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How To Make Tomato Jam

How To Make Tomato Jam

Oh I dont Like Tomatoes!! Raw Tomatoes Give Strong Pungent Taste And Im Not Fan Of Its Tanginess Too. But Today I Got A Really Special Recipe From My Friend Reema, Who Is Author Of Rimzy's Kitchen In Fb.


When I saw the pic it looked So Yummmmmm And the Recipe too simple to be followed. I couldnt Resist Asking Reema If I can share This In my Blog. And here It is For You Too.

Like Me Even Reema Is not tomato lover and was skeptical of the whole concept. This recipe was made by her mother. And the end result was liked by whole family. It was a kind of surprise treat from her mother I beleive!! Her mom is a super cook I adore all the recipes Reema Shares taught by her mom. 

Reema Said:

"I liked the taste of it but still was not sure how it will taste with bread and when I had it with bread ,it gave unique taste and couldn't stop with one slice.....planning to make with plums soon ...."

Ripe Tomatoes pulp - 5 cups (Extract From 2kgs Tomatoes)
Sugar – 2 1/2 cups
Lemon juice – 2 tbsp or citric acid - 1 tsp

1) In a heavy bottom big pan add water and add the tomatoes ( let the water cover the tomatoes ) and cook for 15 minutes

2) Turn off the heat and take the tomatoes out from water , cool the tomatoes completely then peel the skin and then remove the seeds and puree this in a blender.( then measure it as you have to add half amount of sugar )

3) Add the tomato purée in a non stick dish and let it cook for 15 minutes , then add sugar, and lemon juice to the pulp and cook again the mixture on medium flamed or another 15 minutes.

4) Stir constantly till it thickens. Make sure not to over cook. Turn off the gas, cool for 10 minutes and pour into sterilized glass bottles .

5) Allow the jam to cool completely in the bottle and close with lid and store at room temperature. If made well and stored in clean bottles, the jam will keep for months at room temperature ( you can refrigerate the jam )

How to find out if the Jam is ready:

1) A drop of jam put into a glass of cold water jellies.

2) If you lift the spatula and allow the jam to pour, it should flow together like a V shape.

3) Pour a few drops on to a plate; if it spreads easily, then the jam is not ready; if it stays just firm/ jellies, the jam is ready.

It takes 45 minutes to make this jam ....
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    Chef Ravi rai


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