Thursday 18 September 2014

Chinese Bread Masala

Chinese Bread Masala

Hunger is necessity of all new discoveries for me :P

At time I want something spicy, yet something light, healthy, filling crunchy, satisfying and what not. Difficult to fulfill my demand like that, and my hunger increases thinking what to cook for myself.

My food intake is slightly different from my family for various reasons and my eating times varies too!! Hardly once a week or more I join my parents and my bro has got different timings because of his job!! But for parents regular timings maintain 
Breakfast by 9.30am 
Lunch by 2 - 2.30pm and 
Dinner by 9-10pm

Its the start for my bro's carrier and I'm praying and wishing all the best for his efforts in future. So all of us are scattered and eat different things at different timings so for me now my dinner is by 7- 7.30pm maximum Im so hungry after magrib I need something to gulp down quick quick or sometimes I eat what ever mom had cooked in the afternoon.

So one fine evening I had 4 slices of breads with me and thinking what to do, have bread toast with eggs? make french toast? or make bread masala? ok bread masala, but I dont want to do extra work of cutting and chopping grinding tomatoes etc!! Finally tot of clubbing bread masala with chinese style, though I never made it before but everything has a 1st time!!

As I was cooking I was missing my bro how much I love to share with him my new cooking and make him my critics haha. It was when I finished cooking my bro knocked the door I was so glad to see him. Now we can eat together But But But..... Wait I need to click!! Finished clicking and he was fresh mean while, Happily both of us finished the bowl :D 

Bread - 4 (roughly chopped)
Onion - 1 medium size (roughly chopped)
Cabbage - half of small (roughly chopped)
Capsicum - 1 (roughly chopped)
Soy sauce - 2tsp
Eggs - 2
Tomato ketchep as needed
Salt as needed
Sugar - a pinch
pepper as needed
Chilli powder 1/4th tsp
Vinegar a dash
Oil - 2-3 tbsp

- Heat oil in a pan and add in eggs scramble it! Dont break it too much.
- Toss in veggies and saute it for a minute.
- Add in the sauces, chili powder, salt, pepper and mix well.
- Add in bread slices and mix well again add in a dash of vinegar and sugar.
- Mix the bread light handed till its evenly coated. Check for salt and you are done
- Serve it hot or enjoy it in normal room temp both will taste the best!!

- Adjust the ratio of sauces and spices accordingly as per ur taste this measurement was perfect for me
- Add in chicken cubes too if u want. when u add in chicken the recipe will alter a little. 
1st do the egg process and remove it. Then add chicken with little oil and ginger garlic paste saute it for  a while and add in eggs n veggies to the pan and follow the procedure next
- Breads might become too soft after mixing with veggies due to sauces. Allow it to rest for atleast 5 mins so that it get back to shape once it starts cooling

It was just superb according to me!! and my brother if he eats without saying anything it means food is good haha thats the way it is for him!! other wise he is a big complaint box!!

What more can be a moment of joy when Siblings share food from same plate or bowl and when the last bite comes we lovingly say u eat, naa u eat, and finally decide to half half haha :)

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  1. yummilicious....will definitely try this one...

  2. U have created a nice innovative dish, luks yum..

  3. wow aara beautifully done :) shall try it sometime janu

  4. I can understand why the whole dish was cleared by both of us. Evidently I see the flavors and its nice way of creating a lovely dish with bread; one which I'm triggered to try.

  5. I can survive for many days with this bread masala..

  6. Interesting one,perfect for quick cravings :)

  7. wow really looked to me something done with chicken first...can feel the taste with all those lovely flavors u added :)

  8. wow it looks so perfectly done. Great recipe, will try sometime soon:)

  9. Please provide veg version for the same

    1. Hello supriya thank you for your interest in this recipe and want for a veg version!! you can exclude eggs and follow the recipe the same as it is provided!! You can include some paneer or soften soya chunks while cooking or club up with some wafers when u eat :) you can also check out with this link I have posted it long back Thank u any more doubts feel free to ask me :)

  10. just loved this..going to try it soon..looks yumm


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