumber too .Nice idea to add milk ..

  13. Love this recipe. Thanks for sharing.



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