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Raw Papaya Fruity Salad Low Calorie Diet

Raw Papaya Fruity Salad Low Calorie Diet

When It comes to Papaya me and my family love it a lot, whether it be ripe or raw. My mom has a special liking towards making gravy out of raw papaya, so I never get a chance to experiment with raw papaya’s ever.

This recipe I should call it as exclusion I asked my mom to keep a portion of raw papaya for me. I wanted to make Salad and check out the taste. I had some fruits to combine with which turned out to be too gud for very low calorie healthy diet plan. You can really enjoy every bit of goodness it gives.

Raw papaya – 1+1/4th cup (Sliced Finely)
Sweet corn – ½ cup boiled
Musk melon – ½ cup (chopped)
Grapes – Sliced as needed
White pepper powder / black pepper powder (as needed)
Chaat masala – ½ tsp or more
Lemon juice – of half lemon
Sugar and Salt as per needed
Roasted Sesame seeds 1tbsp

-    In a large bowl add raw papaya, sweet corn, white pepper powder, lime juice, chaat masala, salt and sugar to taste and mix thoroughly. Check for taste
-    Next add in musk melon and grapes mix it light handedly.
-    Add in sesame seeds just before serving.

Enjoy ur healthy Salad Any time in the day!!!

-    Sesame seeds can be replaced by roasted peanuts.
-    I used white pepper powder, I dint wanted its color to change, White pepper powder will only give spice, where as black pepper powder has a distinct aroma but may darken the color of the food.
-    Adjust lime juice, sugar and salt according to ur taste.
-    I used little of musk melon paste but that dint help I had little of musk melon with me, when I tasted along with chopped musk melon it gave a real refreshing taste. It can be kept as optional too.
-    We can also add finely chopped pineapple/ apple / Pomegranate for extra flavor and colorful look.
-    Grapes was great combo with raw papaya it adjusted the spices with its sweetness
-    I wanted to add some cashews and raisins to it but wanted to limit the richness with calories it would carry.

Over all Raw Papaya is the Star Ingredient here!! Having Raw Papaya as base you can mix and match other ingredients as per ur taste and availability :)

When I was just thinking about the salad I had posted a quire over fb and got some ideas from my friends over fb groups. Here it goes!! If It interests you please go ahead trying the combination and let us know how it turned out.

Reema Haseeb Suggested:
- Grate the Raw papaya and melon .....chop grapes ...make the dressing with lime juice, soya sauce,chili flakes ,honey ,salt ....mix well and add it ....sprinkle some roasted peanuts .... (can omit soya sauce if u dont like)
- You can also add orange juice instead of lemon juice
- Another dressing is add chili powder,chat masala,salt,lime juice ....

Hazeena Seyad Suggested
- Make a dressing with coconut milk , grated ginger , lime juice , salt and sugar to taste . Mix well until well combined . Grate raw papaya , chop melon and half the grapes . Mix all together , garnish with fried crisp onions and serve .
- Mix tamarind pulp , chilli powder , salt and j├Ągery to taste . Add to the raw papaya , melon and grapes . Toss well and garnish with sesame seeds .

Charanya Deva Suggested
- Cut musk melon n cucumber into small cubes. Add chopped coriander leaves n green spring onions mix all chill till serving time wen ready to serve mix lemon juice salt pepper or finely chopped green chiilies add To muskmelon mix well serve immediately. Made this afternoon tastes yum
This is the pic she shared with us :)

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  1. Yummy salad healthy and tastes nice.

  2. Would love to try..never had green papaya before a little skeptical LOL

  3. Healthy and yummy salad dear ...Love it !!

  4. Absolutely healthy salad!!

  5. That's a new and healthy salad. Wish to try it out soon.

  6. Thats a delicious and super crunchy salad i must say.

  7. i love papaya salad. love that way you plated it.
    would be glad to see you at my blog


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