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How To Make Flavoured Paneer

How To Make Flavoured Paneer

Im coming across so many interesting Recipes and Tips Across Fb but its difficult to share them all here!! 
Today Im sharing wonderful recipe of making flavored paneer originally texted by Anisa Arif!! You can find her easily in any fb groups or her fb page Zaiqa. She is masala Queen blends her own masalas which is super hit among many people. Her spices are very flavorful and widely appreciated!! Purchase her spices if u get a chance For now lets get  back to her flavored paneer recipe

Tips for Flavoured Paneer
Break from the conventional way of using Paneer, some ideas am sharing pls feel free to add your suggestions.
While Boiling Milk to separate whey add any the following for flavourful Paneer
• Yellow delight - Add turmeric pwd, little salt and pepper in the Milk Whey, use any normal gravy instead of usual white paneer
• Achari Masala - Add 1 tsp mix of achari masala, use in rich tomato gravies or rich shahi gravies
• Minty Burst - Add thick mint chutney, use for palak paneer or haryali gravies.
• Green Fields - Finely chop methi leaves, Chopped coriander, sprinkle salt and black pepper, add to milk whey for flavourful methi paneer
• Creamy Rich Paneer – Add 1 cup Amul cream, 1 tsp curd for creamy soft paneer
• Spicy Fiery Paneer – Add chilli flakes, little kashmiri chilli pwd and salt
• Continental Twist – Add mixed herbs like thyme, oregano, rosemary.
• Hara Bhara – Add finely chopped capsicum, chopped coriander leaves, chopped green chillies with salt.
• Shahi Paneer – Saffron & salt
• Garlic Paneer – Chopped garlic, salt, pinch of pink salt
• Mexican Flavours – Add cajun spice mix / Peri Peri for African flavours

Ensure you strain/drain well, set in mould under heavy weight. If you see need for some thickness add 1-2 tsp of maida knead and set well
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  1. Nice tips to make flavorful paneer!!

  2. Very useful tips dear :) Thanks for sharing !!

  3. I always want to try herbed paneer, but now i got many ideas to make different flavoured paneer..Wonderful ideas.

  4. Many different flavours under one roof.nice tips

  5. This is nice idea, esp. loved the achari and spicy fiery paneer idea..

  6. Hi... this is the second time I am visiting you blog. Its very unique and I love your posts.
    I am happily foolowing you :)
    I am also a food blogger... Do visit mine sometime. The Baking Bud ( and The Cooking Bud (

  7. Lovely ideas ! I love paneer and I'm sure to try many of these :)

  8. wow Aara loving the versions along with paneer :) shall try some time n i will let you know dear love hugs muwaahs

  9. Great ideas for delicious and other versions of paneer.

  10. I have a to use amul cream in paneer and whenever I make panner its become dry what can I do to make it soft

  11. I have some questions . I have a small milkshop whenever I make paneer its become dry, I use cow and buffaloes milk to make paneer abt 20 litre of milk I put weight of 50 kg and I keep weight for nearly 6 hours, help me please


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