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Bhelpuri - The Tongue Tickler

Bhelpuri - The Tongue Tickler

Who Dosent Love Street Foods?? 

Bhelpuri is one among very famous street food which nobody can say no to!!
Its, yummy and chatpata and biggest advantage is healthy and low calorie snack. Nutritious Filling and delicious what more one needs to get convinced to make this yummy street food at home???

I Really wanted to make this from long time and finally the day came when mom brought packets of puffed rice one of the main ingredients. Once this was in my hand I slowly started preparation towards tamarind chutney , green chutney and veggies, every ingredient is very important. Though it takes time for preparation of ingredients, but once you got all, then making and serving it can be done in jiffy.

I should tell you!! You can organize a party and serve this to almost 20-30 people with no trauma I shall tell u how in later part.

Lets get started!!
Serves-  10-12 people generously

Puffed Rice – 2 Packets
Potato – 2 -3 boiled and diced
Onion – 2 large (chopped Wash it 2-3 times nicely)
Cucumber – 2 (peeled, deseeded and chopped)
Tomatoes – 3-4 (deseeded and chopped)
Grapes – cut into 2
Roasted Peanuts: ½ cup or more (de-skinned)
Tamarind Chutney – As needed
Green Chutney – As needed
Sev- Nylon sev or normal thick sev For Garnishing as needed

Method To Prepare One Plate Of Bhelpuri
-    In a large bowl take 2 tablespoon of all the ingredients each except Puffed Rice and mix it well.

-    Just Before Serving Add 2 cups of puffed rice and mix thoroughly.
-    Garnish it with some more grapes and Sev
-    Serve immediately.

-    2 cups puffed rice may feel more but when puffed rice comes in touch with all the moisture content in the veggie mixture it starts to shrink this is another reason to add puffed rice just before serving.
-    You may add coriander leaves and carrot chopped too
-    Washing Onion is optional but I do it to reduce the strong taste which some onions carry.
-    Deseeded and chopped cucumber gives gud crunchiness while eating.
-    Don’t use sour tomatoes. Use the ones used for sandwiches.
-    You may add pineapple/ pomegranate too instead of grapes.
-    Adding Fruits are optional but enhances the taste of bhelpuri when you get some sweet to chew in between.

- You may also add crushed puris to this totally optional

The amount of ingredients I prepared was just for 4-5 people. But We had Some guest the very day and you have to believe me that this much amount of ingredients was enough for almost 10 people and also guests helped themselves with 2nd and 3rd helpings too.

You can serve these for parties easily as you can have the veggies mixed with chutney ready ahead and just add in the puffed rice and serve with garnishings, its a total mess free deal to make everyone happy :)

You may also add more chutney from top if you like depending upon your taste.

It was Sweet, Spicy, Crunchy and Chewy all in one. Adding of grapes helped to balance the spiciness bhelpuri carried.
With no single doubt everyone liked it very much including guest.
Mom said she liked it a lot as she said she was able to feel all the flavors which made the dish outstanding!!

Do Try It Guys And Let Me Know Your Feedback!!
If Any Doubts Feel Free To Ask In Comments Section or contact me directly in my fb page/profile It would be my pleasure to answer all your queries

Stay Tuned For More Updates
Till then its me Aara
Signing Off Bubyeeee…..

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  1. Mouthwatering street food...... Looks so tasty !!

  2. Absolutely mouthwatering belpuri...

  3. New for me and it lukss yummyy!! will try some day when managed to collect all the ingredients <3
    Haffas Kitchen

  4. grapes in bhelpuri... hmm... i started eating this only a year ago,,, now i love to eat it now and then, thanks for sharing...

  5. Looks so good! Would love to have this!

  6. Looks too good dear :) Yummy bhelpuri !!

  7. Yummy chat.. Grapes would have made the chat delicious.

  8. Superb and filling bhelpuri... Looks very yummy.. Thanks for participating on SYS-W series...:)

  9. delicious, i love those grapes in it....

  10. love the addition of green grapes in it...surely looks yum and one of my favs

  11. Yum, I've never had it with grapes, sounds delicious.

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  13. Delicious Bhelpuri love it with grapes.

  14. aara loving the bhel puri version an addition of grapes is so so great :) delicious ~

  15. all time favorite ........... tempting.. happy to follow you also view mt space


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