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Garlic Rice Theplas

Garlic Rice Theplas

My Blog Turns One And Im Glad I was able to continue with my blog even after so many hurdles!! Thank U all my readers for your wonderful love and support I keep reciveing from all of u!!

This is a Lovely combo I have come across very flavorful and yummy to share with all of u and highly recommend to try out atleast once to taste this wonderful theplas

To me Thepla was just a word or a gujrati dish which I had been listening to since ages, but never made an attempt to make it.
It was only when I was thinking what to cook with rice and I recalled a book tawa handi by sanjeev kapoor gifted to me by +Gheza e shiriin , Though recipes there for biriyani were there but I dint have much of spices and some more complications, in the same book I started turning pages and found this thepla recipe. I was quiet attracted towards the simplicity it carried with most simple ingredients available at home. I had seen the book so many times but I feel nothing happens before time…. My very old concept but so true. The same recipe earlier hadn’t attracted me before then why now?
Heading Towards the recipe, I was little doubtful though but still wanted to continue, had some quires which was answered by some sweet frnds and next day I was ready for the task. As usual I followed only the border line of recipe and tweeking rest of the recipe in my own, So happened the same to this recipe.

Cooked Rice  - 1 cup or more
Wheat Flour – 2 cups and little more for binding n rolling
Oil – 2 tbsp + more
Salt to taste
Large Garlic pods –  6- 7
Turmeric – 1/4th – 1/2tsp
Coriander springs – 3-4 with stems
Green chillies – 3 Large size or 4 medium size depending upon your spice taste.

-    In a grinder put in cooked rice, garlic pods, green chillies and coriander springs, Adding little water grind it into smooth paste.
-    Remove this into a large bowl, add wheat flour, salt, 1tbsp oil, turmeric powder and start kneading it into smooth dough.  It will be sticky to mix that is when u need extra flour to adjust in binding the dough.

-    Add in another 1 tbsp oil and knead well close the container with lid, keep it to rest for half an hr minimum.
-    After half an hour again knead the dough well and make balls of tennis ball size.
-    Roll it into thin rotis and cook it over tawa as you make chapattis / phulkas.

-    Drizzle oil from top as you would do for parathas on both the size and you are done!!
-    Serve it hot with Curd.

How to make Dipping Curd:
Thick Curd – ½ cup or more
Little water
Roasted Cumin Powder – 1tbsp
Salt little and Sugar little
Little chaat masala (optional)
-    Mix all the ingredients listed above and whisk it to a smooth dip.
Serve it along with these Theplas As it is the best combo which goes so well along the flavors of theplas.

-    Original recipes asked to use mashed rice, but since I wanted smoother finish I used rice paste.  Mashed rice may appear in theplas making the eater feel uneasy about the ingredients used.
-    Original recipe said chopped coriander but I grinded with rice paste.
-    You can also use green garlic leaves which was written as optional in the book. I don’t get green garlic leaves here.
-    If u you want to have extra garlicy taste you may also add extra chopped garlic while kneading dough, but for me this much was  enough to give a good flavor and taste.
-    Serving with pickle is also suggested but since the flavors of thepla is already so strong, and also pickles flavors are strong too I dint feel like clubbing up 2 strong flavors in one meal, so opted using curd a dip which really went too well along this. But If you like it with pickle there is no restrictions you can go ahead with your own combo.
-    Original recipe says using 1/2tsp red chilli powder but I had used green chillies instead.

- Hot theplas r too soft n may break, they remain soft after cooling down too, that time u can roll up or fold but not when its hot
- U can reheat it n eat it next day too

You see how highly I have tweeked the recipe my own way!! But the end result was too good.

It was really very soft as cooked rice was used. My mom was too skeptical and dint wanted me to make it. As she felt its all extra work I keep doing for no use.
When she took a bite I asked her how is it?? She said its so soft and too good!!
My bro ate 2 theplas satisfyingly with curd

My cousin was amazed with the flavors n asked aapii how did u make this???
This time no questions to dad lolzz he was in his own tensions of post house shifting troubles
And If you want to know how I liked it??
I would just say no regrets to do extra work. And if it wasn’t so gud I wouldn’t be blogging here for my readers!!
After all Quality of Recipe and the way of Cooking Is what I blog about!!

Many of my readers who follow my blog and try out my recipes are all satisfied trying what ever they felt interested in. There was no negative remarks till now Alhamdulillah!! Had been always getting positive feedback from all the friends.
This is something more remarkable for a blogger, and I shall try to continue As long as I am blogging
Please continue to Give me your love and  ever lasting support
Stay Tuned With Sweets and Spices 

Bubye for now
Love Aara!!!

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