Thursday 23 February 2017

Soft Eggless Microwaved Chocolate Mug Cake

Soft Eggless Microwaved Chocolate Mug Cake

I should admit mug cake is a treat for sudden sweet cravings!!
This is an eggless version a recipe among my trial and errors...
The result was unknown until I actually inverted and was surprised to the core!!

We come across many mug cakes recipes and tempt to try it but at times the end result disappoints us, as in my case many times Mug cakes I tried were either crumbly or hard at some areas which really dint please me. But some how it did curb my sweet cravings.

I was fasting in the month of hajj.. yes a few months back ever since the post is pending. I though I missed the pics as my hubby's lappy crashed and all my pics have gone with the wind. luckily I found pics for this in my draft and I feel so so happy about it :)

A treat for me from myself as I was craving for something sweet and thought of making mug cake. I tried a recipe with my own tweak of ingredients and timing, which left me wonder struck at the result, texture and also taste, because somewhere I was expecting it to be un-done..... I couldnt resist but to click pics to blog. 

Lets get to the yummy recipe here....

Maida / All purpose flour - 3 tbsp heaped
Cocoa powder - 2 tsp heaped
Sugar - 2 tbsp heaped
Mixed fruit jam- 1 tbsp
Oil - 2 tbsp
Baking Soda - 2 big fat pinch or little less than 1/4th tsp
Choco chips / nuts / Raisins - 2tbsp (optional)
Milk - as per needed to make a smooth paste

-In a microwave safe mug / bowl / container put in all the ingredients and mix except milk.
-Now add milk little by little to form and smooth lump free thick paste. Just a tbsp of milk at a time and mix. Do not pour more milk and make it runny!! 
-Allow it to rest for 5 mins. 
-Microwave it in high for 1 min 30 sec exactly!!! Once done allow it to rest in oven itself for 5 mins more (anyways you cant eat it hot hot so let it rest) :)
-After 5 mins remove from oven and allow it to get warm, Either dig in right away or loosen up using a knife and Invert upside down it if you please.
Enjoy your mini treat whole heartedly!!

After baking

Inverted upside down
- You make mix the ingredients in a different bowl and pour it into mugs or bowls, I made it in a 500 ml microwaveable container because I did not had mugs with me. 
- Fill the mugs only half as the cake will puff up and the batter will double its size. This way you can fill up 2 medium size mug OR one large mug!!
- Do not add more baking soda than mentioned!! It may become too much soft and also break into pieces.
- you may double the quantity if needed for bigger bake in that case cooking time may vary.
- Mixed fruit jam was added because I did not had vanilla essence with me, If using vanilla essence add some extra sugar to match your sweet taste (1tsp should be enough I guess). Jam gave a very nice flavor to the cake.
- Since it is eggless do not worry about the unwanted smell Just go ahead with the recipe
- Adding choco chips gave a very nice touch. I was not expecting a uniform distribution throughout the cake, but you can see how nicely it has spread and melted here and there!!
Microwave it exactly for 1min 30 sec as my try with 2 min funda really failed!!
By the time it was 2 mins my cake would turn hard or chewy. So this was a risky factor to set my own temperature as trial and by luck it was perfect!!
use only maida do not use wheat flour it will hard and dry out, still if you want you can try with this recipe 

Once you get your 1st trial done perfect then feel free to tweak accordingly!!

It is so soft soft. look at the edges such a neat finish

I am actually squeezing it hard!!

Evenly distributed choco chips perfectly melted taking up this simple cake to the next level.

Hope you try and enjoy :) 
But before trying please do read up all the notes written out there....

until next cya bubye....

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  1. Ur blog is very good. Thanks for sharing d recipe with details.

  2. Of course. I hail choc in mug anytime. Simplicity.

  3. Such a soft looking mug cake... love the addition of jam...

  4. i tried this.. its really came good
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