Sunday 28 September 2014

Fish & Shrimps Masala Mom's Style

Fish & Shrimps Masala Mom's Style

This masala is too exotic I can define!! It kills the raw smell of sea food and give a nice uniqueness to the taste of end product.

This masala gives such a flavor that even if I'am asked to make fish curry in my way, I like to add this masala a little for the uniqueness. Its not that this masala is addictive after cooking but it really gives a nice taste to the pungent smell of sea food.

Mustard - 1/4th cup or 3-4tbsp
Garlic Cloves - 6-8 big size (handful if small) peeled!!
Water as needed

-Grind mustard seeds and garlic together to make a fine paste using some water
- Make sure enough water is added to make it only paste consistency

- Even if it becomes a little watery no problem but make sure its not very runny
- Extra left out masala can be freezed and reused after thawing. 
- Masala in large quantity can be made and freezed in a container and used  little at a time as and when needed.
- Ratio must be taken care of, too much of mustard can make it bitter and also effect the taste of the food

Color of this masala is sometimes light or sometimes dark depending upon the ratio of mustard and garlic taken in use.

This color is just perfect!! 

Will add up recipes related to this masala soon :)

Stay Tuned!!!

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  1. wow aara so well made masala :) nicely clicked and shared.. Thanks ~

  2. waiting for the recipes using this masala...

  3. looking forward for the recipe. this one sure looks new!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I shall make because curries are part of my other half's meals, in fact almost every day. Definitely it will go into fish curries.

  5. Nice masala for sea food lovers ..

  6. Very different and flavourful masala..

  7. wow...masala looks so tempting and delicious.... I am happy to follow your blog. Do visit my blog sometime and share your thoughts!!


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