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Cham Cham With Instant Rabri

Cham Cham With Instant Rabri

Cham Cham is a very famous bengali sweets available across India!!

I made this sweet on mom's birthday with my own variation of instant rabri. It was an instant hit!! Every one at home loved the combo. It was all very different!!
This was 1st introduced in sweet fantasy club challenge 2 months back, but I was not able to post due to some personal reasons.

Basically Cham Cham has a thick sugar syrup coating and served it along with mixture of flavours mawa and nuts in between as sweet sandwich. But I planned to do something innovation of my own style 

So here I am today with this delicious combo which is super duper easy yet crowd pleasing dessert.

Ingredients to make Cham Cham
Full Fats Milk - 500- 750ml
Vinegar - Few tbsp
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Water - 1 liter or more

- Boil milk in a pan, When it is just about to boil add in vinegar and mix, you should get chenna separate. Do not allow it to boil, it may separate fats from milk.
- Wash the chenna in running water to remove the sourness of vinegar tie it in a cloth and rub the chenna nicely inside the cloth. this will help in removing excess water from chenna and also break its rough particles.
- Remove this chenna from the cloth and knead it well with 1tsp sugar nicely till very very smooth.
- Divide Chenna into small portions and give them oval shape.

- Boil water with sugar. When its rolling boiling drop the chenna balls prepared. 
- Close the lid and let it boil in medium flame for 10-15 mins. It will swell up triple in size by now. Let it the prepared sugar syrup itself.

- Chill it!!

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Ingredients to prepare Instant Rabri
Full Fats Milk - Half  Liter
Condensed milk - 4-6 tbsp
Bread crumbs - 3- 4 tbsp or more if needed
Sugar as needed
Water half cup
Cardamom powder and kesar for flavoring
Almonds to garnish.

- Boil milk and water together, When it is almost boiling lower the flame and add condensed milk, sugar, bread crumbs, flavorings and allow it to cook in low flame for 5-7 mins. 
- Keep stirring now and then. Check the consistency it will start thickening and form rabri consistency.
- Switch of the flame. And Chill it!!

How to serve:
- Make it an individual serving which will be more attractive to look at.
- Pour in the chilled rabri 1st. Place a piece of Drained cham cham from sugar syrup. Garnish it with Sliced Almonds and serve it immediately.

- To make Cham Cham you can use more sugar in the syrup for extra sweetness if you want. But since I served it with rabri I kept the sweetness of cham cham to moderate. This way it gives good balancing of sweetness.
- You may also add flavors to the sugar syrup while boiling.
- While making rabri if u dont want to add water, then add extra 1/2 cup milk. I wanted to keep the dessert light so added water. Adding milk will give extra richness in taste.
- Add sugar accordingly as we are adding condensed milk which is already sweet in nature.
- Always remember that sweetness in desserts which is chilled shows less sweetness compared to what is it tasted when its hot. So keep the sugar level little higher than ur regular taste. Another point is cham cham prepared is less in sweetness. So we are here trying to balance the sweetness of both the prepared thing. GO BY YOUR INSTINCT.
- Always keep both the things chilled until served.
- You may garnish pistachio instead of almonds or even garnish both together.
- Flavoring of rabri can vary from kesar cardamon to rose, kewra or anything you prefer but kesar and cardamon gives a authentic flavor.

Cham Cham along with Rabri when eaten gives a very distinct taste. A very unique combination to enjoy with your family. Mom still recalls it and says it was very tasty. It all makes me happy :)
Soft Cham Cham With Thick Rabri Rocks!!!

Do Try It And Dont Forget To Give Me Your Valued Feedback 

Until then its me Aara 
Signing Off

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  1. Rich and divine dessert!!!!

  2. wow fabulous cham cham looks very delicious and sroolworthy sweet :) Hope your mom enjoyed them a lot !!

  3. Love the instant rabri version, btw this sweet is just killing me.

  4. I love rabri...but I always felt lazy to try it whenever I have to go through the long process of making it. But it is so nice of you to post such an instant rabri recipe..Thanks a lot!

  5. Looks delicious and yummy dear :)

  6. Looks so yummy! And like always so very well explained dear!

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  9. Cham cham with instant rabri looks delicious Aara.

  10. Thanks for sharing Cham cham aara remember i asked you once how to make chams chams .. thanks for sharing my dear babes :) i love you

  11. n lovely rabri :) happy birthday from my side to Aunty .. pass my regards :)


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