Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Direction Towards Taking Medicine

Direction Towards Taking Medicine

Today Im here to share something which is very useful and important.
Some ways and reasoning to take medicines, which we hardly know, or never bothered to know!
How ever educated we are, we skip the reasoning part with medicines.
Some people consume medicine because they think it can do miraculous wonders to their body
And yet for some medical conditions demands!!

Few Points I would Like To Focus On Here Today Which Is Very Important
  • Medicines are doses which balances our body problem chemically slowly but steadily
  • Medicines are not magic pills!! curing for any purpose takes some time 
  • Medicines should be followed the way doctors advice 
  • Not to start or stop any medicine as you please ( if it is said regular means regular strictly)
Take medicine before meal:
  • Take medicine 30 mins before food not just few mins before eating. As some medicine works best empty stomach
Take Medicine After meal:
  • Medicine should be taken within 5-10 mins of having ur meal. Some medicine may irritate stomach so presence of food may stop the irritation towards the intestine! 
Intake of Multivitamins
  • Take any multivitamin in day time with any main meal. Vitamins B and C easily flushes out thru urine, so consuming it with food helps in proper absorption of nutrients.
Complete Your Course:
  • Dont stop your medicines if u start feeling better. Some germs remain in the body which resist the medicine. Completing the course will kill the remaining germs of the body Giving betterment towards health.
Hope this information was helpful!! Do take care of urself and ur family!!
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